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  1. Day 10 - 20

    Staying busy with the job. It's certainly kept me on my toes. My wife has been really supportive and I've been working on keeping up with my responsibilities and staying disciplined. 

  2. Day 8-9 I got the job! I'm now a full time teacher. It's going to come with a lot of responsibility, but the financial security is huge. I also opened up to my friends about my issues with gaming and brought up other ways that we could socialize together. My wife has been really supportive too.
  3. Day 3-7 Life is getting busier. I have the beginnings of a full-time job, but it's not set in stone yet. I'm working hard to set up lifestyle habits.
  4. Day 3 Good so far. It helps that I've built my planner for success. It encourages daily use with a couple easy daily tasks, but gives me room for creativity and reflection.
  5. Day 2 I'm taking time to use my planner daily. It's going to be another busy week, but I'm going to try and get ahead of my life to minimize stress and desire to play.
  6. Day 1 Another bad day. Putting a lot of pieces in place to support myself getting back on top of gaming. I'm trying to get past two weeks and more.
  7. Day 1 Took a big step back after my last post on 9/28. I got overwhelmed by keeping up with life's responsibilities and returning to working 5 days a week. While I'm glad to have employment again, I'm taking my (now less) time at home and gaming instead of building myself up or connecting with my wife. First my daily journaling went, then I went off the rails. I'm going to stay active on this community as a guide rail to keep me on track.
  8. Day 12-14 A good weekend with ups and downs. I'm still working hard to stay focused and be comfortable without technology. Last week as a whole, was really difficult. I went from being at home full time, to working full time. While a lot of things stayed intact, my mental composure was shaken and I missed some school assignments. I have since rectified the issues, but I need to work on myself to the point where I can maintain the gains that I have made even when I don't have copious amounts of free time.
  9. Day 11 Afternoon Had a really nice class today. Coming home, I realized that I have more energy because I spent less of myself controlling 'exciting' behaviors. My wife is feeling down, so I'm going to invest some of my excess into her so she can have a good day. I still have had a lot of urges to play, and it was nearly impossible to stay focused yesterday. I'm going to update over the next few hours how I do.
  10. I substitute taught Kindergarten classes in a rural school district. There were 4 and 6 kids respectively on Monday and Tuesday. Every kid wore masks when moving / standing up. They could take them off when sitting at desks that were more than 10 feet apart. Kids were respectful in terms of the mask rule, regular behaviors for that age were unaffected. Day 9 and 10 It's been hard to find time to journal when I'm not at home all day. I did feel exhausted from substitute teaching Kindergarten, and there was a tendency to think of gaming as a way to kick back and unwind. Instead I hung
  11. Day 8 (Yesterday) First day working, which was great. Very busy getting things done, so I didn't get a chance to post. No games. I'll talk more about it on today's post.
  12. Day 7 - Morning I'm going to pick up stuff to learn how to crochet today. I've never been the best at making things with my hands besides music, so I'm excited to get into crafting.
  13. Day 6 - Afternoon After spending time planning out a bunch of activities, my wife and I leisurely picked 4 activities to do today in a nearby town. I think in the 4-year history of our relationship, this is one of the first times I planned a day trip without her asking me to do so. When I'm not constantly diving into distraction during my free time, I find it interesting observing what I choose to do instead. My wife got a haircut this morning, and my first thought was, "Oh great, house to myself. Time to game!". I noticed the thought and actually chuckled at how innate it was. Instead, I
  14. Day 5 - Evening I got hired to substitute teach a few days, glad to be back to work. I've been communicating with my wife and family about some of the struggles I've had and what I've learned about the process. They've been supportive. It's kind of late, I just logged on because I wanted to check in. Still doing Pomodoro and writing lists, it's really helping.
  15. Not going to tell you what 'to do' / 'not to do', but just know that the feeling of loneliness wont go away by playing games. I'm dealing with the same stuff, and it's really hard. The little moments like this can be a chance to show character and strength. I wish you nothing but the best, and I'll continue to support your journey no matter what. We're both getting through this.
