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What should I do?

royal panda

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Distract yourself from that. You can watch funny things on the internet (youtube, 9gag...), or do something else enjoyable. It's even better if you do something productive (any chore), you will feel good about yourself. But I know it's not easy to do something productive when we have urges.

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Yo @royal panda, there are a million things you can do. Read a book, write something, go for a walk, do some exercise, call somebody you haven't talked to in a while. Do something, anything. Accept that you are going to have urges to play games for a good long while. There is no specific thing you can do to avoid these urges. Likely, the harder you try to ignore them the stronger those urges will become. Just do whatever you want to do except for playing video games/watching video game related stuff. Literally anything. That's a lot of options. Far too many options to make excuses that there is nothing to do or nothing you can think of. I get it. You want to play games for some comfort. Just remember why you are here. You're here to quit. Just push through for the 90 days. That might seem like a long time but is it really, in the grand scheme of things? 

Pick up a new hobby. Anything! Even if you're not sure you have an actual interest in it (of course choosing something you are interested in would be better), just start doing something. Don't put pressure on yourself to do anything but quit. Whatever hobby/ies you pick don't pressure yourself to like them or even love doing them. Just do them. Keep your mind occupied. 

Don't give up. You can do this. Focus. 

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You need to analyze why you're craving them. Think about what mario kart and animal crossing provide. Mario Kart provides competition, brainless thinking that provides progress, colors, music, and success. Animal cross provides eternal life, a sense of community, peacefulness with no pain, and a sense of calmness. They're both shelter games. Are you going through trauma or stressful times? What emotions are causing you to crave that game? Once you figure this out, start researching other activities to deal with those emotions. Sports and work help me with competition. Meditation, music, tv, reading, dancing, walking, and art help me with calmness and mindless escape. Talking to friends and family helps me with community. 

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