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Question of the week: What are you grateful for?

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  2. I am grateful for my friends and family, who have supported me in so many little ways. I am grateful for my youth, as I still have a full life ahead and have so much potential. I am also grateful for this community here I just joined today. I make the first step today toward a better life, away from gaming addiction!
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  4. seriousjay

    Jay's Epic Journey

    - Got up mostly on time today! - Didn't allow some unexpected circumstances at work to get me down. - Managed to get out to the gym on my own for the first time in over a week.
  5. sudo

    No Regrets

    Hello there, This is very strange for me because I have never joined an online forum before (mostly been lurking on Facebook and Reddit but never posted anything). But I figured if I was spending all day gaming and watching Youtube videos -- skipping class and work because of it -- I had a serious problem. I need somewhere I can express my troubles because none of my friends would understand. They would just say I have little self control, since they also game but in moderation. I game obsessively, and I know that I do so because I am scared at my procrastination and not turning in assignments on time. I just would like to say that I want to change. I want to achieve my ideal self, that is, to start running again, lift more, and do well in school and work. I hope by joining this community I will be able to stop compulsively gaming to escape my problems.
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  7. Soooo many things to be grateful for, how can I decide which three are worth mentioning?! My database professor, because today, when I was waiting for the exam to start, he joked about having to send me out of the room because I surely wasn't the student he expectet, after receiving a 4 year old photo of mine (that didn't look ANYTHING like me today) and not recognizing me and with this taking away most of my nervousness. Being healthy. After spending the last week mostly in bed, I was reminded once more, that healthiness is probably one of the greatest gifts one can have. Because it makes soooo much more possible. All the people close to me at the moment and those that I still have to meet. @James Good Which part of Asia do you want to move to?
  8. I've been game free for just over 7 months, and the last week has been so hard for me in terms of cravings. I just want to play all the games I used to waste my time on, and the urge is so strong. Apparently, it's my way of trying to escape from the increased workload and pressure I'm facing in my life right now, as gaming was my coping mechanism in the past when things were getting too tough All I can do is keep working, and keep trying as hard as physically possible to not return to gaming. Even if I try to play in moderation, I try to remind myself how TERRIBLE it was the last time I tried. And, all of the hard work I've done over the last 7 months will be wasted. I know the cravings will past. I've beaten it before. So have you. You know you're capable of getting through this, and you know it's not going to be easy. The best thing I can recommend is trying to find some new things to occupy your time with, as you mentioned you're quite bored at the moment. Try to spend more time outside of the house, if possible. Even if you don't want to, the next time you get cravings force yourself to go for a walk. Gaming numbed the satisfaction you get from everything else, and unfortunately, the only way to get your brain back to normal is to work hard at it. But, that doesn't mean you need to work fast. It's a long process. A marathon, not a sprint. At the moment, just focus on not gaming and implementing small, manageable changes in your lifestyle that you'll be able to maintain easily. From there, if you keep that up as much as possible then before you know it you'll be back enjoying the little things in life. I wish you all the best. Remember, the community is always here if you need!
  9. The great thing about this question is that you can be as vague or as specific as you like. If you want to list three words and leave it there, you can. If you'd rather list three things in detail, and talk about how they affect your day-to-day life or how its shaped your journey so far, you're more than welcome to. I want people to feel free to be able to share their stories and ideas. Without further ado, here's a few things I'm grateful for: Friends that are holding me accountable, and helping me grow into a better person. Not too long ago I got rid of a lot of the friend in my life, as I was focusing more on myself and my business. I didn't want to be friends with people that were negative, or didn't share the same growth mindset. As a result, I ended up developing relationships with people around the world who elevetae me to be the best I can be every day. My parents. I've had my moments where I've been angry and frustrated at my parents, I think we all have. But, recently, after I lost my job, my house and was heavily in debt they were there to support me when I needed it most. It gave me a base from which I could build myself up into the person I am today, making money online and living a life that I've dreamt about for years. Cherish the time you have with your parents, you don't know how long they'll be around. Money. Honestly, I've been in situations before both in University and while having a full time job, where I've been completely broke. It sucks, big time. Although I'm not earning as much as I'd like right now, I'm still in a position that lets me not have to worry too much about my finances (I still drive a 17 year old car tho), to the point where I can actually start thinking about the future and where I want to spend it. Spoiler alert, I'm going to go and live in Asia soon, where my money is going to stretch even further. I can't wait! So, let me know what you're grateful for, and try to interact with other people that have commented. Eevn if it's just a small comment of support or recognition, it's hardly a community question of the week if there isn't any community ๐Ÿ˜‰ Peace out.
  10. LordFederickRamsay

