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It has been 2 days since my last post and I am trying to feel a little bit better; but however, it turns out that I cannot eat meat and other hard foods as of yesterday at the ER. I was okay eating flaky fish, but I don't feel comfortable eating things like old-fashioned circus cookies, freeze dried apples, and pretzels. I am not really up to popcorn. I thought I was going to just eat purees and drink smoothies. Water counts as the vocal cords need it the most. The Internet tells you to stay away from alcohol, nicotine, miscellaneous smoke,¬†and caffeine, yet my heart is at rest and I am capable of drinking a cup of coffee. My neck hurts left and right, knowing I was in a bit of pain and I should've considered either a humidifier or IcyHot compressors. I kinda hate to reduce the quality of life to zero because do you know the reason why my old friend passes on shortly after my sugar detox ended? She had a brain tumor and considers going for radiation therapy, and so she did. However, it accidently killed off the pituary glands and retina. The hormone receptors can't respond properly. It was really unexpected while I was still fasting from sugar. Kinda reminds me of "the child" being taken away into heaven at the very end of the mess... that was about more than a month ago. I feel sorry for her. ūüėĘūüė≠

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It has been a while since I last posted this, and I am kinda sorry that the coronavirus just spread throughout my entire county in the past week or so. I feel kinda sorry for the poor people who are vulnerable to this kind of a latest illness in the world. That affected my constant going-out as I was being told to stay home by the fake news media, even though I wasn't sick (well almost due to the sliver of a cucumber on top of Adam's apple). There was nothing to worry about but just myself and health whatsoever... I wasn't mentally stable, but physically I was well. Am I really demon-possessed? Am I nothing but a sociopath? And am I a psychopath? I slowly moved on to other things, but the news and information are still in the way of my daily life. That took a little toll on me as I saw cases and cases of the coronavirus go up. My county had like less than 100 if I underestimate it right, but a few people perished from the infection (some are residents of a nursing home). I know, I know... #covid19 #stopgermsstayhealthy

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I try to not say "it only kills people over _____" because obviously they're still human beings too so that's still bad, but most of us don't have anything to worry about. If anything I'd want to get it early just to get it out of the way. Lol.

I don't know if you were seriously asking if you're a sociopath or psychopath, or if you were just being sarcastic... but you're obviously not. Not only did you open your paragraph by saying you felt sympathy for poor people who were susceptible to the disease, you also wouldn't be asking that question if you were a sociopath. You likely wouldn't even be on this forum at all because you'd think you were perfect and there's no reason to change. Likely, you're like most of us and just detached socially from the world due to gaming. I've asked myself the same question when I was younger. But yeah, if you ask, you're not. ūüôā

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(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 11 Days marked and... counting!

100 Days of Thanks - <60% complete

Duolingo - just trying to slow down due to the notebook catching up time...

Armageddon - 202 pages in...

CBS!Isaiah - pretty much on hold and the school district was closed for up to 10 business days due to the coronavirus; I am not sure whether the fellowship classes are going to get optionally cancelled over time or not because I have never experienced such withdrawal from the public outings in my life before - everyone's scared of the virus right now...

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(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 13 Days marked and... counting!

100 Days of Thanks - 61% complete

Duolingo - I am still trying to slow down due to the notebook catching up time...

Armageddon - now on chapter 15 post-interlude...

CBS!Isaiah - this week's class was cancelled due to COVID-19

Today's Quick Reads: Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure (most distracting educational book I've ever read by far besides the sex ed I wanna read at some point in the future) and the 2019 bilingual Disney Farm Animal board book (recommended for kids aged 2-5)

This Past Weekend's Quick Reads Included Woodpecker Wham, Eat Like a Bear, and Vulture View (all by the same author and illustrator who were brought to you by Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep - again recommended for grades K-3)

Edited by Natalie
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(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 15 Days marked and... counting!

100 Days of Thanks - 63% complete

Duolingo - working on Spanish...

Armageddon - now on chapter 16...

