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  1. 今天上线看到很多很善良友好的朋友给我diudiuhamster的第一个announcement留了言,很惊喜很感动,所以更想努力自己也来写日志。不过我很可能不能每日写,那就算是周志吧! 从我提交删掉LOL账户的email (5/12/20)现在已经过去10天了! 这十天我多了很多时间去学习,休闲,休息和享受自己的生活。当然有好几次看到LOL的英雄teemo玩偶,看到youtube LOL的视频cover,说到和LOL有关的话题,都会怀念甚至感伤。是啊,10年的爱好就这样说再见了。有好几次感到很烦躁,大概是戒断反应,甚至对我的老公发无名火。这里也感谢他对我那么那么得温柔和理解。时常感到很欣慰,生活变得慢了下来,也更“满”了起来。以前我总想着multi-task,尽可能快地把一切事情做完,这样才好省下时间玩LOL,现在我不需要这样,反而更享受生活的点点滴滴。期待着接下来的进展。毕竟还有很多很多work要做,算是弥补过去没有花时间在上面把。加油!
  2. @Moonlightlove your suggestions! Yup, already submit a ticket to delete my LOL account --- still 3 more weeks before it's final! Honestly, my partner felt really sad knowing that he would lose the support (I always play a supportive champion in games with him) but he is now supporting me 100%. As for workout, I'm using the RingCon in a PS4 fitness game. Haha, this game won't be as addictive because working out is hard for me! I wish you happy holidays!
  3. @Pochatokjust follow the link and read your daily journal -- you are AMAZING! Let's keep up with the spirit and wish you happy holidays!!!
  4. @WorkInProgressThank you so much for being so honest and supportive. Yes, I will journal here to motivate each other to stay in the track. So far so good -- it's been over a week and I have not played LOL at all. I plan to keep spending time on schoolwork and extra time cooking delicious food for me and my partner! This way, I feel less stressed out and more joyful -- less urge to play LOL to escape from the reality!!! I wish everything goes well with you and have holidays!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm a doctoral student who has been playing LOL for over 10 years. I want to truly quit playing games LOL especially to save time for studying and self-care and become proud of myself again. I look forward to supporting each other in this forum.
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