    Need Advise - 5 Months I've stopped but BIG URGES return to relapse

    Thanks for the replies. I managed not to relapse. I'll revert to reading these replies if my cravings ever return (which I'm sure they will). To be honest (although I'm trying to remain optimistic), my cravings at the moment are constant i.e I am experiencing them right now. I think it comes from being bored, unoccupied and living at home where my computer is. @Catherine17 What good things come from gaming?
  11. Mohammad

    Mohammad's Journal

    Day 53: No gaming good day ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Catherine17

    Begin again

    Day 3/7 Funny enough, I typed 'day 3/7' and everything was cool, then my mother came in and just ruined everything. Not a big surprise, really. Problems are problems, but I don't see much point in showering me with them when I need some time alone. Like, does she think that I am able to get bajillion euros right here right now? I don't see her point. What did she meant? That I should work more? Well, I'm trying. She isn't helping. By the way, I attended the Student's Conference and came in second. That's cool for a student who did all the work in just 5 days (that's me). I also may have my article published. Sad but true, that turned to be nothing. Probably need to sell a kidney or something to be considered a human-being. I am going to have dinner and then I am heading for the Creative Writing, because I don't want to listen what else should I be paying for. Quick evening update: I regret ever having got back home. I regret ever having spoken to my mother. I wish she hadn't said what she had said. I ended up taking more work, I expected an assignment for a translator, but, wowser, now I need to write an article about academic writing. Real quick. Which means that I probably won't sleep today. Creative writing was also awful. My teacher thought that I didn't want to publish my work and I wanted. I didn't know how to explain it to her.
  13. zeke365

    Hide your iPhone apps

    Now this trick is only for iPhone and Iโ€™m not sure about android. Have you ever looked through the App Store and you see a game with that cloud icon and itโ€™s so tempting to to download it? Well this trick might help you it does not get get rid of your games or apps but makes harder to get to. I wish there was way to do it permanently but this the second best. 1.Go to the App Store 2.Go to your account in the top right hand corner 3.go to purchases 4.then swipe left and select hide 5.Do that to all the apps and games what it does is that it makes it look like you never bought that game or app. Itโ€™s no longer in the iPhone and you wonโ€™t see the iCloud icon on apps or games you may have been addicted to you. Now if you were to get them back you do these steps 1.Go to App Store 2.Go to your account in the right hand corner. 3.Go to to your account at the top again and type in your password 4.Then go to hidden purchases and that where there stored. I hope this helps someone, tell me your thoughts in the comments below.
  14. fireside

    Fireside's Big Fat Journal Forum

    Day 16. Hey, hope you all had a good Easter weekend. It's been a couple of days, but I've been going strong. On Monday, I finished my radio training and now am a full-fledged member of the station, My shifts will pick up later in the summer, but for now, all I can do is fill in shifts. I went to the gym Monday, did a little outdoor activity Tuesday, and today I'm headed to the gym later to continue setting up my routine. I've been good about eating better, I still pig out sometimes, but I've been getting a pretty steady schedule of when to eat and what to eat. I can't wait for the summer. I only have a few days left before finals and I cannot wait. This semester has been so boring. I'll get back to posting the pushup deck tomorrow or I'll edit this post later tonight. That's it for now, Catch you tomorrow.
  15. dahankus

    George's Singular Entry

    Yeah, Cam said the same thing. And it sucks, but that's ok. I still have cravings for a cigarette some times, and it has been over 2 years since I quit. Some times they are quite strong, but that doesn't matter, I am not a smoker anymore. So I will not smoke, the cravings are just noise, a reminder of what I did right, and how strong I can be. It would be interesting to change the perception of cravings, as reminders of strength and success, rather than weakness and dependence. Great to hear that you made it!!
  16. LordFederickRamsay

    George's Singular Entry

    I didn't relapse. It's been four-five months since I gave up, and my brother said something worrying to me the other day. He's a clinical psychologist, 'there is a possibility that the cravings won't ever go away.' That is a good point - about feeling more empty once you've relapsed - I'll keep that in mind.
  17. dahankus

    A Person's Journal

    Best advice I got on my journey is, don't relay on willpower, make willpower unnecessary to change your habits. Make it easy to stay away from games, make it hard to play anything, or see anything game related, except things like gamequitters that help you quit. Good luck.
  18. Ikar

    A Person's Journal

    Hi Person! Good work for stepping up ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. Undsoweiter

