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  1. That's great that you're already off games for a month. Welcome!
  2. What kind of reflection tools do you have in mind? Like the weekly reflection you were talking about previously? You sound like you're doing great as usual. ?
  3. What's SSD? Cleaning is a great way to give yourself self-confidence and keep busy.
  4. I know that must've been a tough battle and you should be proud of yourself for resisting that temptation. Yes, I've noticed the longer you're out of the gaming community, the larger financial investment required to get back in. I imagine that acts as a great deterrent.
  5. I'm with you on Assassin's Creed, Big Pete. I was fortunate in that my laptop wasn't good enough to run Unity or Syndicate so it wasn't a matter of avoiding the craving..it technically wasn't possible. I imagine it's tougher for a console player. I admire your strength! ?
  6. Wow that is a beautiful library! A wonderful place just to walk around inside or outside and just meditate. And for reading books of course. ? Where is that located?
  7. Day 68/90. I put on a couple pounds today but I'm not broken up by it. I saw it coming. And rather than choosing to despair, I choose to learn from it. It's no coincidence that my first gain in two months comes after a relapse on the soda and fast food. So this just reinforces my commitment to cutting these habits out. I'm still going to the gym and exercising, but I know that diet is most of the battle. I got this! I'm still avoiding the porn well and am back on day 4. That's a good feeling and I know I'm capable of staying away from this. My Mom and I went out for a nice lunch. We hadn't been to this place in a while for a nice grinder and just hanging out. It was a good feeling. Gratitude 1. Had a good meal out with my Mom 2. I am strong enough to do without these habits 3. The gym!
  8. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    We all get relapses, but you're not letting it stop you, dirk! That's awesome! ?
  9. Hey, watermelon, I'm glad you're still chugging ahead with your detox. Yes, for me, anxiety was really wrapped up with the gaming. Sounds like it's getting easier for you.
  10. I'm thinking audience members identify with a lone hero. That person could be me...conquering the bad guys all by myself, unaided. Maybe.....?
  11. Glad to see you starting your journal, Big Pete! Being away from gaming will give you opportunities to work on new friendships.
  12. Chocolate cake and a walk on a river beach. Sounds like a good day myself. ?
  13. Welcome to the forums, Big Pete! ?
  14. I think PC gaming is easier to resist than console or mobile because it takes time to install the game, especially if you have Steam and have to wait for a long download. Keep it simple the first few days as work through the withdrawal. Celebrate and recognize small victories!
  15. Sounds productive to me, but you know best. ?
  16. I'm the same way. It takes less mental energy for me to quit something outright rather than continuously trying to moderate it.
  17. I'm glad the cat is ok! I'm a big cat person myself. ?
  18. @Vlad, thank you, my friend. Your support means a lot! @giblets, I think the relapse was simultaneous. On one hand, I met a friend at McDonald's and had food with a water and the world didn't end. And around the same time, I drank sparkling water, a carbonated beverage very similar to soda, and the world didn't end. I got overconfident and let my discipline slip. So now I've reestablished it, a little wiser this time. I just can't drink any carbonated beverages period or eat at a fast food place during this process. Double down on what's working. Day 67/90. I'm bringing my discipline back, thank goodness. I'm up to day 3 on the porn and I'm back to my old rule. Avoid fapping, but if I break down, just don't do the porn. I feel like I'm getting past the soda and fast food again. I learned some lessons from this slip the past few weeks and I realize how important it is to maintain the discipline that has gotten me this far. I've done so much in barely two months. Imagine where I'll be in a year! I'm going to do awesome this year! ? Gratitude 1. I'm alive and it's a new day 2. I have a comfortable home 3. The pleasures of dedicated reading again
  19. I'm glad you're back journaling, KO, I missed you the last couple of days! I've admired your dedication to physical improvement with exercise and weights. You're capable of so much....apply this same dedication to your other stats! ?
  20. Yes, I had this loneliness. I felt alone and wanted to be around people and talk to anyone, old friends, etc, especially in the first few weeks of detox. I suspect I was always lonely but gaming masked that anxiety, prevented me from feeling those emotions. It might be similar for you as well.
  21. Sorry the job didn't work out, Jess. But you're still posting on your journal and detoxing so that's something to be proud of. What life changes are you thinking about?
  22. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    You can still appreciate the good times you had with games and just move on. You're not declaring games as evil, something to be avoided like the plague, but rather something that's not good for you right now. Nostalgia will happen, just don't indulge too much. Glad the cold showers are working out for you!
  23. You're doing great, Zeeko. Good job working on your organization and productivity. That'll be key!
  24. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Hang in there, dirk. 93 hours is 4-5 days so you're probably knee deep in the middle of some intense withdrawal symptoms. If you can hang on a while longer, it will really ease up and make a difference for you.
  25. I think sitting down and reconnecting with your wife is just the type of break you're talking about looking for. That's great. Oh I caught up with Cam's youtube videos and saw your story. You kinda favor the short hair I have myself. ? Great job, though I had listened and read some of your material before.
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