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  1. So last night i was randomly browsing YT and in the recommendation i saw a video about Zelda Breath of the Wild. Since i used to be a huge Zelda fan and i played every Zelda game till Breath of the Wild i tought that it wouldnt hurt me to watch just 1 video game related video.. So i watched it and i didnt think much of it till today.. I woke up and the first thing on my mind was this new Zelda game, i watched some 10 videos of this game this morning.. Damn i was very very very VERY close to buy a god damn Nintendo Switch just to play a frikkn game. But i smoked some 2-3 cigarettes and had some long distance driving to do and got that console out of my mind in the meantime. Phew thx god im not going to buy a friggin 350 euro nintendo console and a 60 euro game...
  2. Well that bullying and isolation was long time ago, im already over it i dont care anymore about it... I think the bad social skills comes from intentional isolation at a very young age. From the age of 8 to 16 i would rather play video games than go out and play with other kids. But i was so young and dumb back then i didnt know how that isolation will affect me later. I bet that many gamers and exgamers would agree on this. And everything like mood, energy, health, posture is negatively affected by isolation and gaming for years and years...
  3. thx, yeah thx to this site i stopped completely.
  4. Hi, i just joined and wanted to say hi to everyone. I was gaming since i was 6.. I used to play games like Raptor and Jazz jackrabbit as a kid.. I rlly never had problems until i got 12-13 yrs old. At this time i had n64 and playstation and couldnt imagine a day without video games. Then i started to feel the negative effects of video games. I had really bad social skills, didnt had much friends and was ignored by peers. I was bullied few times it was nothing dangerous but 2-3 of the schools most tough kids were always on me calling me names and i got few times physically attacked by one.. (he later regret it and said sorry few times... he was probably scared that i would tell my parrents and his dad is a problematic man, he probably beat him at home). Few years later, in high school at the age of 16 i was so consumed in that virtual world that i used to play games for 4 hours at least a day. I remember the next day after a all night game session i would walk around the town and actually see things from the video game that i played last night .. i literally saw texts, items and characters for a split second irl it was like seeing quick hallucinations ... I didnt think much about it till i was 24-25.. At that time i played WoW, CS:GO, ArmA and Dota 2 and i started to actually aknowledge how misserable my life is. I never had much friends, not much money, barely any experience with girls expect 2 blowjobs and 2 one night stands ( im lucky that i even got this much experience...), physically weak, mentally weak, no energy, fatigued, lazy, poor posture... and then i realized that video games were most likely the cause of my miserable life. I have noticed ppl who never played games or have stopped playing long time ago that they have an active and fun life, girls, money, energy... And then i saw ppl who play video games and these guys were mostly depressed, lacked social skills, walked awkwardly, lazy, miserable, angry etc...Im 27 now and i havent played rlly much games in the past 1 year, and i have completely stopped 1 month ago and i dont plan to start again ever! BTW. sry if you didnt understand some things but English is not my main language so its a bit difficult for me to write down some things :S.