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  1. 9/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! | Coding: Yes! Really short today, because I am in bed already. It was a good day I again overall. Today I decide to do my driver license in the next months, so need to start with studying soon. I want to start tomorrow, so this will be a next key element of my future days. The more I fill my day the less i waste time on computer. So its a good thing. Furthermore I want to teach my parents in some stuff, because they didnt get much education back in their childhood. And you are never too old for education, you know? So I want to do that everyday for 30-60min. So I doesnt remember anything else what I wanted to say, just thanks to whoever reads my journal :)! Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys ps: I should start to write Journal: Yes/No in the head of my posts, because its a target too. So here the reminder for tomorrow
  2. 8/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! | Coding: Yes! So what can I say about today. I had an important meeting but I thought its today although it was yesterday. Need to take more care of such things. I tried today to stop mindless surfing at least for half of the day, worked, but not soo good I wanted too. Instead I practiced a bit more with my instrument. Didnt make much progress today, was a tough part I had to play today. Will try it tomorrow again. I didnt code today, instead I informed myself about new modules etc. so I think thats all right too. Need to find another project I want to make. Most of the things I have in mind are too hard for me currently. But I do a lot of research like today to keep getting infos how to do it. Yea at the evening it was pretty much only browsing, youtube, some chats etc. nothing productive :/ This has to be my next target. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  3. Hey, I think its the right decisiom! And I am sure you can do it. Just try not to focus on work the whole day, spent some time on funny things, get a new hobby etc. You usually play games to get your dopamin, so could turkey to a work beast(at beginning no dopamin) is hard. But see how it goes for you. Just wanted you keep that in mimd.
  4. Thats the right mindset! Whenever it gets hard, write here! It helps. Keep it up mate
  5. Hey, nice that you came back! i feel you with your problem, that gaming is not such a huge problem like youtube or mindless surfing. Its the same for me. But currently I dont see how to get away for it. So I just started with a specific game detox(lol) and all of the content related to it(i.e. Youtube vids about it) is your friend an online friend or do you know him irl?
  6. 7/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! | Coding: Yes! Another productive day I had today. No much pressure so far to play lol again, but I saw again some videos in my youtube list from Lol and wanted to watch it. But yea, didnt click on them anyway. All good. Practicing with my instrument goes very well I think, I see my progress day by day. It motivates me to keep going on, but I know its not about progression to stay motivated, sometimes I will stuck for sure and then I need to keep going on too, not just in good times. Like I mentioned already its simple to keep your hood habits up as lomg as your day goes good. But as soon as you have trouble, you want to escape again. This should not happen. The coding covers the biggest part of my day now. Maybe its because I just started, I dont know. I really dont want to sit the whole day at displays, but at least coding is productive. But in the future I want to get on max 1-2hours of coding per day. Next step is that I start again more with my university work. Also I want to try to get more out of the house, like already said. For that I prolly need new friends. Lets see... Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  7. Nice to hear that! Days will get tough, especially when circumstances stress you. You need to stay strong!
  8. Yes, gaming is mostly a symptom. Feels good to know you found the reason for your gaming. Hope you can clear out things with this family member
  9. 6/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! | Coding: Yes! Overall a very good day! Started like promised my coding training again and I had a lot of fun while doing it today. i hope I can keep it up this time. After that I played as usual on my instrument, was fun too. Here and there a talk wirh the family and there we go. It was overall a productive day, but I definetly feel like I have to be more outside. Otherwise I feel not so good like I could. But yea, not sure what to do, friends are gaming and its cold anyway :/. Sportclub would be good, but I have some struggle to start with it. Also it feels like I didnt play Lol for a month or so, because usually when I quit this game I kept watching lol content, but this time could turkey, and I dont think so much on it, so its like I didnt play for months now. I always want to write more, but then I dont know anymore what to write. Maybe a list over the day helps when something comes in my mind. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  10. Have fun in ireland mate! Also feel free taking some rest from the gym, its called deload and totally okay.
  11. I totally feel you! Winter is really hard when you try to get away from the computer. You cant do sports or outside, or just chill. I still try to go out as often as I can, but yea, i feel you. Keep it up, try to do some productive things(learning new things, language, instrument, w/e u like!) wish you the best!!