  16. Congrats on getting it back to day 2, keep it up!
  17. Day 4 - morning Short post this morning. Another particularly rough night yesterday, but I don't think that was due to anything related to this forum. I practiced trombone also, which was a big win for me. I made a list last night, prioritized the most important things, and woke up this morning ready to go. I'm trying to balance the line between giving something the attention it deserves and burning out. Pomodoro worked quite well. It helps that the breaks are so short, there isn't enough time to do a new activity and get distracted. Also the breaks prevent me from entering a state o
  18. That is a really good point, thank you. While it seems helpful to push ever lever, I can see it getting overwhelming. In the past, I have burnt out after an excess of energy spent. Not-so-oddly enough, my day has shaped out where those (pomodoro and checklist) are the two bread and butter tools that I have been using more than anything else. I'll work on building those foundational habits slowly.
  19. Day 3 - morning After relapsing on Day 2 last time, I'm genuinely excited to be on Day 3. Yesterday, I reached out to speak with a friend about my organizational issues. She is a type-A planner and was a great listener and someone to bounce ideas off of. I'm currently employing the following strategies: Pomodoro Timer Daily check list prioritized Gratitude (My friend brought this one up, I've heard about it but never tried before) Meditation (Specifically neuroplasticity) My wife brought up taking a day trip to a own 30 mins away, so i went ahead and gathered i
  20. Hey mks, I have been coming to this site when I'm feeling urges to game and I read some of your previous posts. I'm glad I did because one of your earliest posts had a line that really struck a chord with me (no piano pun intended) It seems like you came back yesterday after a couple of weeks off. I am job searching myself and I know how hard that can be. Best of luck and keep going!
  21. You put that in a much better way than I could! I had a similar feeling when I would play a new game with my friends. With OW, I knew everything from abilities to ultimate / cooldown times. I was recommended to DOTA, but I had no knowledge of it and didn't enjoy being a beginner. On a more personal note: I have excellent training on the trombone and even though I'm not a beginner in that, I chose to play games because it was more stimulating and was instantly gratifying. This seems like a great idea. I think a part of your plan should be what do you do if you feel the urge to p
  22. Thanks WhoCares, I'm glad to be here! It's really nice to have someone else who understands where I'm coming from. Day 2 - morning I woke up and had a shitty morning today. All in all, I felt accomplished with yesterday. No gaming, and I did all of the things I listed in my last post. I also got to bed by 10 and woke up at 7 which is quite early for me and more sleep than I usually get; the lack of electronic stimulation helped me feel tired earlier. Outside of my relationship with gaming, I've been having issues with organization. I'm going to be making a to-do list and scheduling o
  23. Hey WhoCares. I am also struggling with my mental attitude towards Overwatch, thanks for the post on my journal. While I'm quite new here to the forums, I have spent the last four years, playing, moderating, quitting, and playing again. For starters, the fact that you are 17 and having the thought that you want to re-evaluate your relationship with gaming means that you are mature beyond your years. Imagine being in the same situation, but you're a decade older. I never achieved the same high SR as you have (low dia), but what kept me coming back to OW was the interdependence and teamwork
  24. Day 1 - Morning (Not sure how to notate if you break a streak( So I downloaded a game on my phone last night and played from 11:30 pm until 1:30 am. I was doing a great job during the day, following through on the activities that I had planned out above. I've had an old tenancy to view time after my wife fell asleep as "free time" where I could play games and it wouldn't disturb her / she wouldn't notice. I need to remember that while it may not be held accountable right away, I'm losing sleep which will catch up to me. On top of that, I'm taking this time to explore my relationship with
  25. I'm starting a journal for the first time here too! I recommend you read about other people's experiences, a lot of people seem to have similar issues. You're English is very good by the way, I wouldn't be able to tell if you didn't mention it. Dig into the fact that this is "Challenging". Games satisfy a need for challenge in our lives, and you engaging with that will help you feel more fulfilled with real life. Keep it up!