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My First Steps


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Good Evening everyone.


Name is TJ. I'm a 31 year old American. Currently have been on active duty for 13 years. Been a gamer pretty much my whole life. Teenage years were spent on weekends doing multiplayer games from the 2000-2005 era (ie CS, Half-Life mods, RTCW, BF1942). Was active in the scouts and made Eagle scout in 2006. So I wasn't completely enthralled in gaming. I had a Scouting life. But I never really had a social life per say. Jump ahead over a decade and my gaming addiction has cost me. My currently relationship (best one I have ever had) is very strained because of it. My social life is almost non-existent and no one in my family truly knows who I am anymore. I used games to escape my emotions that I did not want to deal with. They allowed me to run away, to escape from reality too many times.


But a few weeks ago, I made a stand. On October 3rd, I wrote my letter to the world declaring that I was done. Then I discovered Game Quitters and have been listening to the Podcasts plus signed up. This will be a long journey for sure, but I intend on living the life I have always dreamed of.


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Thanks for sharing your letter. I think that's a great place to start. It also shows that you have a good understanding of why you want to quit. Sounds like you have done much harder things in life then quitting video games. 

Welcome and congrats on finding your way here. 

You got this!

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Thank you! I'll check in every so often. I have a IRL counselor I see once a week and have started going to hot yoga again. Still have some loose ends that are hanging and probably will for a while but in due time. The small steps have already begun. 

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