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  1. Very good job Max! I look forward to following your journey!
  2. Wooo! Good job! I've deleted all my gaming accounts and I've even sold my computer (I only have a 2011 Mac air now for emails / Microsoft Word). My life has never been any better!
  3. Hi! How old are you currently? This might be a bold idea but, have you considered selling / giving away your playstation? If you don't even have a gaming station at home, it'll be harder to relapse. Gaming does not give lasting happiness. Even just sitting still, or going out for a walk, creates -way- more happiness than gaming. Keep fighting! ?
  4. Hello Tbunge. I respect your determination to quit gaming. It'll change your life for the better. Keep fighting!
  5. Hi Bishop_Avenger. I feel your pain! I've been a lifelong gamer / addict myself. I work as a doctor as well. I think there can be no 'moderation' with gaming, just like alcohol. One cannot just have 2-3 glasses (hours). You either need it or you don't. I think your life is great! Focus on the simple things in life ?
  6. Hi asquerade. I think you are going great! Wanting to battle the urge is the first step to getting better from gaming addictions. Give yourself some compliments too! ?
  7. Hi guys, I'm a long time gamer and I work as a doctor. I think this is a wonderful website to help people better themselves. In my opinion, video games are identical to alcohol or drugs. It triggers uninhibited release of happy hormones in your brain, which in turn makes you want more. The only way to handle video games is not to play it -at all-. One cannot even touch one drop of this poison. I struggled so much to the point where I had to sell my computer. I've never been happier. I have a 2011 Mac Air now which can only answer emails and use Microsoft Word (with lag), which is more than enough for me. I think that for most people, they really do not need much computing power. So if you are struggling with constant relapses, consider selling the computer / gaming station! Then you'd have nothing to relapse with when you want to, and by the time you wake up the next morning, the urge is decreased or gone. Let me know your thoughts!
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