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Starting Over


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Day 0:

Take 1 - 43 days

Take 2 & 3 - barely any days. Couldn't get back into it.

Gonna follow though this time.

No watching gaming content.

No gaming solo.

No gaming with friends.

I had a tough time giving up gaming with friends before, but I'm ready this time. If they really are good friends they'd understand. I need to do this. Gonna start this up again from tomorrow.

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I know I botched it real hard on my 2nd and 3rd attempts and was thinking last night how I can prove to myself and others how serious I am about this, this time around. I decided if I relapse on this attempt, I'm going to go see a therapist. I seriously am considering going out to see one anyways, to get help with my gaming problem and for many other reasons. Till now I thought it would be embarrassing or just plain stupid to go see a therapist to discuss video game addiction.

I had a conversation recently with someone recently in his late twenties who said he had a terrible addiction to league of legends and ended up seeing a therapist since it was affecting his marriage. He said he never wouldn't have been able to quit hadn't he talked to his therapist.

It's frustrating since I've dealt and cut out a multiplicity of other addictions and bad habits in my life and wouldn't have been embarrassed to speak with a therapist about those things just because they have worse of a stigma to their names. Gaming has been impossible for me to cut out on my own and is by far the most destructive addiction for me personally. I know I shouldn't feel embarrassed to reach out, but I still am a little.

To anyone reading this, have you ever spoken to a professional about gaming addiction and how did it impact you?

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Day 1 - 9/23

Was at work all day today so I had something to keep my mind on besides games. Not too many cravings, but definitely some. I've got tomorrow off, but that's honestly worse for me at the moment. As long as the weather is good, I've got plans lined up to keep myself busy. I just needa keep myself busy for these next two weeks when the detox is the worst.

The one good thing I did for myself during my recent relapse was pick up an old hobby. I picked up my skateboard which I haven't touched in a long time and started at it again. It's the one outdoor thing that I'm really willing to go out of my way to do. Unfortunately, I don't really have an indoor hobby I feel the same way about at the moment, and it rains a lot out here. I'm thinking of putting down some money to buy some music equipment, since that's an old hobby I used to enjoy. I played a lot of music growing up, but just lost interest in it over time. I think I can get back into it if I get some of the right equipment, but it would be a bit of an investment. If I could get back into it, I'd have an indoor and outdoor hobby to put my time into. That's something I really need to make this detox work.

Had kindof a bad talk with my girlfriend and am feeling a bit bummy about that. Gonna get off my computer now to think about that conversation away from my devices now. Looking forward to day 2.

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Already relapsed and already contacted a therapist. Need to speak with one with more reasons than just gaming, but that will be a large part of the discussion. Officially spoke with my friends and told them I'm quitting gaming. I didn't do that before and kept it to myself. Told them what's going on and they were supportive. Also mentioned if I ever ask them to play games, don't let me.

I'll be back next Thursday after my therapy session.

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On 9/24/2019 at 11:15 AM, Adminiculum said:

Welcome back mate. 

Instantly relapsed, but thanks for the posts always. I've been having a hard time with the detoxes since my initial attempt, but I've asked for external help this time and expect to do better from now on!

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I guess its time to stop going into the detox without real alternatives. Do you work or do you go to school? Do you do sport? Other hobbys?

I think you need a solid base of activities you will do when you quit. The music thing is good for example. You just need to add some things and to actually start them. 


Or what are your thoughts why you keep relapsing? For me it wad mostly that I had nothing else to do or simply wanted to forget the stress/work(so gaming -> relax). Both things disappeared when I started to work for school as much as I had to + added sports/learnt new instrument.

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Got a meeting with a therapist later this week set up. Spoke with friends for the first time about my gaming problems and told them I'm done with games for this detox. They were understanding. Even asked them not to ask me to game with them or let me game with them if I ever ask them to. Really gonna try this time. Didn't have much motivation to try this detox the last few attempts, but I'm feeling real motivation this time. Gonna keep tackling it until I get this :)

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Day 1 - 9/30/19

Day 1 complete. Busy day. Long day at school, busy day at work, got home a little late. Ate healthy all meals today. Meditated right when I woke up, kickstarting my day and meditated when I got home from work. It really puts me at peace and I want to see where it takes me if I really keep the meditation up. I think it's a good activity for me to default to for when I get cravings. Didn't really have many cravings today though.

Gonna go exercise and head to bed early.

