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    What benefits will it give to you? What benefits will it give to others?What are the negative sides of waking up early for you?What are the negative sides of waking up early for others? 
    What are the benefits it will give you?
    More energy, A LOT clearer focus on my academics, my vision. Will become healthier. Will have improved social interactions due to better focus. A LOT more time to do things.
    What benefits will it give to others?
    Others will be energised due to my energy being high. My work will be able to provide more value to others. I will be a more calmer, relaxed state which allows others to do so.
    What are the negative side effects of NOT waking up early for you?
    My health will suffer. I will always have to rush to school/work and sometimes be late. I won't be able to do as much work for my vision. My concentration will never be at peak performance. I will have to deal with many 'wasted' days
    What are the negative side effects of NOT waking up early for others
    I will sometimes be late, which may annoy others. My performance in school and work may disappoint other people. I will not be able to meet people I usually can meet if I wake up early. 
    I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of from the top of my head
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    Yeap, lemme go ahead and PM you
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    Yeap, I have a TERRIBLE habit of waking up late, probably from those years of late night gaming till morning - I've tried all year to solve it and failed miserably many times. The funny thing was that quitting gaming didn't change my habit, so I'm still working on finding a way to solve it. If there are any suggestions and resources I can use, would love to hear it! Do you wake up early?
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  4. jeetjeet added a post in a topic Jeet's Journal   

    What I'm grateful for today:

    Grateful that I'm alive
    Grateful that I've met the right people along my journey
    Grateful that I can still walk
    What did I do today?
    I started my day waking up LATE: 3PM. Deciding to make the best use of my day I still achieved my goal of recording and uploading a video to Youtube for my channel and I did:
    Light walking
    20 minutes
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  5. jeetjeet added a topic in Daily Journals   

    Jeet's Journal
    Hi guys, I've quitted video games for about a year now and my life has changed forever, I owe it all to the people I met and interacted with, in real life and on the internet: INCLUDING Cam. For this post, I'll first recap on the rough important events that has happened to me in 2016. The progression from where I was before to now is gradual but I'd like to prove it to you that if you put in the work, you can achieve it! After this post, will be posting some traditional journaling on the format Cam has layed out.
    Went out with a girl, she even invited me out. SOMEHOW got myself rejected. One week later had food poisoning and was hospitalized. Recovered and spend the whole day DOING NOTHING, thought wow my life sucks. Found Cam and Game Quitters and uninstalled every single game I had that day.
    Picked up my first self help book: "How to win friends and influence people" and applied to many part time jobs until I got my first part time job. Since then I've read and applied nearly 30 self help books that year ALONE.
    Applied and became an intern for a Youtube channel/media startup called: "Asian Boss" - you may know these guys, I've filmed and edited some of their videos:
    Learnt A LOT from them - huge mentors in my life, in terms of Youtube, business and mindsets. Started helping them out for their shoots in Japan. Key influence in influencing me to start Youtube.
    Was invited to a 'special group camp'. Knew barely anyone in the event, decided I was going to chat up with whoever I felt like it. Became friends with this quiet girl and played guitar with her. She asked for my contact info and then asked me to play a session with her. She recorded the session, next week my phone blew up and it turns out she's in the biggest idol group in Japan LOL totally mind blown. You can see the video here (that's me):
    Decided to start my own Youtube channel, recorded my first video and put it on - I sucked like shit and got like 5 views on my first video:
    Decided I was going to start my own university club, partnered with my friend and gathered the starting members. I have never been in a position of leadership EVER, I just decided one day that I would like to do it and went for it.
    First time visiting Youtube Space Tokyo, got invited to an event through connections with Asian Boss. Usually you would need 1k/10k subs to get into the space, but got in through connections. First time meeting Kei, was really nervous at first. Also met a lot of big named and interesting Youtubers.
    Returned home (I'm living abroad in Japan) and met with a lot of high school friends and childhood friends. I played games with them on the occasion that we went out, first time I touched gaming after quitting. It felt very different, I didn't get the same dopamine rush before but it was fun to catch up with friends once in a while. Once the trip ended, I uninstalled all the games I installed again.
    Due to circumstances, I decided to leave the club I created with my friend. There were a lot of internal conflicts going on and I decided that it was best for me to leave. I learnt a lot from the whole experience of creating and running a cub though.
    My channel hit 100 subs! Was really slow, but better slow than never. I also discovered another Youtube channel which I learnt A LOT from called, he does personal development:
    Was invited to visit Youtube space Tokyo again, for a workshop event, got into the VIP room and had the opportunity to meet and befriend these two pretty-big named Youtubers.
    The real important lesson I've taken through this event from the presentors: "Asian Boss" "Ray Du English" and "Billbilly" was that to succeed in Youtube (or life) was not about what you have or don't have but about persistence and making do of the resources of what you have to make your dream come true. That inspired me.
    January 2017
    Registered for this forum.
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    Still new to the forum! Will look into that, give me a sec
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    Thanks Cam!
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  8. jeetjeet added a post in a topic Porn addiction   

    I'm not in a position to give any advice as I'm not exactly porn free, I still wank from time to time. But it doesn't bother me now because it doesn't have much control over my life than as before. Here are some articles that may help you:
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  9. jeetjeet added a post in a topic What did you do after quitting gaming?   

    I used to play League too, that game can be cancerous at times lol. I quit league to play other games a year before I quit gaming. Right after I quit gaming, I picked up my first self-help book and worked to improve my social and dating life. I didn't have any other MAIN hobbies other than gaming so I went and tried out new things in general. I guess you won't actually know if you like something or not until you try it. One of the things I really liked was uploading videos on Youtube and still do it as a side hobby till this day (it's been a year now)!
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  10. jeetjeet added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    1 Year of Quitting Gaming
    Hi guys,
    My name is Jeet and as of today I've stopped playing video games for just over a year now. Would like to use this opportunity to repay Cam out by being a member of this forum! The benefits are amazing and although I'm not where I want to be yet, I'm in a whole better position than I was a year ago. In that year, I experienced travelling myself, met and befriended many celebrities, discovered self help, improved my dating life, started a Youtube channel and found my life purpose. I'd just like to say that quitting video games will not magically fix all your problems in a day, but it'll certainly head you in the right direction so have faith in the process! You won't see immediate results but the work you put in to improve the quality of your life compounds over time.
    Thanks for taking your time reading this post and will be looking forward in getting to know you guys!
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