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  1. Hey dude! Welcome back! I entered GameQuitters the 1st day I stopped gaming (25 days ago, wow), and I really like what you said about having a supportive community and great teachers, it is a great reflection that I felt myself a bunch of times. I think that without any community I would not have been able to complete many things in my life, not gonna lie. I also watch gameplays everyday (some days more, some days less), but I think I should start asking you what do you enjoy doing, your hobbies. Usually, spending too much in social media (including youtube) indicates that there is not mu
  2. I hope the new med works well on you man, it is a process of trying and realizing which one works the best with you right? As far as I know, there is no rule for schizo meds, they just work better or worse in different people. Yeah, weed is linked to triggering schizophrenia, on the bright side, you always had it there, so it could be worse if you triggered it when older, I don't know to be honest. In my case it has been like a feeling of not being able to control my mind, I usually speak to myself even during basic actions, such as cleaning my hands or something, I start saying like: there we
  3. Hey Dennis, I have read your story, a lot of us passed through similar situations. For me were shooters, from there to LoL, then Rocket League, I have always been highly competitive, but luckily enough, I always saw WoW as a 'life eater' (even more than regular videogames), so I managed to stay away from it (even if later I was playing LoL as much as I could). You know? Regretting about past bad choices is like regretting life lessons you needed to learn by heart. Who knows? Maybe your relationship with that girlfriend would have ended even worse due to something else, so do not think ab
  4. Damn, it must be hard to deal with the schizophrenia man, I hope you doing well with that. I used to smoke weed everyday (I stopped like 7 or 8 months ago) and I was having a hard time (most time alone, just smoking weed, playing videogames and masturbating), so after a while of that lifestyle I thought I developed schizophrenia. That was like 3 years ago, and I am much better now, but dude I remember being so afraid, I could not even control my mind due to that lifestyle. I read that you are a therapist right? I can't tell without that many data but, I would say you may take your patient
  5. I am a bit sad that the GC community isn't bigger to be honest. I miss some more movement around here. What is the meds issue? Are you having troubles to sleep? I have some degree of anxiety and I am also struggling to sleep as much as I wanted to (and without waking up in the middle of the sleep), but through meditation and relaxing activities I am usually able to control it, not always tho. You do not need luck dude, you accomplished something huge already just by yourself, you can do this
  6. Absolute beast, that is the way bro keep it going!
  7. Dude, I have the same feeling, and I think it is my mind trying to trick me to go back playing, even a lil bit, because I match with most of those things (I usually played more than I should, I couldn't stop easily, I have given up activities just to game more...) and after 23 days of no gaming, I have this thoughts that, I could play certain games, but in reality I think I am trying to trick myself into gaming again... In my opinion, I think I should not game for a long long time..
  8. I find this kinda weird... If your husband was into crystal meth and he spent a lot of time getting high by himself, would you start taking it to try to communicate with him? No right? I know it is not the same, but that would solve nothing. In my opinion @GamingWidower, you should try to show her how this 'hobby' is in reality eating her entire life. I am not gonna enter on how you are doing with the relationship (romanticism, etc), I am gonna assume you are trying to have an interesting and sane relationship. Maybe having a deep conversation she can realize how much time she is dedicati
  9. I think you have hit the target on that, I usually tend to try to help people way too much with their problems, as is that is what they really want, and that makes people uncomfortable, because I recently realized people not always want to solve their problems, sometimes that people just want to feel victims and feel sorry for themselves, but not actually improve their situation... So that is a really good advice, I am gonna take notes on that dude, thanks! That article you sent me, I read it and I can tell you that, I have read similar ones, but this one was pretty good, certainly things
  10. @WorkInProgress Hey dude! Excuse me but, how I told you previously, I just don't find much time to come here and just write, I really wanted to answer you earlier but I just couldn't. I feel like I do not wanna be on the computer, recently the computer has turned from the source of escapism to the source of the boring tasks (such as continue with my thesis, or my online classes), so my brain want to avoid it at all cost, it is just trying to avoid anxiety I guess. I have been primarily skateboarding, working out and sometimes playing chess with my father. I don't know how to turn this bor
  11. @Bird By Bird Excuse me if I sounded rude but the only comments from you in my posts have been the one on my presentation which I found a bit negative, and this one, and it pissed me a lil bit. I know it is not an instrument but it does not make it inferior, and I understood that, it is a different way of creating music and it is fun, that is what is truly important. Do not take it personal bro I just felt like it was not a very accurate comment.
  12. Yo dude! @WorkInProgressNice to know from you! Yea, speaking with someone else definitely clears ideas, and if this person is good at motivating, it will certainly motivate you! That is what I usually try :P, I am also glad we can continue our dialogs around here (dude I am getting better on typing just by writing this hella long messages, dang hahah Ok I will start with the issue with my friend. This feelings are not simply towards this last thing, let me elaborate a little bit. I know this guy since I was like 7 or 8. He is 3 years older than I, but we did not became friend until severa
  13. DAY 13 (12/20/2020) Almost 2 weeks off... Damn, I can't believe this to be honest. This days I have been continuing my thesis and working out primarily, although I have lost way too much time in Youtube, I feel like I can control better that than playing videogames, which was uncontrollable for me. Today I helped my father to face his denials. He tried to make me give him a massage on the leg, because he has psoriatic arthritis and he has pains because he does not move at all, never, he even complains when my mother tells him to go for a little walk, so I showed him reality, which i
  14. Hey @WorkInProgress I have been a bit off GameQuitters, I started feeling like it is a task, and I lost the... drive or motivation to keep doing it consistently, but I am back! Yea, tbh I have several things in my life right now and I should also prioritize, but shit quitting games have opened so much time, and between the workout, my thesis, now I started skateboarding, which I discovered it releases a lot of anxiety, dude I forgot to keep going with 'Respawn', and also to keep going with the audiobook, although I have kept this couple of concepts I could learn from it in my head,
  15. Yo @rivers ! Nah don't worry, I also took some time off GameQuitters. I mean, no doubts that it is helpful but it is also like... a task to do, and if I am doing this (replying people or writing on my journal), I want it to be as fun as it could be for me. Well, my parents are this kind of ignorant people that say that they do not do drugs, but they drink some wine (not much not gonna lie), my father drinks literally 4-5 coffees a day, and I am pretty sure he uses some kind of anxiolytic to sleep better, so yea hahah, definitely they do not do drugs. And also they tended to think that