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What Hobbies Have You Picked Up Since Quitting?

Gentleman Rat

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I'm trying to write my first novel as well. I have been more interested in a cartoon I've been producing, but have had issues finding time and motivation for them.

Some hobbies I've picked up since quitting games is going to board game groups, rock climbing, and spending time with friends and doing various activities like hiking, etc.

I tried boxing and did not like it. I also tried yoga and got annoyed with the fake culture associated with the real culture. I sometimes feel yogis try too hard to relax and be a "yogi" and lose sight of what their practice is actually about. 

The hobbies I'm trying now are screenplay writing, novel writing, animation, podcasting, and website development. Gaming got in the way of my time devotion and porn has gotten in the way of motivation and emotional attachment. I'm 48 weeks free of gaming and 1 day free of porn lol. It's a start.

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I restarted playing bass, restarted reading, drawing, I made a list of all the things I liked to do and went with those that gave me the strongest feelings. 

I can say it made a difference and I don't regret quitting gaming, I am much happier now that I got control back over my time and my life! 

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Hello all,

Great question.  Well, I was an avid crafter for many years prior to my gaming 'career'.  I've since returned to sewing and knitting.  These crafts are goal-centred, and require much attention to detail and precision.  I find that crafts offer me a greater reward compared to achieving goals in a game setting, because you have something to show and a tangible object to admire.  When I look back on all the hours I gamed, I said to myself, "Heck, I could have sewed or knitted this or that in the same amount of time!".  It's very sad, actually.

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