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  1. There is so much you can do.You might not want to read this though as it may hit hard, so please don't if you're vulnerable. Write down 100 reasons why you game. May be you can do 200. In fact write down every reason. Then take it to another level. There should be 4 areas which each of those reasons fall into - you may have to dig deep. Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Then you will have the why you do it. I am going through this as a guide if it it helps: Rewire Your Brain off Video Gaming Next phase is moving onto the how.
  2. Good to develop a hobby. This is a a great one as it engages you to think and learn. Then you might want to practice your hobby so it leads to social interaction. Nice!
  3. Yup it is a 'drug'. I am addicted to the dopamine. I have taken my laptop and thrown it on the ground and smashed it, snapped a cell phone in half and done that instant cut off. 2 months later I relapse. Why? Dopamine. So I am using this 58 Dopamine Avoiding Relapse Strategies and gee doing so much better. The problem Is the dopamine but the fuel for that lies in my weakness not to confront, hence I self soothe and the dopamine flows. I am done with negative affects on my life. Now growing, maturing and advancing in small steps.
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