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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Question Again


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Body has become autonomous. I have been playing ac for nearly 4 months now. My first video game. Realized I was getting addicted, not on playing it, but on understanding and adopting it. This required a lot of thinking, disturbing my study schedule and sleep schedule as well. I was completely distracted, finding trivia on it. Today, being Day 1, I am feeling way better, as if on a way to being born again, following @Cam Adair's tips to as far as I can. Thank you for those tips @Cam Adair sir. 

Somehow my body has become autonomous. Everytime I get up from a chair where I've been sitting on, my hand flicks as if to draw a hidden blade. While walking down the road, my hands check for my sword, and flick both my hidden blades out. If I sit still, or try to sleep, my mind loops in cutscenes from AC 2. What can I do to stop this? Any tips?

Thanks in advance!


P.S: Is this the right place to ask questions? If not, very sorry! I am new here, and am still trying to learn.

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Well as far as I know it is common to think or dream about games when you quit. I had a couple of nights dreaming about gaming and freaking out that I relapsed while it was just a dream. Try to occupy your mind with something else. Do whatever you have a passion for. If you don't have any ideas you can take a look at hobby suggestions on GameQuitters. 

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I recommend getting outside as much as possible and focusing on the world around you. Take some pictures, look at all the different leaves on the ground, the various shapes of clouds etc.. Remind yourself how much more beautiful and diverse the world outside the video game is. 

I also recommend getting rid of any social media that you have- for youtube, clear watching/search history and turn those off. Twitter I'd just delete, it is honestly an invaluable time sink. On other platforms, get rid of any gaming-related content if you can. 

Your body and brain have wired themselves into video games, which is why you have these habits and thoughts all the time. Don't worry, the re-wiring process is already starting, just give yourself a few weeks, and you'll be feeling better than ever! 

Stay strong, you got this!


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