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My gamer friend is threatening me


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A few days ago I was talking with my gamer friends from school. I usually try to keep friends with friends I had and not exile them from my friendship just because I am not gaming as much as them. This however changed. One of my friends wanted to challenge me after I was talking about a creation I made in the game Minecraft some while ago. He told me they were too easy to build and made fun of me. I tried to be funny so we would not get into conflict but turns out my friend does not have humor and told me some very nasty words and blocked me from google hangouts. His friend, who is my friend is not a smart guy(no offense) and found out about it and felt empathy for my friend who got mad at me, and started telling me that he does not know me. I asked him by his name and he told me I am a stalker because I said his name. I was confused and felt like he was trolling me. Then the beast started to reveal himself. He threatened to report me to whatever authority he knew so I did not want to get into more trouble, and blocked him. Should I just leave him alone or not because he might be a troll or he might not?

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I know it might be kind of scary to stop talking to friends over seemingly minor arguments like that, but it sounds to me like they have little respect for your feelings and you as a person overall. Making new friends isn't easy, especially now, but when it comes to relationships, I believe that a good war is better than a bad peace. You'll make a lot more friends in the future, and lose quite a few too. Relationships change all the time, so don't be afraid of ending bad friendships. 

Now, please take this with a grain of salt, as I do not know either you or your friends all that well, and am basing my opinion on assumptions. 



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Hey Hai,

Don't take offense - I'm not sure how old you are and will give you my 32 yo POV.

I fully echo Po's take - relationships change over time and you should not be afraid to end bad friendships. These 2 "friends" don't seem like friends at all to me and you should definitely consider cutting off the ties, especially as these "friends" seem to be gaming friends. I have no clue how old your "friends" are but the behaviour you highlighted seems quite childish to me and should not warrant your attention, as hard as it can be to ignore others.

Trolls, abusive and nasty ppl should have no place in your life, and you'll have to learn the subtle art of not giving a damn about such ppl.

All the best!

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