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Is it possible to quit gaming whenever you want to


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I heard my dad say that when he was addicted to gaming and wanted to stop, he just quit cold turkey without any difficulty. I haven't been able to do that with myself maybe because of a different world today with more technology dependent individuals or my own problems but has anyone else ever successfully quit cold turkey without difficulty and not have any relapses ever since? I need help because I keep relapsing detox after detox.

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Welcome to the forum

I think this kind of scenario is more likely if you encounter a leader /group that is attractive to you because your values are the same. Usually, you want to earn your place in that group and you are distracted so much and so frequently from your usual mode of behaviour that new habits start to take form and put your old habits to sleep.

Trying to change your environment as much as possible is a great idea and the greatest character shift comes from communicating with charismatic leaders.

I find that I cannot have ANY excess capacity. I have to spend my energy and time in a balanced way each day. At times I develop a habit of creating extra time with no allocated activity. If this goes on for long enough, old thinking patterns activate.

hope this post was of help to you.


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Hey @hemonkey

I think it is possible, but it depends on how you are using video games (i.e entertainment, escape, social, achievement).
If you have good alternatives ready to go, you just quit and do something else. I think this is especially the case with Multiplayer Online Games. Because often you are there for the social contact. And if you don't have good alternatives in real life, it just makes you a lot lonelier than comfortable.

So, it's all about out the context. Maybe your dad did play just a lot of single player games for entertainment and as her realized he wasted his time, and it influenced his life in a bad way, he went to another available alternative.

I seriously doubt that it depends on the willpower of the person. I would ask you: What needs do gaming fulfill for you? Do you have good alternatives? Or an idea how to get these alternatives?

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