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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Get rid of your gaming station


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Hi guys, I'm a long time gamer and I work as a doctor. I think this is a wonderful website to help people better themselves.

In my opinion, video games are identical to alcohol or drugs. It triggers uninhibited release of happy hormones in your brain, which in turn makes you want more. The only way to handle video games is not to play it -at all-. One cannot even touch one drop of this poison. 

I struggled so much to the point where I had to sell my computer. I've never been happier. I have a 2011 Mac Air now which can only answer emails and use Microsoft Word (with lag), which is more than enough for me. I think that for most people, they really do not need much computing power. So if you are struggling with constant relapses, consider selling the computer / gaming station! Then you'd have nothing to relapse with when you want to, and by the time you wake up the next morning, the urge is decreased or gone.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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Yup it is a 'drug'.

I am addicted to the dopamine.

I have taken my laptop and thrown it on the ground and smashed it, snapped a cell phone in half and done that instant cut off.

2 months later I relapse. Why? Dopamine.

So I am using this 58 Dopamine Avoiding Relapse Strategies and gee doing so much better.

The problem Is the dopamine but the fuel for that lies in my weakness not to confront, hence I self soothe and the dopamine flows.

I am done with negative affects on my life. Now growing, maturing and advancing in small steps.




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@DiegoMartin I want to give you some power back: Dopamine is not addictive, like the industry wants us to believe. It is not a reward chemical like many believe it is. When it comes to neuroscience, it all gets a lot more complictaed. For instance, without dopamine, a result can be parkinsons disease. Here is how dopamine is involved: It does not make you feel good. That is the role of opioids and other neurochemicals. Dopamine only is like an attention seeker: " Listen, this might feel good, keep it up." But after repeating the behavior more often, dopamine is not even necessary anymore. Veterans after returning to a war have shown to have dopamine spikes when visualizing war memories. So dopamine can even be involved in unpleasurable things. It is not always as easy as it look like. The book of Timothy Snap is one of those books, which tries to hop on the dopamine bandwagon. Be critical. Don't blame dopamine. You are in charge! The goal is to focus on positive aspects and to fulfill your needs. 🙂

Gaming is just a waste of time.

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As a recovering drug addict, games are Exactly the damn same. An addiction is an addiction, period.
I learned to moderate my gaming, but the second times got tough, I was right back where I started.
Now I've realized that just like with drugs, when it comes to games, one is too many and a thousand never enough.

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