    Time to restart my life again

    Day 30 23.04.19 Gratitude journal Today I am grateful for realizing that materialistic values are not everything. (I am talking to you my now Ex-Laptop^^.) One amazing thing that happened/I did today 1) not much happend the only thing would be that I went directly to the gym after leaving work despite the rain Workout/run 3min streching 90min workout more than 13k steps Meditation 12min guided meditation in the morning Visualisation none ๐Ÿ˜ž Daily affirmation a little bit with my app Reading + taking notes studied for only for 1 hour and did no spanish but read a lot about laptop hardware in gerneral and especially lenovo laptops my wake-up time ( changed it from: "Getting to bed before 9pm") 6:55am (progress again ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Weekly Goal(s) start with miracle morning again, study a lot for the next exam (which was moved to the 23.5. so yeah..), reduce my screen time in gerneral, looking for a new laptop/notebook Monthly Goal to study a lot for the following exam, be more grateful for everything in life, find the joy of living in the moment, think hard about my values and what kind of person I want to be, "survive" the miracle morning 1 month challenge! 3 Month Goal getting my degree or getting it nearly done so that at least at the end of July I have it in my hands, having a really productive life, living my life so that I am proud of it What went well today: (0,0) studied for 1 hour at least(I told myself even after the date of my next exam was moved to the 15.5/23.5. that there will be no day without studying), had a great workout and learned a lot about notebooks, but with no success I am pretty sure the mainframe is dead so first priority will be to save my hard disk and then look for a new computer What I could have done to make my day better I should have stopped trying to fix my computer at 10pm and not contined this fruitless endevour when I was already pretty sure what part of it was broken and just went to sleep, reduced my screen time once more What I will do differently tomorrow/What I have planned for tomorrow: wake up earlier, go to work, go to sleep earlier, meditate more, do some spanish, P.S.: My next entries will all be in the mornings instead of the evening till I find a solution for my notebook or I buy a new one.
  20. Ikar

    John's Daily Journal

    Hi ElectroNugget! Keep up the good work. As a future businessman (that's what I plan to do on Sunday) who wants to teach English on his own rather than as an employee, I can spot a big rift between my knowledge and "Average Joe's" one in the language and even then, I think my English is ways from flawless. So I guess it might sometimes come down to selling my "product" to someone who doesn't yet know they need it! As for art, I have no idea what the business model looks like. Surely enough, there are successful artists in the field, as there are successful English teachers. Keep trying!
  21. Its not a dollar for masturbating lol, its a dolar for closing the incognito tab. That is the beauty of it. You remove the bad habits by creating one that is simpler, quicker, is rewarding, and requires far less effort that actually going ahead with the bad habit. Additionally it is very important to think of our identity as healthy
  22. Oddly enough, my English is where it's at thanks to gaming and related activities. Probably one of the very few good things about it. As for slacking on other activities, depends on how you prioritize. Better prioritization comes with time, as you plan your days more and more, you make better assessment on how much time you spend doing things. I prefer not to overwhelm myself, so I don't end up lying in bed, paralyzed by stress. Airsoft was actually one of the things I thought in the past as well and I think I even did it once, great suggestion! Good idea with the dollar for masturbating too often! I think my wardrobe could use some new clothes too...
  23. ElectroNugget

    John's Daily Journal

    DAY 15-16: I finished reading Hungry Ghosts. Very good advice on dealing with addictions in there. Next up is Gorilla Mindset. I've applied for some local art jobs that suddenly appeared on my radar yesterday. Hopefully, something will turn out. There's also a position available for a 'Citadel Miniatures Conceptualizer' at Games Workshop in Nottingham. I've applied for the position before, it's basically my dream job. That has a deadline on May 3rd, so I'll have to put together an application for that as well. The cravings have subsided significantly but I still find myself procrastinating on uncomfortable tasks. That's something I really need to work on. Just seeing the benefits of a break from gaming is making me consider taking a hiatus from Youtube and perhaps Reddit and Facebook as well. Now that I am able to look at my online life from a new perspective, many elements of it are losing their lustre. I still have trouble believing I will ever 'make it' from a career perspective. But I guess I just need to keep my head down and keep trying, stick to my good habits and something will change for the better eventually.
  24. Day 23. Wednesday. Habits completed counter: 6 I am thankful for having this opportunity to improve. Lately I have been thinking a lot about using my current gaming detox as a propeller for quitting porn and masturbation. I have devised a sneaky habit that might just do the trick. In the book Atomic Habits, the author really pushes you to make the good habits easy and obvious. To have a clear and recognizable trigger, and to make the habit as easy and simple as possible, so that performing it would take as little effort as possible form your part. Additionally in order to stop a bad habit, you should do the exact opposite, which would make the habit invisible, and hard to perform. I have learned that porn is my trigger to masturbation, like a gateway bad habit to another bad habit. So I need to get rid of porn in order to make masturbation less visible, and not be triggered. I tried site blockers, but they don't work, I always find new sites. I have cataloged the sequence this habits happen. - I am engaged on some activity on my PC (working, studying, watching movie, youtube, facebook) - The thought of porn come to mind (This is my trigger for porn) - The craving begins and my mind tries to fight it every time failing, the more time passes the stronger the craving - I open an incognito tab (This is the key action) <======= Here is the only place I have found that I can do something - I go to porn sites and get horny (triggers masturbation cravings) - The rest we all know far too well - Then comes feelings of shame, and guilt and so on (This is the effect and is very unsatisfying, which is great as it provides more motivation to quit) My solution is simple, very simple. - Trigger => Open Incognito tab - Craving => Want to feel proud of myself, a lot of good stuff comes from just one simple action of closing this fucking tab, feel free - Action => Simply close it, every time it opens. One click. 1 second. That's it. - Reward => You fucking did it man, put an X on your handy habit tracker. Put an X every single time this happens. Every incognito tab closed right after it opened is an X into your record. This way I hijack the current triggers I already have, and simply interrupt it with a simple quick action for which I will reward myself with progress, the more progress the more money I will have to spend on improving my wardrobe. Every X is 1 dollar. I will report my results. I am not a gamer
  25. TwoSidedLife