  12. 5/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! Overall a good day I think. Did my sport, didnt surf soo much and played my instrument. I really make a good progress by playing every day, that makes me happy. tomorrow I will open a new target. I want to learn to code and I want from tomorrow on start with it. Every day a bit of learning for it. 30-60min is ok I think. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  13. 4/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! I dont have to say much about today. Its freaking cold here, so I cant leave the house for sports so often I would like to. Yea, however played my instrument, no much relapse struggle with LoL. And in general less mindless surfing today. So everything good! Ill keep you updates guys. Try to write more in next days, because I think it helps me(and maybe it helps some people here too) Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  14. Hey everybody, 3/90 without any LoL Content | Played instrument: Yes! Today was a really bad day. I really just wanted to sit down and play some league to forget all that. If I would have no youtube and surfing in general as replacement I would have relapsed for sure. Its easy to stay on your detox as long as everything goes good in your life, but the real challenge is to stay strong when you have a really bad day. The good thing other people have is that they have other dopamin sources, so even if their day suck they do productive things(sports or so), or more: they just dont escape from their problems. I know, these day pretty much everyone at 16-25 years use a lot of social media and internet in general, so nearly all of them use it to run away from their problems. But yea, there are other ppls who dont run away. I nearly didnt practise my intrument today, but yea I did it anyway. Feels better than dont doing it for sure, the time would be wasted on youtube or stuff anyway. Today I dont know what to write more, so ill stop here. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  15. Gratz for the successful game detox! I read your whole journal and I can really identity myself with it. I just start a game detox and its exactly like you describe. Its not such a huge deal, I just watch more youtube. Usually I watch movies or anime too, but some other things happend, so I stopped with that. Its easy to say that now, but before I stop I was literally like you and just couldnt stop with it, although there were months i watched every day a season of a series... But yea, something happend that forced to stop me, its privat so I dont want to talk about that much. However its youtube for me too currently, beside that its just surfing on the internet mindless and if I had more books at home, I would read them too. Even gamequitters is one of my proca. station now. But luckily there is not much new content here daily. So to put in a nutshell: nearly 90% of my online time is just mindless and it gives me some dopamin. Even watching politics news or so I abuse. I think I simply have to minimize my online time, i cant stop it completely, because you know, you work with it, you learn with it etc. but I have to put it to a minimum and use that minimum productively. Structure the day is important, so you have always something to do. however, keep going mate. I will soon start my complete online-detox, maybe I have then some more tips for you
  16. Thank you Silver! I think I already know much stuff I can spent my time on. My problem is to get started with it, because the beginning is tough. I want to get into a sports club, so I dont have to rely on my friends, who doesnt leave the house anyway, doesnt matter how I often I ask them to come with me. I want to learn programming, but I am not sure about it, because I think its a bit risky to get new hobbies which happen ar my PC. After that I have my instrument, which i want to practice with. Or even learning a new language would be super cool for me... All these things would be totally enough for me, because I also have to keep up my work for university. It will definetly take the major place in my life, and thats ok. Day 2/90 without any LoL Content | Played instrument: Yes! As I wrote already, I play other games beside league too. But all those games never made me really addicted. But now since I dont play league anymore, I see how more I play those other games. Thats why I will stop with that too. I already read it here in many posts,what I need is a daily routine. What purpose has a no gaming day, when I just sit around and do non productive stuff like youtube or something else? So thats why I want to reduce my computer time in general so I force myself to do other things. I feel like that is the toughest part. Today I understand one more reason why I game much. I played LoL with friends, but until lvl30(then ranked matches begin)I didnt play it much. As soon as I hit it I played hardcore, because I wanted to be better than my friends or other players in general. However I am not that sure about this fact. But I am sure that I played more since I knew I could get e.g. One of thebest 0.1% players and earn my money with it. And when the fact money gets in, I totally tryhard. But its dumb, i dont care so much on money, and who wants to play24/7 at the computer without social contacts? Because thats what I had to if i wanted to get up there. Yes, it would be nice to be the best player instantly and earn money without learning to play much, but thats just an illusion. And now while I write this, I got very clear about the fact,. How stupid it is to think you will be the best in a game, without investing your whole day for it(thats what they all do, and what i dont want to do. My dinner is ready, so I stop here. I have a lot to say, and it feels good to write it finally down. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  17. Hey bro, I am new here too and i understand you for sure. You had already a 90 day detox, so I can just give you the tip, that you try to get a day routin, so gaming will never ever take a place in your life, because its already filled with a lots of productive things and also funny, but meaningful, things good luck mate!
