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(Introduction) Redefining free time

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I am new to game quitters and this is my first time going through the respawn modules. Throughout high school and college I could get away with doing my school work and playing games in all of the free time that I had when I was done. I saw friends during classes or when they called me to hang out and I played games after homework was done. The problem with that is I was only gaming in my available free time and I never reached out to my friends. After college I found myself playing games for hours at a time after work since I had no homework and was not making any new friends.

I moved back home with my parents and got some therapy, but never got to the point where I understood what my therapist meant by "down time". I thought down time was video games, but she meant taking time to sharpen the saw and let the brain be creative. Fast forward 5 years and I'm married to the love of my life and we've moved to a new city. Due to Covid, I am unemployed and instead of job searching I'm playing Overwatch. My wife came in and calmly talked me through why it was that I wasn't taking this time to look for work. It's to better myself, our union, and a future family that  I am beginning the respawn process.

My goal is to change the meaning of "free time". Just because I do not have a deadline that is coming up does not meant that I should jump straight onto a video game. In the words of my wife, "You've told me you wanted to do yoga, meditate, work out, play music, and read more. You did none of those things today, and those are things that you love". As module one spoke to, games fulfill human needs. I would like to rework my own thinking so that I choose activities that will lead to me being a better person.

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I absolutely feel you mate. When my kids first arrived, I used to get so frustrated with the time that I spent with them or allowing them to "distract" me from what I "needed" to do. It took some with @Cam Adair to help me reshape what I saw as free time and what I saw as being productive. I needed to stop looking at time I spent with family or relaxing as a waste of time and distracting me from my goals, and I started to move my family higher and higher on the priority list.

I look forward to seeing you progress!

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