CBS!Isaiah - today's class was cancelled due to COVID-19

Today's Quick Reads: The Life of Stephen Hawking by Jane Kent (what is it like: a very condensed version of The Theory of Everything for kids and adding "before & after" left and right)

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This Past Weekend's Quick Reads Included A. Tompert's children's biography book St. Patrick (from the late 90s - in case you don't know already, the Irish stuff were huge back in the day even the Celtic dancing and the music) and Owl Diaries #12: Eva's Camping Adventure (it tried to act like a comic book, but it really is an early chapter book for kids grades K-3). Moving on...

I completed Armageddon and continued reading Face-to-Face Volume 2 with some of chapter 3. Did you know that truth goes back in roots to the old archaic word troth as in betrothal or, marriage?

100 Days of Thanks - almost 10 weeks completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - less than 3 weeks to go

CBS!Isaiah - tomorrow's class was cancelled due to COVID-19 (not yet scheduled to reopen until maybe April 24th - class will potentially resume by April 29th)

Duolingo - keeping up with both Spanish and Norwegian were tough but fun at the same time

I don't know about slowly focusing on the money part of life, but what is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life is covetousness because I get so wound up with materialism, I hoard things especially books and other things I want to use it up. I promise to self I will live a more content life. Living in contentment will help save me some money. The next time you get a paycheck, donate the first ten percent to the charity of your choice.

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There are less than 60 deaths from COVID19 in my county right now, more than half of the deaths are linked to the nursing home. It was because of the sick staff members' fault! Also, there are over 500 COVID19 cases in my county. Man, my state recently lost its first place with the most coronavirus cases to New York (home of Planned BARRENHOOD).

Here's the good news: I finished chapter 3 and did chapter 4 of Face-to-Face Volume 2. Then I did the rest of Money Matters (because I needed it for reducing impulse buys) before we made-up days 4 and 5 of lesson 22 from the workbook called Isaiah Volume 2.

100 Days of Thanks - 70% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - < 20 days left to go

Duolingo - same as yesterday

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There are exactly 60 deaths in my county, but less than 700 total cases to COVID19 - same county as I said before... I have never been taught by a pathologist, but good grief! I came from a contemporary religious background where it is about relationships, not religion. I was educated in a government fool system and the last four years were spent at the local community college before commencement. The reason why I came to the community college is because 1. I don't have all the money and scholarship to attend a 4-year college, 2. I never attended the AP classes, nor read the entire KJV of the Bible (just brief snippets of it here and there throughout life and that's about it), and 3. I know for sure that I do not live in a dormitory, so I can be close to family until I get married! (I sleep in my own basement since age ten and I still do ever since then despite the former middle school gap of having to sleep with my sisters in one bunkbed.) Enough ranting to self, let's see how the progress went, shall I?

I did chapters 5-6 and did some of chapter 7 of Face-to-Face Volume 2. Then I made-up some of the workbook here and there after wrapping up lesson 22 with jotting down memory verses and answering a few previously tough questions. I know that now the time of social distancing and isolation is just the beginning, it was perfect extra timing for me to still catch up while the gap year is at its peak. Yesterday, my sister came home from college for some unexpected reason because of the outbreak.

100 Days of Thanks - 71% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 18 days left to go

Duolingo - I promise I will fill in the blanks of each journal per language (that's 2) and I will get it done by tomorrow before (binge-)learning newer things. And "My Big Book of Spanish Words" has to be studied well. Nice bonus, Mom!

Edited by Natalie
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I can't believe it that I am about over halfway there throughout Face-to-Face Volume 2. Chapter 7 is finished! Not only that, but I had reached the milestone of having completed 50% of the Face-to-Face trilogy. If I completed the other half, then I would get the ring from Mother Earth as a present. I ordered it more than about nine months ago, realizing it was past World Ocean Day (must be around June 9th I think). The bath bomb that is about to burst the soonest was lavendar from Fragrant Jewels because I have two Left Behind volumes left to go.

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So far, as of this late morning, there are 210 coronavirus deaths nationwide. More than a third came from my state with 74 total closed cases ending up with the exact opposite of recoveries/discharges. I did chapter 8 of Face-to-Face Volume 2 last night and focused on a bit of chapter 9 today. The last section I read in print is a fun part: "espresso education". The one I was about to read was "Moving On to the Janitor" or something like that. Do janitors count as a minimum wage job?

