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  1. You'll love it, earlier in the book, it goes into detail how a man who has dementia was able to create new patterns and habits despite not being able to remember he has grand kids.
  2. So far this year, I went through two 4 month periods without playing video games. Personally myself, I never had a intention to 100% quit playing video games, but rather make it a mostly obsolete activity that I rarely do. I achieved that and it is something to be proud of. So how did I do it? Well here is how I did it. Before I delve into that, I want to say that I know that some of you probably think that its incredibly difficult to do double over 90 day detox and many outside the quitters community find it to be down right impossible. I guess it can be... if you don't know how habits work. What I suggest to anyone reading this is to pick up the book called "The power of Habit" By Charles Duhigg and read it to get a good understanding on how habits work. In the book, Charles goes over how people get locked into doing a routine because the brain knows it gets a reward for doing so. This is whats known as the habit loop, it has three components: The Trigger (Anything that sets your brain to automatically perform the habit) The Routine (Otherwise known as the habit itself) The Reward (The reason why you perform the habit itself) All of that plays a huge roll in why people play video games, for me, it was being bored or having nothing to fill my time. So being bored was the trigger, playing video games was the routine and not being bored or satisfied was the reward. So what did I have to do to fill in the routine that wasn't very self destructive? I filled it up with other tasks or activities to do, including working long hours. Obviously working long hours at work is not very appealing, so, like I said, I filled that free time with other activities. Such as bowling, starting a business in voice over, learning another language and learning how to draw. Not only that, I made a big list of goals I wanted to accomplish this year. Obviously I won't complete all of the goals, but the point of it is, is for me to have direction in life and keeping myself occupied. Not only did all of that, but I also started dating and became debt free! All of that from controlling the hours I put into video games and of coarse not playing for long periods of time, which may very well happen again. I don't know about you, but I say I am experiencing more of life by only playing 1-2 hours on the weekend (sometimes every two weekends). Of coarse some of you believe that totally playing video games is the best way to go. I won't argue with you there, if you decide playing video games at all is destroying your life, then by all means get it out of your life. Life is short, live it to the fullest. So anybody on their 90 day detox, I wish you the best of luck! TL;DR To put it short, do what cam suggests and fill in your free time with other activities to keep yourself from getting bored.
  3. Awesome to have you on board! This site has a PDF file for things you can do in your spare time. Boredom can easily cause a relapse, so make sure you fill in your time with activities that make you productive. Also, watch out for negative fillers. Negative fillers are essentially bad habits replacing your current bad habit (Too much gaming or perhaps gaming altogether). Some negative filler examples are: Porn, overeating, mindless internet surfing (A really common one), binge watching tv, smoking and gambling. Not saying you will try to fill in your time with any of these things, but just be careful with what you replace the time you normally spend on gaming with. I wish you the best Alwaysnever!
  4. Glad to see you join us Mohammed! Just know that through your recovery we have your back! I think one thing you could do is find other things to do with any free time that you have. I don't know if boredom is what drives you to game (it could also be social, escape, achievement etc), but finding new ways to spend your time might work for you. I wish you the best Mohammad!
  5. Having somebody to help you during detox is very important if not crucial. It gives you more motivation and support for what otherwise would have been impossible. Its why alcoholics anonymous is so effective. In fact, I wonder if they take up people with gaming addiction now? Either way, love the advice man!
  6. You managed to get to 8 months of no fap?! That's hardly something to scoff at, heck the peek of the challenge is 90 days. Now I'm not sure if you're a guy or not, but I know that going 8 months of no fap is no cake walk. Relapse WILL happen sometimes, so don't beat yourself down on that. We have your back! So welcome to game quitters and I wish you the best Blazing Man! Also finding alternative activities to video games and porn is a great way get past those bad habits. Like joining a gym or exercising daily, reading and maybe even learning a new skill. Those are somethings that I would personally do to avoid video games and porn, but the choice up to you.
  7. Awesome Nekoexmachina! I wish for you the best! Not gonna lie, I have been there done that, got the t-shirt and hated it. Gaming becomes such in ingrained habit that we just have to do it, even if we don't want to. But the good news is, we can change! I just started on this site too and I am pumped up, ready for change! Good luck and I wish you and your fiance the best!
  8. Not to long ago I went over 90 days of not playing video games. To be honest, it was amazing. However I do still play some video games games, just not over 6-10 hours a day and now only 2-3 hours on the weekend. And that was before I even bought respawn and joined game quitters. But now I want to solidify and never go back. At this point I only play one game and I have sold all my consoles. Never in my life did I ever think I would do that. My life is already better, I don't play unknown hours of games and I all I did was go 90 days without playing them. This is coming from a guy who did not get respawn or join this forum. Only now just this week did I do that. So don't get it in your head that you can't do it, you can! Now I want to go further and hopefully stop playing games altogether. I have a new career path to look forward to and I can't wait! Thank you so much for your site Cam! I look forward to this process.
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