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Are Reeses peanut butter cups healthy?

royal panda

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As you may know one of my detoxes is junk food, so no chocolate or ice cream or donuts or whatever. I understand that Reeses ARE in fact chocolate, however they also do have peanut butter in them, in which peanut butter is healthy. I understand that that doesn't really negate the fact that they are chocolate and the peanut butter doesn't really add that much nutritional value, but what do you think, should I avoid Reeses or would they be okay?

FYI: I have avoided them completely so far.

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Peanut Butter is generally not healthy at all. A lot of the mass produced versions (especially in the US) are made with palm oil and are loaded with sugar. You have to be very deliberate on what peanut butter you consume.

The chocolate cups are also high in sugar and palm oil. Thinking peanut butter cups is healthy is like saying that eating jelly/jam is a good way to get your daily intake of fruit.

Here is some further reading: Nutritionist ranking PB , Myths of natural v regular PB , Ranking of healthiest PB

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