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NEW VIDEO: Video Game Addiction Intervention *Parody*

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BePresent's Journal

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Day 1:

There is a certain feeling of emptiness and peace within me. I am not sure what to do yet so I have spent lot of time watching netflix and staying at home, being kinda lazy too. I really want to go somewhere and to meet people, but I am really shy. I want to engage myself with something constantly, so that's why I have spent lot of time with anime and anything to take my mind off from gaming. There are times when I just wanted to lay down or to sleep.

I am maybe just confused of this new situation and not sure what to do.

Still enjoying and liking a lot that I am not playing games, this is great, one step at a time!

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Day 2:

The step of deleting my Steam account is actually horrifying me a bit I must admit. I am not sure can I do it. There is one friend who I have no way of contacting beyond Steam currently so I am going to ask him to give some other social account I think. But I don't know. Would it be alright to give my Steam account to someone rather?

I haven't realized how much I care about my Steam account, quite a realization, really causing lot of feeling and emotions. This might not be possible. I will think about it.

I don't like the idea of how others in my friend list react if I remove them or my steam account. I don't even know what to say if they ask from me. I somehow don't want to say that I have quitted gaming. There seems to be a real problem.

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