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Day 2 - 10/1/19

Day 2 complete.

Rough day at work. Saw a friend I haven't seen in a while so it cheered me up. Talked and caught up for an hour or so.

Listened to a lot of music today. Remembered a dope artist name Austin Peralta I used to fuck with and listened to a lot of his stuff. Thought I knew a lot of his music well, but people have been posting albums and tracks of his I've never heard on youtube in the last two or three years. Got more stuff by him I've gotta listen to.

Few cravings, some bad rushes but nothing unmanageable. Think the meditations working well. For sure a good way to start my day. Better than waking up and opening up my laptop immediately for sure.

Looking forward to get through day 3 :)

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Day 3 - 10/2/19 (late post)

Day 3 complete.

Work has been particularly busy lately, but it'll get easier soon. It's been keeping me busy so honestly it might be better this way. Same old school stuff kind of a typical day.

Saw a friend and hung out from the afternoon till late and went out and got some drinks. He wasn't a gaming homie, but he opened up to me about some stuff he's been going through. Ended up telling him about some of the stuff I've been going through as well and had a nice little bonding moment. I haven't had much of that with people close to me as of late so it was a refreshing moment.

The cravings tend to come when I get home. Till now, I thought I'd just have to leave home or avoid coming back to keep them away, but that wasn't a realistic solution. I've lately been jumping to meditation as soon as any cravings arise. It has really, really, really, really, reallllly been helping. It's hard to get started, but by the end of it I get my mind to stop racing and suppress the cravings to zero, or near zero.

I've tried meditating in the past, but it would be once a day in the morning or before I sleep for 10-15 minutes. I've been meditating the moment I wake up, before I go to sleep, and any time in the middle of the day I'm home and feel cravings or just need to clear my mind. I've been spending definitely 1-2 hours a day doing this, and I don't want this always to be the case, but in my current state it feels necessary. It really eases the overstimulated mind. I hope it continues to be this way.

I wish I knew how powerful meditation can be earlier. I've got to stick with it to see how it works for me in the long run. So far, it's been a game changer. Hoping it stays this way.

Looking forward to day 4!


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Day 4 - 10/3

Day 4 complete.

Ups and downs today. Started off a little tired since I was out late yesterday and had an early morning. My mood was good in the morning though. Mood crashed out of nowhere after class at noon. Had the day off from work. Took a nap between classes and felt a tiny bit better.

I actually had my first meeting with my therapist today. I'd always avoided seeing one and till the very moment was uncomfortable with it, but followed through anyways. Easily was the best decision I've made ever. I immediately felt comfortable talking about everything. My depression problems, past experiences, tragic events in my life, what I've done to deal with my problems, my gaming problems, etc. I've never been able to let loose to people I know so I've been bottling this stuff up forever. Speaking to a professional about it all just felt right. I guess I've been needing to let loose. I've got a ton of work to do, but just talking to a professional about everything made some things better immediately. I've made appointments to see my therapist again for the next few weeks and I very much look forward to them.

Got home early and didn't have any more responsibilities to take care of. Didn't game and didn't need have much of the need to. Haven't needed to meditate but I will before sleeping.

I haven't gotten back into the groove of exercising, but I'm tryin. I'll get there soon. I feel a lot better since I'm eating better, sleeping more, sleeping and waking up at consistent times, meditating consistently, and drinking less.

Looking forward to day 5!

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Day 5 - 10/4/2019

Day 5 complete.

Half day at work, went home early and got a little lazy. Got the little thing I needed to do, but none of the things like studying or reading like I said I'd do today.

Went out drinking with some friends at night and had a great time. Still got challenges ahead of me, but I'm really starting to feel like myself again.

I need to spend this weekend productively. I have the hardest time not when I'm busy, but when I'm not. I don't work or have class over the weekend, and don't particularly have a lot of school work I'm required to do this weekend. Got a few responsibilities I need to take care of, but other than that, I'm basically free. I have some plans and need to commit to them.

Looking forward to day 6!

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Day 6 10/5/2019

Day 6 complete.

Weird day. Woke up late since I was out late last night. A little hungover in the morning, but I ate a good breakfast, meditated, and played some piano and felt better. Immediately after I binged youtube videos for about two hours until 1pm (nothing gaming related). Didn't feel so good about that.

