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Craving after all this time.. but why -_-


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Hello lovely community,

its been a while i posted on here cause life has been really stressful and changed a lot since i quit gaming 1,5 years ago. So yes i didnt touch a game for that long. Never had the intention to do so but once i started i extended the 90 days to 180 and so on. So, the 1,5 years have really not been easy cause i had and still have to deal with a lot of psychic bs, found a new job, quit it again, moved to a very big city for a new job 1 month ago. And idk what it is. My life is pretty filled. I have hobbies. I dont have friends yet but some people to hang out with and iam very open when it comes to meeting people. And then, out of f****** nowhere i promise, it hits me. This urge to play again. And this happened the complete last half year. I even have dreams about playing...something i never had when i first quit games. So i have read quiet some journals here and i know craving is nothing super weird when you stop.. but after such a long time? Anyone else who has been off gaming for a long time experience this? Iam super scared to relapse, cause i know im my current situation not going out anymore and meeting people would be my social suicide. And i dont wanna be that overweight unhappy person anymore i have been 1,5 years ago. Anything i can dooo? I really dont know what cause i keep me busy, my job is demanding, i have some guy i see on and off, i dont even feel lonely .... But iam scared of myself and that b**** who just wants to sit at home and play ;((((

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Cravings are normal even years later. I think Cam has even had them and he's been off games longer than any of us.

Do you take time out of your day for self-care? What I've found more beneficial than anything else is taking time to practice gratitude, self-love, etc. It's really hardened me against many of the cravings I've been experiencing the last year or so. The more highly you think of yourself, the more likely you will be to make choices that are in line with your values. I won't promise the cravings will disappear but you can definitely improve your ability to handle them. ?

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Hey my friend, I know exactly how you feel. Out of nowhere it just hits you with those cravings... 


One thing I can strongly suggest to you is write down your goals you want to accomplish whether it be in the month, the year, or even 10 years from now. It can be as crazy as you want such as owning a private jet or buying a sports team, or a mansion, etc. Make sure you physically write it down on a piece of paper and read it every day, every morning preferably. This will help you get your brain to move your focus onto those goals than your mind winding back to old habits, being video games.

It’s all a mind game as funny how it sounds. But start off with that, and remove all temptations that will potentially drag you back to your old habits. Like email newsletters, subscriptions, social media groups, apps on your smart phone if you have one, and in turn find something else that will satisfy the dopamine craving/high stimulation such as if you like to go the gym, recreation centres and meet some new people, playing an instrument. Basically another hobby you can find and enjoy. I learned this the hard way. 

Lastly, I would also suggest listening to some videos on YouTube such as tony robbins, Les Brown, and believe nation for knowledge and learning how the mind works so you can counter what your brain’s wanting and resolve the issue yourself ?  

I really hope these suggestions help you in some ways. I am an entrepreneur so this is something I noticed and needed to get fixed right away when I made my decision otherwise I was gonna go nowhere. You got this man! I believe in you, and please do let us know how your progress goes ?


Love you bro! 
PS: Meditate as well to help with clarity, inner peace, and focus and you will do good.

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Are you into any sports? Boxing stabilizes mental state amazingly well —provided— you are in a group where the coach is pushing you to do better.


i have been boxing (even sparring) and ability to go through this conditioning helped me to handle other things too. Boxing also makes you an actual fighter-achiever and kills off the need to “pretend” one


PS : I craved five years after stopping. I think that is because i was withdrawing a lot and daydreaming. Switch things around from time to time to stimulate your consciousness. Monotonous things and loneliness are two threats for a gamer in my humble opinion. I make a conscious attempt to speak to my people now and take interest in their affairs rather than just saying “Hello”

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