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NEW PODCAST: Why Are New Activities Boring After You Quit Gaming?


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  1. I figured you for an RPGer with a name like ValarMaiar. ? i grew up on Tolkien and I've done Elder Scrolls and many others. Good to have you!
  2. Great job, Daniel! I've often felt that one of the downsides of Google and YouTube is that I can indulge every thought of curiosity and nostalgia. Every little question that pops in my head can be addressed and answered, taking up another 5-10 minutes of time.
  3. I used to do specific times but found it too constricting. Now I have a general checklist...what things do I need to do today...everything from shower, breakfast, get dressed, etc. It's actually nice checking things off a list and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I do incorporate day-specific tasks too (work on weekdays, church on sundays, etc.) I even put tasks to make sure I get my reading and podcasts in or texting friends! Yes, that's probably OCD but it helps me immensely and reinforces that sense if taking it one day at a time. You should experiment and modify and see what's comfortable for your personality.
  4. My sense of style is preppie...collar shirts, dockers, buzz cut haha. When I got real heavy, I had to wear a lot of baggy loose fitting clothing. I'm slowly reacquiring my sense of style. You're doing great working on it.
  5. You'll get there, Pete. It's a process...you're quitting games, your brain is confused without one of its big emotional supports, and it can feel insane sometimes. I tried to trust the process and ignore the emotions and physical withdrawal. It will get better even if it doesn't feel like that now.
  6. Thanks, @Vlad! I like Cam's pic of success not being a straight line but a squiggly one. I will reach my goals but not always in a straight manner. @giblets, yes I have a series of long-term goals I want to pursue. They range from getting a newer used car, returning to school, traveling somewhere (I have a bucket list of trips), getting a good microphone for my podcast, paying off debts I incurred during my down and out period, etc.. Yes, it's easier to save when you have targets. Day 71/90. Hanging in there. My wife asked me to come over and check on our dog. The dog is 11 1/2 now and she's getting old. I think she's ok just slow and maybe arthritic. My wife will be devastated when our dog passes away. Her nieces came over too. It was awkward, but everyone was friendly and wowed over the weight I have lost so far. It was bittersweet. I feel "apart" from them...it's nothing they are doing, it's my own feelings. And sometimes I get cocky and tell myself "they have no idea what I am capable of if they think my weight loss is done" . I worked on my history project some more....man my creative juices are flowing. As I put together my timeline, I can start seeing the overall framework take shape. It's like seeing the girders on a new building. Even if others think the material is dry or it's not an award winning podcast, it excites ME. And I will be prouder of that than any video game. Gratitude 1. The creative juices from my project 2. Loose fitting clothes 3. Friends who reach out to me and not just the reverse
  7. Glad you're off to a good start, Eli. I'm glad your withdrawal isn't so bad. Keep going!
  8. One little thing I do is something Cam suggested..at the end of the day, I edit my personal journal entry with self-recognition. What are three things I successfully did that day? They can be basic...I showered, I went to work, I went to the gym. They show me that even though things aren't perfect, I am doing some positive things. I am hanging in there.
  9. You're hanging in there, Jess, and still journaling. Sometimes you just have to step back and reset on your habits. I've had to do that many times.
  10. Gaming dreams happen but will fade as you as stay away from games and thinking about them. I use time to study German...it's not necessarily a life goal but it takes up time, it's fun, and constructive. I use the Duolingo app. Welcome aboard! ?
  11. Hi , Zala! For my own schedule, I had to be rigid in that I scheduled everything (eating, shower, meditation, etc.) but I also try not to clog my days with too much activity, leaving some flexibility. As for goals, it's good to think about them and your long term vision for yourself, but it might not come to you right away. I don't think I really contemplated real long-term goals for a couple months. For a while it was all about not gaming. Stay strong...we're here to listen and provide support.
  12. Oh no I understand the propriety. It was just a coincidence from my past. ?
  13. What does pull a Hobe mean? I have no shame in admitting my ignorance. ?
  14. I don't know you survive on hours of sleep. If I don't get a minimum of 6-7, I'm done for. ?
  15. I don't suppose you work for Genpact? That was the company we worked with in Alabang. ?
  16. Don't make a final decision about gaming in moderation until your detox is ended. ?
  17. You're off to the races, Pete, congrats on your success!
  18. With the daily routine, I have a checklist app on my phone that I use to get stuff done (yes, even taking a shower or eating) If I have trouble remembering a particular task, I set beeping reminders so that I don't forget.
  19. I occasionally have a day where my body says...we need a break, period. There is that temptation to beat myself up for being weak but I take a day off (just one) and by the next day I'm ok again. It has to be serious exhaustion, of course, to make me do that.
  20. I haven't had a true panic attack in a while but I'm going to watch the video in case I get one in the future. I've had recent feelings of hopelessness and isolation, but they've diminished as I enact positive changes in my life. I don't think they were true panic attacks...usually with those I had heaving chest and shortness of breath.
  21. Someone once told me to let my 90-day self decide about moderation. I change my mind a lot but am content to see how I feel at the end of the detox.
  22. Glad you had a good day. Hang in there!
  23. Congrats on your success so far, Juha! It's good to see what the view is like at 4 months. ?
  24. I imagine that wouldn't be easy...you'd feel anti-social or putting down something your friend likes. But it's something to be proud of, staying game-free for two weeks.
  25. I find the same thing. Gaming would crowd out as many productive activites as I would let it. I would do as little possible in my life to maximize my gaming time. Yes my life is now filling up with the productive stuff again. ?
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