  18. I will follow your journal from now on. Keep going! i wonder, do you take modafinil regulary?
  19. Thank you, Pere! Day 1/90 without any LoL content | Played Instrument: Yes! So the first day is done, no problems so far. I practise on my instrument like I want to, and didnt touch any lol content, although my youtube list is full of that. However my third target, to low my online time in general is my biggest problem. I have absolutely no clue how to get on without it. News, entertainment, studying... Everything happens online. I know I cant stop online time totally, because its a part of our current society. But i want to do only(or better mostly) productive things. No hours on youtube, no hours on wikipedia reading things which are interesting, but I have no direct usage for it, no games etc. My whole friends are addicted to online things or they are on drugs and do 24/7 party. I like to do sports, but I dont have people to go with. I was never the guy who said to friends "no i dont come with you", just because i wanted to play online. But I play online, when there are no friends and I need to forget my problems. I dont know. First I need to think about: How long can I be online a day, and how much of it should be freetime and how much should be used productivly. Then I need to find other hobbies to use my freetime better. Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys
  20. Hey, I am new here, and I think a buddy to you can talk, would be nice. So if you still searching one PM me!
  21. Hey Silver, thank you! Yea, you are right. I just read a sentence here, which is apparently from the admin of this site "Your brain wants the easiest, quickest, reliable source of dopamine without any work or effort which is totally not normal in the past". This perfectly fits why I want to play this game everytime again. I am not addicted to other games, because they arent competitive, they dont give me the feeling of winning. I mean everyone knows that good grades etc. give a way better feeling, but its not as easy as u get it from games.
  22. Hello everyone, today I saw this forum and I knew directly it can help me to get rid with my problem. Is it just a problem or an addiction? I dont know and I dont really care. Im not the person who is scared to say he is addicted to something like gaming. I am simply not sure, but its not important I think. I read the sticked thread, templates I can use. Etc. I will see whether I use one of that in the future. But first I want to tell you something about my current situation. I play since I was a kid. Started with offline games, went to online MMOs soon. I played much, even as a kid. But it was never such a problem, because you had parents who kept you away from gaming too much. So the years went on, and I kept playing games. All those games didnt make me really addicted. It was fun, but nothing serious. But then I started with League of Legends. First I just played it regulary. But as soon as I hit 30, so I could play ranked games(competitive games), I started to play hardcore, whole days... This was still not the big problem I have today. It got more serious when Lol was more like a way to get quick fun, without putting work in it. Im not a native speaker, so I cant express myself that good, so excuse me if my sentences feel a bit "not beauty". You know, everything in life is based to putting work in something to get something lucky out. School(Grades), Job(Not only bur Money), Sports(healty, good feeling after it) etc. But in Lol its different. Sitting on your ass start the queue and the show goes on. It doesnt matter how good your are in Lol, at the end you get matched with people who are on your level, so you will never ever win more games than 6 out of 10(average). So basically you have 50/50 Chance to get the victory screen at the end of a game and so you get a nice feeling without doing shit. Just some mouseclicks. Lol is no fun for me. The only fun is to get those victory screens, carry a game etc. but as I said you cant win every game, so 50% of the time you feel bad. So I knew pretty fast that this game is bad for me. I tried to quit a lot, I forced my friends to quit this game, but no one could. I feel like a big problem is that I dont have alternatives to the game. My whole day is basically at the computer, so if i dont play, i watch youtube etc. so also unproductive things. My friends are also addicted to games, so they are no alternatives. I think there will be enough time to tell you more about my story. To make it short for now: Today I played some round of league, tilted as usual much and googled lol addiction. I saw guys with literally my story. They gave me energy so I try to quit with this game again. This time forever. I uninstall it today(again). this should be it for now. I will try to write something everyday! Edit: I want to add that Goals to reach: 1. 90 Days without LoL, Lol Videos on Youtube 2. Lowing computer Usage in general(need to think how many hours I need to keep me updated and to do my work on it) 3. Practicing my instrument every day
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