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@Edfech One more drastic measure that helps me reset if my sleep cycle is messed up to the point that I have no problem staying awake the whole night is to stay awake for one whole night and day. Stay awake without naps until the next evening and then it is a lot easier to fall asleep at your desired time. I have been struggling with fixing my sleep for a long period of time but it is finally improving, I would say. Good thing to do is to have easy and enjoyable things planned for the next morning which will make it more pleasant and desirable to wake up compared to just staying in bed. 

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9 hours ago, Edfech said:

Day 18

Today I've got really sick today. I couldn't sleep at night again and I could barely walk or stand up, my head and my back was hurting a lot and I was pretty nauseous too.

I was so sick that I couldn't help, but take a nap.

I'll prioritize my health now.



The health is priority number one. There is no point doing anything that stresses your organism. Just get plenty of rest and you can focus on working on your habits once you are healthy. Hope you feel better soon! 

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15 hours ago, Edfech said:

Day 22

My mom got coronavirus and it was confirmed today.

me and my grandmother are concerned. I believe we are infected too.


Shit man. I'm sorry. Be careful and isolate and all that jazz... Not to want to upset you, but seeing as it's a highly infectious thing, you probably do have it. Maybe try to get tested? And your mom should totally quarantine herself. Shit man. Good luck and strength to you.

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