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  1. I stick to opinion that playing games is not a hobby. It`s adiction that cannot place the main role in your life...
  2. I think there is more spare time if not playing games))
  3. Why not watching reviews on games. It`s absolutely not bad.
  4. Great! Nice sharing. Hope you will do the best!
  5. Who has stopped playing games forever?? Or some days games are still present in your life??
  6. Ask yourself What`s the reason of playing games and What For?? Do you earn money from gaming??? If NO, then what for??? Find something profitable.
  7. Maybe, you should try sharing your wife`s hobby. Try to communicate with her, wondering more about this game. Try to play together. Getting more common in games, you will be able to spend more time out of it.
  8. Nice, Slime that you are sharing your experience with us. To quit games, you need just throw away your computer, SP or other playing gadgets. Try to communicate with your wife and pay attention to out-door games with children if you have.
  9. If you have philologic education, you can work as an academic writer: to write course works, diploma papers, articles, reports for those, who hasn`t got enough time to do it themselves.
  10. Definetely, No. Lot`s of sugar there. Moreover peanut butter is very high-calories