I've been using a checklist app to stay organized. It's been working pretty well, but I could still do better. It's been keeping me on top of my daily necessities like cleaning my room, making sure I meditate, doing the dishes before I sleep, tasks, some school work, and I've kept up these sort of things for the last week. I've got on my checklist also things like do some reading, studying, exercising, which I've done a bit, but haven't been able to turn it into a routine or habit like I wish I could yet.

Anyways, I binged about 2 hours of youtube on my couch, realized I was wasting my time, then took a crack at my checklist. Got laundry done, cleaned my garden, vacuumed my floors, did the dishes, cleaned out my car, got the mail,  wrote some e-mails, meditated for 20 minutes. Did all that and I'm glad I did, but I definitely intentionally skipped over doing some reading and exercising. I just feel so lazy man. Like, I tell myself I'd be so satisfied with my day if I get some reading in and a quick workout, but I just don't do it. There's always something I decide to do right before it, then I get lost in it and get tired or something and end up always ignoring those two things. I'm willing to do all these smaller tasks habitually with no problem, but when it comes to starting studying or exercising, I'm repulsed to it.

I actually wrote about this in a log during my initial detox. I'm for whatever reason bad at getting started with activities, but am good at maintaining momentum. Like if I tell myself I'll pick up a book and read today, I try to do everything I need to do in the day but pick up a book, then MAYBE I'll get to it. However, once I start reading, I actually enjoy it and typically go on longer than intended. Same thing with working out. I just have a hard time really committing to beginning the workout. But when I build up the energy to, I typically don't have a tough time completing the whole workout, and might even do extra exercises at the end. I think I'm just lazy man haha. I need some cure to this stupidity and madness.

After it all I was feeling a little tired and a little bummed out for whatever reason. I took a nap and felt woke up still feeling bummed out, but in a weird relaxed state of mind. Don't really know what to do with myself now.

I want to remind myself that I'd usually spend a day like this in bed or on the couch watching gaming streams the entire day or playing video games, which I did not do. Proud of that to say the least.

I'm just upset with myself or just don't understand myself because of what I said earlier. I spent the whole day doing the smaller tasks that needed to get done, but didn't necesarily have to do today. I could've cleaned the house and garden and did the little tasks another day and spent a lot of time reading and exercising today, but I didn't. I used to be better than this.

Week 1 of the detox is coming to a close and I feel like I spent the week pretty productively. I just wanna get into the routine of working out, reading, and eating a bit healthier again. Hopefully I can really pick that up week 2. This post was all over the place haha. Whatever, I'll do better and feel better tomorrow. Can't pick myself up emotionally today.

Looking forward to day 7!

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Day 7 - 10/6/2019

Day 7 complete.

Had a rough day due to tons of cravings, but I didn't play or watch gaming content and I know I did the right thing. A bunch of friends of mine I know got together to play some video games, which I could've (and wanted) to go to, but I decided against it. Man I really, really wanted to go. However I had a pretty productive day as a result.

Started the day off meditating again, went grocery shopping, hit up another homie to skate, went home and watched some tv, did some studying and made a mini breakthrough, and even learned a short song on the piano to top it all off. In hind-sight, that's really a 10/10 day. Took care of my responsibilities, got some exercise and studying in, ate healthy, socialized a bit, and successfully fought the worst cravings I've had all week. I'm definitely happy with the decisions I made.

If I went and played games, I know what would've happened. I would've been happy seeing my friends for a little bit, I would told myself and my friends I'm leaving after an hour or two, that would turn into four hours then in to the rest of my day. I wouldn't have gotten any sun on this beautiful day, I wouldn't have hung out with a friend I haven't seen in a while, I wouldn't have studied or learned a new piece on the piano, I would've been short on groceries and pushed that off till tomorrow or even further, which means I would've wasted a lot more money picking up food on the way to work or between work and classes. Wow I actually feel really good about my day. I actually started writing in my journal because my craving were just real bad 5 minutes ago and wanted to vent, but reflecting on my day I'm very proud.

This is why I need to stay away from gaming. The cravings are still there, but good things are happening. I've been on top of my shit for a week now. I'm breaking bad habits and making a few new good ones. Hopefully I can make studying and exercising a habit this week.

I need to start building good habits, not just breaking bad ones.

That's the end of week 1. Looking forward to day 8 and the entirety of week 2!


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Day 8 - 10/6

Day 8 complete.

Started the day off pretty strong, but is ending pretty weak. Work in the morning, then classes after. Got through those things feeling particularly focused. My last class ended and I planned to get some work done at school, but saw how nice it was outside and decided to do schoolwork tomorrow and go hit the skatepark instead. Well, I said I'd stop by home before going to the park and ended up laying down for a moment annnnnnnd now I'm still here.

