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i tried to quit gaming many times . i did quit for like 1-2 weeks a few times but my problem is i don't have anything to do when i finish my study , like i wake up at 7 and i study to 10-11 then when i want to take a breake i don't know what to do .i don't have a friend that i can go out with and  also i don't want to talk to my familly either i just want to leave this house as fast as posible but gaming is always in my head i have nothing to do in my free time but gaming.

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Hello dirkj3,

I could be wrong, but to me it sounds like you yet have to explore a wider spectrum of possible activities, in order to find even more engaging hobbies.

Ask yourself: Did you find activities that provide you with enough challenge(or purpose) yet?
I'll also link one of Cams videos here, so we can recall together the 4 big reasons why we feel drawn back to games & bad habits and what to do instead:


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Sorry for replying late.

I found out that all the little things require a lower dopamine receptor sensitivity that I don't have yet.

I read something that sport can recover dopamine receptors..How is that?

Thank you very much in advance !

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For me, it was the other way around. I did certain things like changing my diet, engaging in productive routines, beating procrastination etc. Some stuff has happened almost a year before I even considered to quit gaming. Eventually quitting it was like the tip of the iceberg to become even better. I think, the motivation I gained from my successes from other areas help me to stay away from games. I just think that all of this is a lot more meaningful and gaming is no option any longer. I wasted enough time. This is enough reward for me to engage in other activities.

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