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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

where do we all go when we stop posting


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This is normal in any forum/reddit/discord/life, cam already noticed once in his videos or podcasts.

Most of the people who leave, successfully stopped and got a wife and kids or moved on.

Regardles of the communities (unless it's a good friend) you will notice that behaviour always.

I do not critizise those people (no one does) and wish them all the best and feel good for them.

Regardless of that, I will always try to come back here from time to time and read throught stuff here.

I like this community and the people here and it's always a joy to watch conversations.

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I think I can give some perspective on this since I've been here over 2 years.

I've considered leaving the forums multiple times because I don't struggle with gaming addiction anymore. It is more of me just journaling and I often feel like I'm in the wrong place because of it. I also get upset when the connections I've made end up leaving. It's honestly like they've died because you form a bond with them and never see them again. It's hard to be emotionally attached to people online. It can also be frustrating when I try to give people advice and they don't listen or understand what I'm trying to say. I also get upset when I'm trying to get advice or help and get no responses.

But to counter everything I've complained about above, I think I'm a role model here for some. I don't believe in role models because I think everyone in life can influence you, but I am not the same as everyone else. Sometimes you need a leader. That's why people look up to Cam. But I think people look up to me and read my journal for inspiration. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just using pure math here, but my diary has almost double the views and comments as the next closest and my introduction has almost triple the views and comments as the next closest person. This statistically means people are reading my diary because they've been able to relate to my struggles and want to see how I've succeeded. 

This has given me a feeling of responsibility. I feel like I need to be here now so I can help people quit and fix their lives. That's why I stay here. Sometimes I get frustrated when people don't listen to me but that's because we're all different. Quitting cold turkey worked for me and I was able to quit by my huge outlined post in the celebration forums, but that might not work for you or others. Others might need a slower approach or something and others might not be able to ever quit. I've grown more patience now because of it. I also like helping people and feeling connected to others. 

I also don't think enough senior members stay on this website and help people. I think now with about 10 of us who have been here over a year we can help newer members succeed, but a lot of senior members leave because they've moved on and want to put video games in the past.

Once you cure an addiction you either stay around and help others get cured or you just need to separate yourself from the past entirely and move on to greener pastures and I think a lot of people just need to move on from the past and embrace their future. I just stick around because I trained myself to not be triggered by games anymore. I can sit in front of an xbox and not have any desire or craving to play it now. I've removed the emotion because of my hatred for the gaming community.

Hope this helps.

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