Mannn I did it again. Could've started and ended the day strong, but I went home and got nothing done again. I discovered during my first detox two very important things

  1. I am the least productive when I'm at home
  2. I'm bad at getting started with studying, reading, and exercising, but once started I can maintain tremendous momentum

I said I'd take what I'd learned to heart, but I haven't applied it yet. I know for a fact that those two things are KEY to my next level of self improvement. I'm not sure yet, but my theory is if I really got #1 down, #2 would follow naturally. I'd really have to hone down on #1 to figure out if this is true though. I do have a sense that prioritizing #1 will get me places though.

Maybe I should start building full day schedules that maximizes my time away from home. I'm just 100% positive this is the best and fastest way for me to improve myself.

Well, this day might be coming to a close pretty soon, but I'm gonna do that before I sleep. I'm going to really prepare tomorrow so I don't need to make any stops at home once leaving. I leave early in the morning for class tomorrow anyways, so I should just figure out a way to study and exercise before I get home... The thing is I just hit that point once I'm out of my last class or off work where I'm really just like, "I just wanna go home." The challenge will to be congnizant of that so when that time of day comes, I can fight that feeling. I don't even need to go home in that instance. I'm just a little tired and am used to the routine. I'm sure staying true to this would improve my life overnight. Knowledge is one thing but action is key.

Looking forward today 9!


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Goal for day 9.

Come home AFTER I am done with all my responsibilities (work, school work, exercise, socializing). Take a break else where if necessary.

That's the only thing I need to focus on for the day. Lets see how it goes.

Will start this tomorrow and keep it up throughout the week. Will write about my experience.

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Day 9 - 10/8/2019

Day 9 complete.

Good day. Stayed away from home till pretty late. Could've pushed it a little further and gotten a quick workout at the gym before going home, but I spent extra time at my school library getting a lot of school work done. I think this is the right approach to improvement. Gonna try to keep this up.

Some bad cravings at one point, but it's getting easier to deal with. Tomrrow's the day 10 milestone ?

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Day 9, 10, 11, 12 - 10/12/2019

(Total days w/o gaming: 10; No gaming: 10 days; streak 0 days)

Day 9 and 10 were fantastic. My plan to stay away from home throughout the day was an incredible success! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week I did just that and I accomplished so much. On top of that, I got a locker at my university and decided it'd be best to leave my laptop at school, since I'd get everything I needed to get done out of the way. That was another great move for myself.

  • I started and got finished my schoolwork done much quicker than I usually do. I would just stay behind at school towards the end of the day and get what was assigned to me that day done, or atleast started for my larger projects.
  • I was a lot more social. Talked with some new people just because I was in the vicinity of students for longer. I didn't just go home and lock myself in my house like I'd typically do.
  • I was more focused and got more work done earlier, so I had time to skateboard on weekdays. I always thought there was never enough time to do extra activities on weekdays, but a little bit of improved time management is allowing to do a lot more with my time
  • I just feel better because I'm experiencing less screen time ? This is something I need to investigate further, but it might actually be the reason I've felt so great Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday more than the other three things above

I'm very happy with the way I spend my time those days and some of Friday. I'm still feeling great and am fired up to continue with my mission.

Friday afternoon and all of today were a bit of a different story. I left work two hours early on Friday because I started to feel sick. I thought it would just be a slight cold, but not much was going on that afternoon so my boss let me go early. Drove home and felt pretty bad, so I took a nap. Woke up, and felt horrendous and immediately drove to my local clinic. It was packed with people, but I really wasn't feeling good, so I decided it was worth the wait. Put my name in the cue and waited for 3.5 hours and was never seen. I asked every hour what my position in the cue was and was told I should be up soon, but they couldn't give me an exact amount of time. Asked 4 times and was told the same thing, so I just called it quits and went home.

I was sick, extremely frustrated because of the wait and unfortunately went home and wanted to take off the edge, so I watched a bunch of gaming videos. Relapsed with content, not with actual gaming fortunately. I've been sick all day and am feeling a little better now, but watch a lot of gaming videos today to kill time. I feel a lot better now, but watching content is making my head hurt, though my body feels better.

