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  1. Day 5. telescope has arrived on Sunday, I've tested it with super positive results. Yesterday it was rainy though.
  2. Next day. Day 2. Again. Feeling a bit like a junkie, don't like this feeling. 90 days streak should be gone through. Yesterday in the evening I've ordered myself a telescope (see spoiler below). Hopefully I'll like the process. In case I do, I'll invest some into adapter for my Nikon camera and probably do some astrophotos.
  3. Okay, I've relapsed for a while. Long while.. I guess. I should do something with xbox, seen a fallout ad online, thought "hm i always wanted to play it" and here we are some week or so later. fuck this shit. restarting timer. :S
  4. Tomorrow is the last day (hopefully) I see the prick who owned the apartment I've used to live in. Hopefully, he'll just sign the papers and be done with it; if not I'll face some hour or so of constant nagging about bullshit. Sam's great today, we were out back in Olomouc, cleaning appt up and getting last belongings; of which we've had quite a few (had to take a cab). Day 23.
  5. Alright, full day spent on moving the hell out on Tuesday and Wednsday, now its time to w o r k. tbh, I'm quite happy we have done this, despite the fact that we're swarmed in boxes with stuff now. Isn't it day 22? Not bad.
  6. Jeez, some people. I've told our landlord that we're moving the fuck out, and instead of giving us opportunity to not be bothered by his shit again he continues to harass us. This time, he wants to show apartment to other potential tenants, disregarding the fact that we have it rented till next saturday, disregarding the fact that the lease contract doesn't say anything about him having being able to do so (literally contract doesn't say anything about moving out actually), disregarding the fact that no law exists that allows him to do that; then he wants us to have this appt clean by his visits (while we move out lololo good luck) Because of that, I'll have to visit a lawyer (first time in my life!) to get my deposit back. I really, really hope that after this weekend I'll never see or hear this guy ever. Even if he would get some new guy to show him an apartment I have oh so much to say about this landlord, so he won't get a tenant from that new guy anyways. New landlord to whom we move this time seems to be great, but they all do in the beginning; this old guy was fine, too, for 2 years straight. However, this time we have explicitly told in the lease contract that we have a dog and two rats, and he confirmed both in written legal paper and in words that he has no issues with that; we have written into the contract that he has to call us 2 hours prior in case he has anything to do in the appartment (despite the law saying that he basically must, previous one didn't give a fuck and just called 3 minutes prior to his arrival), we have written down the obligations regarding guests, regarding my job (I work-from-home so I have to have a permit from a landlord). Basically, covered up everything that was troublesome with last dude. Hope our desire to state things as clear as possible didn't spook the new guy. And this guy already has some reputation built up on local flat discussion forum/community, while our guy only has -2 from both of us and nothing else. Day 19 and counting. Have had a bad dream today not regarding games (finally! I missed the 'general' nightmares).
  7. *crazy mumble is heard from beneath this post* this actually is a feature that is shared among most of the beautiful MS products. If it works, it works, if its not, well fuck you we won't log why it doesn't work. My most beloved error message was "wireless didn't connect, for more information go to advanced logs" and in advanced logs "wireless didn't connect". Like.. Wow. Thanks for noticing dear Windows :-)
  8. Closing on another day's end. I'm working weekend now to be able to skip 2 days midweek, due to moving away from appartment. Hatred towards landlord has calmed down a little bit, but still, he's a very annoying person, we both are happy to have him out of our lives soon. This day was incredibly productive. I've done something I've always hated (JUnit testing) with a completely new approach, and I loved it - tests after a little bit were writing themselves basically, without the hassle and with actual proper testing. Investigating performance drop on our server right now, waiting for a debug product to be compiled and writing up this message. Day 17.
  9. Hey Mike, I'm Mike, too. Too bad about your depression. I frrl u though. Good luck!
  10. I really wanted to play skyrim.for last few days after hearing some song, but had not enough time. Lots o stuff happens: when we thought that problem with landlord was sorted out, it turned out that he became even worst pita than he was before. Fuck him, we found an appartment in 15 km from city we live in, for same cost - but 2x bigger. On other news, i got into sudokus - that stuff is real fun way to spend some 10 minutes on. Counte is at 16 isnt it? Our relationship with mah girl became better over this time :-)
  11. Day 12. Doggo's good, he got some problems with his stomach so he went on a diet - eating rabbit meat and rice for next few days. :-) Had a few more intensive game-based dreams. I was never into competetive games, so my brain keeps telling me that its okay to game, as I'm not in the same plate as most folks here - but I resist - even without competetiveness its still an addiction to overcome.
  12. Day 10. We've had to go to a vet today, turned out that thats nothing big, but our guy had to get few shots and some meds for the weekend, plus control on monday. I'll publish some photos of him in next few days.
  13. I dunno, if I want to listen to some stuff while doing something (which is what I mostly do on YT), then I listen to TED talks or to Linux/BSD/Java conferences. Not that it is that useful, because to actually benefit from conferences you have to pay much attention to things being said, however I've learned more then a thing or two from Java conferences that I use daily.
  14. I should start a counter for days, actually, kind of not sure when did I start lol Probably was same day or day before this thread, so lets say its been 8 days.
  15. thanks for answer :) I'm having really annoying stuff going on both IRL and in my job at the moment.. Not willing to share job part, but on the RL part, my landlord is being a complete pain in the ass for no particular reason (well, probably there is some reason, but he doesn't answer the direct question of why the fuck does he do what he does) Some people are worth avoiding at all costs, this guy seems to fit into that category, but I really really can not move apartments right now. Also, something good happened today as well! Totally forgot that. I'm big fan of opensource, and of BSD family in particular; and of exotic hardware doing exotic tasks. My cubietruck has been down for a loong, long while - I've lost its power cord and wasn't been able to find a cheap enough (20$ cord for 50$ board is a bit overkill) with adequate voltage.. and today, I found it! Perfec thing costing only 7$, with switchable connector *and* switchable voltage/ampertage. So my home statistics machine is back to business baby! (Well almost; need to do some sweet development first) And second part, about the first thing - the BSDs. My job fits perfectly well into that, only problematic part was some stupid javascript thing I never even touch (npm/node.js dependent), not an issue. Only two reasons I've been running Linux (which I do not even really like, I mean, userend stuff is all the same, but backend matters as much) were hardware support (which made me switch to Linux because of moving from desktop to laptop in 2009 or so) and then, gaming. With gaming out of the picture, fun beings: -- Second laptop already has FreeBSD on it with all its glory, and most of my daily job through last week was done on it -- First laptop has 99.5% good hardware support (only problem is that intel video driver is a bit funky, but it ll go away so not an issue And the biggest one: Cubietruck has armbian at the moment, due to hardware support back in the day. Nowadays, CPU itself is supported, as well as booting on the board. And hardware (ethernet - wifi - gpu) is supported on NetBSD. This is big reason to put my big man's gloves on and start remembering and re-learning C in effort to port drivers that mean something from that to FreeBSD, to get my home statistics machine (temperature through the day, noise levels, that sort of thing) finally working on a proper operating system. :-) Also song of the day: