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  1. The most simple meditation technique is simply observing your breathing and being conscious of it. You will be distracted by random thoughts that emerge in your mind BUT THAT'S OKAY. It's a mistake to think that distractions constitute as failure. Distractions will happen and they are normal. You goal is to notice (become conscious of) the fact that you got distracted and then return your focus on breathing. This process is the basis of meditation practice. From this you learn to control your attention, and notice when someone or something else is trying to control it (and control you at the same time). You see, in my opinion there is no difference between consciousness and self-control, as anything that happens within you unwillingly is a product of the unconscious mind. Everything you control in yourself you are conscious of, so by practicing the self-control in meditation you are training your consciousness and expanding it. This will help you to integrate unconscious psychic contents into the conscious mind easier, thus assuring psychological development and removing the threat of psychic complexes gaining hazardous autonomy due to compensatory relationship between conscious and unconscious psychic systems. Everything that gets repressed from the conscious mind eventually fights to return to it, because as the law of conservation of energy states: energy can't be destroyed, it can only change forms. Do not have any goals and presuppositions as you start the practice of meditation. The only way you can somehow "fail" meditation is if you don't do it at all.
  2. I know that might sound shallow to hardcore anime/manga fans but mine is Dragon Ball Z. Just like one youtuber put it - Dragon Ball Z at it's heart is a story about facing impossible odds and using the hardship of that experience to transform yourself and become what you were born to be. That's the story of Gohan in my eyes, at least up to the Cell saga. Or Goku during the fight with Frieza which was simply hopeless during its first half. I also like the TFS interpretation according to which the main theme of DBZ is that a person is a lot stronger than he or she thinks they are. Often enemies, hardships we face in life help us to unlock that power dormant in our hears. That's how I see all the challenges Z fighters face - they are metaphores for various struggles of life and the whole story displays how those hardships develop us as people.
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