The one plus to this is I feel like I'm still in control to make a full comeback and continue with my detox. The last few times I did the detox and relapsed just once, I felt like I was battling my demons and lost and was devastated. I didn't wan't to continue with the detox and just wanted to get lost in gaming. Right now, I don't feel that way. I had an extremely productive week, especially the last few days before I caught my cold and I refuse to lose my grip on that. I know I can make a quick comeback and get mack on the rails, especially once this cold passes.

I know this means I should reset my counter, but honestly I don't want to. I know it's against the, "rules" of the detox, but I've reset my counter the last couple of detoxes from a relapse and it made me not want to come back. I've realized from those last few attempts at my detoxes that relapses will happen and I shouldn't let that tear me apart. Although I will try my best every time, I know I will relapse again later on in this detox, but I know now it's more important to get back on my feet than to continue the streak of his detox.

I'd rather use this journal to record the journey of my detox than use it purely as a trophy to my personal achievements. Minor step back yesterday and today, but I'm feeling good as ever.

This experience also taught me that depression doesn't necessarily cause me to relapse. I think heavy stress is more likely to cause it, so I need to stay alert to that. I've been convinced forever that my depression problems cause me to game heavily, but that hasn't been the case as of late. I've had my ups and downs in the last 12 days, but it's not caused me to detox or feel to bad of cravings. The stress was like an instant trigger to watch gaming content though. My mind and body know from a lifetime of gaming that its the quickest form of instant gratification for me. I think that's why high levels of stress triggers high levels of cravings for me, and yeah that 3.5 hour doctors wait while having a bad cold put me under a lot of stress. Fucking hate going to the doctor.

Oh yeah, and I had my first official therapist meeting the other day. I went last week and wrote about it, but it was really just an introductory session. This last week I had a real session with one, and its exactly what I need. It's probably why I'm having an easier time managing my depression problems. The therapist didn't really recommend much for me during the session, but I just had so much on my chest I needed to unload. Just the act of talking to a professional made my mentality a lot more stable throughout the week.

I'm ready for day 13 ?

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Just wanted to say one more thing.

I think I'm making real breakthroughs with self improvement. Here's what I think is what I think is ground breaking for me.

  • Meditation. I can't stress this enough. Days 1-10 I meditated tons for the sole purpose of fighting my cravings, but it's done so much more that I didn't anticipate. It has...
    • Helped me get better sleep
    • stay focused
    • reduced stress levels significantly
    • helps me be more compassionate towards myself
    • Generally gives me time to let my mind rest. This might be the most important as someone who's mind feels like its racing constantly from a lifetime of gaming.
  • Consistent sleep
    • I've been sleeping 7-8 hours a day consistently AND have been sleeping at the same time at night and waking up at the same time each day.
    • Been going to bed between 10-11pm and waking up between 6-7am. I think this might be even more important than the actual hours of sleep I get
    • I haven't been exercising and have only been eating slightly healthier, but I've been feeling 10x more focused and full of energy than usual. I really think consistent amounts of sleep and consistent sleep schedules has been the leading factor to this.
  • Spending less time at home
    • Only really did this for three days of my detox so far, but they've been the most productive by far. They've also been the days where I feel healthiest physically and mentally
    • I think this is the KEY to the future of my development
  • Leaving my laptop in my university locker overnight
    • I've also only done this for three of my days, but this has I think helped me feel tons better mentally.
    • Less screen time, better health
  • Picking up (old) hobbies
    • Started skateboarding again and playing a little bit of music
    • Been getting some exercise from skateboarding. Have also been more social since I see people and sometimes friends at the skatepark
    • Learned a new song on the piano in the last week. Have been playing it more when I'm home to keep me busy, and of course because I actually want to get better at the piano.

This is what I've been doing differently and why I think I'm feeling so much better this time around than my initial 42 or 43 day detox. I stayed away from gaming during those days, but still had a ton of screen time since I didn't limit my use to youtube, which I just basically spent all the time I would gaming watching youtube instead.

Like I said, minor set back in the last two days, but I'm still feeling tons better than I have since I can last remember! Feeling confident and hopeful!

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Annnnd I'm back at it.

Slipped up today until 2:30. Was watching gaming content most of the morning, but I pulled myself together and now I'm back at it. Blocked youtube, twitch, and twitter to keep myself in check. Opened my check-list app that I've neglected for the last two days and ran through the checklist that's been helping me stay on-top of my regime.

