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Video Game Streamer Addiction


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On 9/17/2020 at 11:58 AM, Hai said:

Since I quit video games I am having trouble controlling myself against youtube and other online video game streamers. I need help because watching people play games has overridden my addiction for video games and created a new addiction.

Break down the addiction and ask yourself why you do it, why you want to stop, what it makes you feel like, what you're escaping from, etc.

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Hey Hai.

I have similar problem to you.

In my case it's confirmed by professional that I'm addicted to internet, computer and media in general.

I have to stick to the strict rules while using this stuff, even when I do it for work or necessary things.

It was really difficult at start, but sometimes it's better without those triggering things.

And without alternative activities it will be impossible to deal with.

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