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My Arts are Crap

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So, one aspect of my addiction was that I always wanted to express some for of creativity in my life.

But since I have a short attention span and react very negatively to frustration, I never developed the skills to do anything well.

What this means is that I have a long list of hobbies that I absolutely suck at.  Here it is:

  • Writing Short Stories
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • 3D Art
  • 3D Animation
  • Painting
  • Playing Bass Guitar
  • Political Blogging (don't ask)
  • Video Game Design and Programming

But each of these endeavors take practice and patience.  Meaning you're not going to create Alita: Battle Angel or even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in your first week of learning animation.  So, as a gamer I would frequently say "Eff this, I'm playing Tera" (or SWTOR, or whatever).  So you know what's harder than learning Blender?   Opening Blender, rage-quitting after 45 minutes, and not looking at it again for 6 weeks.  

But here's the thing.  I learned programming by having to get things done.  I originally went to school for Electronics Engineering, not programming: I was forced into programming because the company I worked at needed some work done.

Please note that this was in the 1980's BEFORE there were 10,000 IT graduates per year.

So last month, I saw this video.

...and I decided to post one piece of art every day.  Not massive projects, just quickies.   And I expect that over time, maybe in a couple years I might stop sucking. 

So I made this site: http://snippets.209software.com/

I am only a few weeks in so far, and have not missed a day yet.  I also found that pencil sketches are easier for me (I am NOT saying i'm any good) than 3D art, even using downloaded HDRI backdrops and prefab DAZ characters.  

The thing is YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.  Maybe your thing isn't visual art.  Maybe it's writing, or taking online classes

The thing is, DO something important! DON'T Substitute YouTube or porn or Netflix for gaming.  Those things are mostly fine, but they are just another form of wasting time. 



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