    Opinions on twitchtv

    Sounds like you know full well you should be avoiding it, but're wanting some justification for it. If we're quitting games, we're going to have to find a new form of entertainment or way to relax. Personally, i'd aim to find some new, relaxing entertainment that isn't digital at all. Netflix, youtube ect. they all stimulate us in the same way. It's strongly encouraged here that we find a hobby/other interests - another benefit being you can relax through those instead. It doesn't have to be hardwork all the time too. People can wind down by doing woodworking or playing guitar for example. Before bed I also do puzzles (Like sudoku) from a book to relax. Some interests and hobbies tho can be digital and relaxing in the same way too, such as coding, 3D modelling or digital drawing. If you go on youtube, netflix, twitch ect. with no intention or plan, you're basically handing yourself over to that completely. You're not in control. You'll let those websites drive you to relieve your stress, make you happy ect. Because it's so stimulating (Digital entertainment), there won't be much else irl that can do the same. You'll begin to rely on it to make you feel something. You should be the one in control. Happiness comes from within. It comes from the actions we initiate. A reason it's so stimulating imo is because we give up control to it, procrastination becomes an addiction. But a clearer interpreation of that would be Dissociation. In general, we should be using technology more mindfully and with clear intention. I was bored earlier, so I came here with the intention to write something (Because I felt like it). Nobody is 100% productive all the time. Personally I still watch youtube sometimes with no intention. The key for me being that I go there intentionally with a plan to pick something from my subscriptions to watch. Having more self control these past few months, i've noticed I actually can stick to just a few videos, so I don't binge unless I intend to. And even then, i'd know what kind of videos i'm going to binge. I've split all my youtube content over two accounts I have. One is for all the 'mindless' stuff, the other is for serious stuff. The 'serious' stuff I have is related to my hobbies (learning stuff, which is still enjoyable). Most times when I go to Youtube, I know exactly what / who i'm looking up. I don't usually let it direct me somewhere. As for the 'mindless' entertainment account - majority of its content is about my other big interest (Politics). I'm not subscribed to any gaming channels or content and always click 'not interested' when any of it comes up (I rarely see that stuff now). Be aware also, if you have twitch or other gaming stuff in your internet history, favourites ect. you're more likely to be given gaming ads elsewhere. If you decide not to watch twitch anymore, I recommend clearing out your history, likes, playlists ect. from gaming. Hopefully i've given you some insight :)
  26. I have heard this from many sources, and I am searching for something like that, but its hard for me because I was never part of a community outside of my family. Also whenever I think of going somewhere I imagine I will be slacking on my other activities, I woudn't, but that is the feeling that comes to me. I know I will find some place and some people with whom I will have something in common. Some years ago I wanted to join airsoft club, but never got around to it.
  27. Person

    A Person's Journal

    Day 1/90 Today I have decided to quit games for good. I have thought about this act on occasion, but as the years go by I find myself contemplating more frequently. The o' too many missed milestones in my life. The family. The friends. The ladies. And the whole part of growing up. On the other hand, I know I have a lot apologizing to do to some folks of mine, and I am sure they will never forgive me. Myself included. But I am trying now. I just hope they and I have the patience for me. I'm a mess right now, but it's a start. Thank you, Cam, the community, and my dear ones in life for opening my eyes.
  28. Splitstep

    George's Singular Entry

    Hey bro, Iโ€™ve had a strong craving like that recently and thinking back to my relapse and how I felt even more empty after playing helped me to deal with it, as well as going for a walk; keeping my mind occupied and process how Iโ€™m feeling and rationalising my thoughts is helpful, because feelings can sometimes influence your brain to making unwise decisions. Also, asking yourself the WHY, as in why are you feeling this strong craving can be helpful too. Youโ€™re doing really well to not give in! Hang in there mate, take it one step at a time ๐Ÿ˜Š
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