Cleaned my room that was slowly becoming a mess, did all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, did my laundry, swept the floors and cleans the counters, got the mail, paid my credit-card balance, etc. I feel like I've cleared my mind and can slip right back into the rhythm I had going last week now.

Gonna get a few more things done before the end of the day.

  • Go skateboard
  • Stop by the drug store for some things I need
  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Clean the garden if I've got time
  • Get some reading assignments due down the line started
  • Meditate
  • Call an old friend if I've got time
  • Check my e-mail

Gonna get at that list and write an entry at the end of today. Feeling great ?

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Your journal is very goal-focused.  I really enjoyed reading it.   I gathered significant tips that I can also use on my journey.  One thing I noticed was that you have real life friends who game.  I can only imagine how difficult that is for you.  There is definitely a peer pressure 'pull', for lack of a better word.  It's pretty amazing that you've turned away from that, risking your friendships too.  However, I think in the end, you will be the one reaping the benefits for all your hard work.

Also, I want to point out that it's not really about the quantity of tasks that we do throughout the day.  It's how much we value each task, and more about the quality.  In other words, does it give us a sense of satisfaction?  As this is the feeling we acquire from gaming, a sense of satisfaction of mastering a skill, etc. 

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Day 13 - 10/13/2019

(Total days w/o gaming: 10;  streak 0 days)

I really turned this day around! Unfortunately I started the day watching gaming content from 9am - 2pm so I can't to my, "total days w/o gaming." But the moment I recollected at 2pm, I was able to focus and be productive.

Made a quick recovery from my cold and am feeling 100% already. I was in bed all day Friday afternoon and Saturday and was just so bored that the cravings took over so I watching gaming videos basically the whole afternoon and all of Saturday. This morning I felt better, but the habit just carried on. I know I technically relapsed, but I'm actually more impressed with myself that I relapsed and was able to make such a quick comeback. The last four detoxes I tried, the moment I gave in and started gaming or watching gaming content, my will kindof just shattered and It really took 1-2 months to get back on my feet and commit to a real detox.

It's more important to me that I can get back on my feet quicker since I know I will relapse at times. I say I'm doing a detox, but I'm really planning on quitting for the long run so my goal when relapsing is really to bounce back as quick as possible. Ideally I wouldn't relapse at all, but that's a goal for the long run.

Anyways, at 2pm I got off my couch, turned on my, "SelfControl" app and blocked youtube, twitch, and twitter which are the sites I waste all my time on. Opened my phone checklist app and started cranking away at my dailies and weeklies since it is the weekend. Cleaned the whole house (didn't get to the yard but meh), did my laundry, did a bunch of smaller tasks, then I went skateboarding, got some exercise in there and saw some friends that happened to be there, went home and cooked a decently healthy meal, took the dishes out of the washer and cleaned the rest of the dirty dishes, called a friend, called my parents to chat, and now I'm here writing my journal. I felt pretty shitty Friday, Saturday, and this morning since I relapsed, but I've really been able to make a full recovery doing things and with my mood. Feeling awesome right now ?

I'm glad I picked myself up since at the skatepark today I landed two tricks I've been trying to get forever now (literally years). So fuckin happy I got those today. Can't wait to go back and solidify them and really add them into my bag of tricks.

Gonna meditate and hit the hay. Got an early morning tomorrow and I needa stay on-top of this rhythm I'm feeling.

Looking forward to day 14 and another great week.

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Day 14, 15, 16 - 10/16/2019

(Total days w/o gaming: 13;  streak 3 days)

Day 16 complete.

Last three days went by pretty quick. Just had to grind out a ton of school work after getting off work each day. I've got plans I'm real excited for the next 5 days, so I probably wont be posting much or at all.

Not much to say. I'm feeling real good. Eating slightly healthier, still haven't gone back to the gym though.

I feel like I'm really close to making a big breakthrough. I'm balancing my life a lot better through time management, sleeping more at consistent times, decreasing screen time, socializing more, starting to skateboard and WANT to skateboard again.

That alone is really important to me. I haven't had a hobby that I've actively wanted to do in a long time. Picking up skateboarding was definitely a necessity for me and I can't turn back on it again. Because I have something I'm feeling some passion about want to go out of my way to do, I'm almost automatically managing my time better so I can find room in my day to skateboard.

The next big goals are to start reading for pleasure more, start exercising again frequently (thankfully skateboarding handles this a bit, but I need to do more), and diet a bit better. I need to get around to this.

Anyways I'm feeling pretty good, but I can do better.

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