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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello everyone!

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Hey there, 

quitting LOL was one of my best decisions in the past. Even gaming other stuff was better then the endless loop of queuing,muting my team, playing, porn, queuing again. 

I was also able to stop gaming afterwards with the forum which improved my life quality a lot.

I wish you best of luck. It's worth it. In my experience the main part is to be consitent writing here. This helps to distract you and keep yourself accountable. 

What are your plans so far? Are you doing the detox? 

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hey @Diudiu the hamster,

I hope you are doing good so far!

I think we can all completely relate to spending a lot of time for video games (any kind) so we understand the struggle you probably going through.

As for quitting, I would recommend deleting the LOL account since this will make it harder for your to start again.

If you have another opportunity to use the internet or to write some documents, selling or hiding the pc could help a lot. 

A workout could also help with potential stress you maybe experience.

I would love to hear more from you in your journals!





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@WorkInProgressThank you so much for being so honest and supportive. Yes, I will journal here to motivate each other to stay in the track. So far so good -- it's been over a week and I have not played LOL at all. I plan to keep spending time on schoolwork and extra time cooking delicious food for me and my partner! This way, I feel less stressed out and more joyful -- less urge to play LOL to escape from the reality!!! I wish everything goes well with you and have holidays!

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@Moonlightlove your suggestions! Yup, already submit a ticket to delete my LOL account --- still 3 more weeks before it's final! Honestly, my partner felt really sad knowing that he would lose the support (I always play a supportive champion in games with him) but he is now supporting me 100%. As for workout, I'm using the RingCon in a PS4 fitness game. Haha, this game won't be as addictive because working out is hard for me! 
I wish you happy holidays!

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