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It's Just the First Day


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I decided to start the 90 detox today at 8p.m.

Becuase I already played video games in the morning and the evenings before work

And I knew If I waited tomorrow to start, it won't work


I know I just managed the first three or four hours

But I feel like I succeeded because I always play during the late night hours

And until the clock reaches the sleeping hours

But I didn't


I know it's just the first day

But I feel like I succeeded because I felt so many "good" reasons to play

I feel ill; I want to rest in bed and play

I don't like the anxious feeling I am feeling now; I want to walk away and play

I am not getting the well-deserved verbal communication from my family members; I want to play

But I didn't



When I came home at night

I plop myself next to a bookshelf, grabbed a picture book, and spent a quiet night

And now, I am thinking how can make every day end like this night


I know today is just the first day,

But the decisions and the choices I made today mattered.

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