100 Days of Thanks - 72% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 17 days left to go

Duolingo - did some Spanish today but not Norwegian until later on in the day I hope

What gets interesting is I am looking forward to getting a bar of dark chocolate from Miami (Do you know a chocolate-making place where we could help out countries struggling with fair trade and get their economies boosted upward? I don't know the brand. Can someone please help? Look for the 13-minute video of how chocolate is made on YouTube. See if you can find the exact one I just saw last night.), and that I could get my remaining old friend groceries with Mom later tonight.

Note: Wuhan and Hubei are "clean" of the virus.

Edited by Natalie
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I have 43-ish pages in Face-to-Face Volume 2 left to finally move on to MY OWN library material (not due until April 30th). This includes the following in order for the upcoming month or so: Fierce Fairytales, Wherewithal, and The Songs of Willow Frost. If time spares, I will do Across the Nightningale Floor, finish Neverwhere (starting with chapter 2), and hopefully restart Arms From the Sea before May or until the coronavirus eradicates completely.

100 Days of Thanks - 73% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 15 days left to go (due date is the day after Palm Sunday or something)

Duolingo - did some easy Spanish today until the second travel skill set and it gets harder per further skill set (Ugh, all of the falsely so-called "bilingual" confusion has to go! I speak ENGLISH!)

Project Exodus - just caught up by four chapters from chapter 22 to chapter 25 and all balanced with the Sugar Detox in just 1 day (That's 5/8 complete! I need a chapter a day to hopefully speed things up in the times of crisis like this from today onward until the end of Lent. The separation can wait until mid-spring or later.)

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100 Days of Thanks - 75% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 13 days left to go (due date is officially the day after Palm Sunday)

Duolingo - learned more Spanish, but picked up several new skill sets; didn't do any Norwegian unfortunately

Project Exodus - 27/40 complete

2 chapters in Face-to-Face Volume 2 to go!

I didn't do the CBS workbook today. That's diaappointing!

Over the weekend, we cleaned up the office and rearranged the garage. Keep in mind my garage door doesn't have the Green Bay Packers logo on it because it was just a bright yellow house with the dark green trim.¬†Instead, it was all colored white. The reason why we did all of this: either one or both of my parents would sometimes have to work from home since they were at risk for COVID19. 1. They do have underlying health conditions: my dad has type 2 diabetes and my mom has asthma. 2. They are over 60 (with Mom's 60th birthday coming up shortly), but not close to senior status (Dad will be 65 soon). I wish I wanna work from home full-time from 9 to 5, so I can do something more creative while I wasn't actually employed (because... big government - yippee!). In order to work from home by myself, I have to fix up my personal social media accounts and pages first - especially Patreon - BEFORE I can do the actual work I could possibly do because generating just one thing takes time, energy, and effort. Facebook is urgent, but not important because everyone's doing it... I dunno about the rest. That is all I have to say. It's almost 1am. I need sleep. G'night, y'all! ūüėīūüė™ūüėīūüė™ūüėīūüė™

Edited by Natalie
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100 Days of Thanks - 76% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 12 days left to go

Duolingo - learned more Spanish, yet accomplished section 1 since the first checkpoint already opened up the doors earlier this calendar year for section 2 (which I am still trying to learn and understand)

Project Exodus - 70% complete

1 chapter in Face-to-Face Volume 2 to go! (I should've finished it by now. I will get the book done hopefully by tomorrow.)

CBS!Isaiah - lesson 23, days 4 and 5 are done

I call it quits! Slumber time! ūüėīūüė™ūüėīūüė™ūüėīūüė™ūüėīūüė™

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100 Days of Thanks - 78% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 10 days left to go

Duolingo - caught up with Norwegian for a bit

Project Exodus - 75% complete

CBS!Isaiah - didn't do week 24 yet, but I only have the entire time at home left to come back to the beginning as promised (all of the catching-up time would take place post-detox or so... I'll just never know when I feel like it or not)

I finally got the library materials started with Fierce Fairytales from the beginning and stopped at the Red Riding Hood story from Nikita Gill's take where she and the wolves were deemed to be good and the woodcutters are bad... sounds like both Hollywood and the green agenda combined, but this makes me wanna hate Finding Nemo all the more (I've seen this stupid flick too many times before since 2003 (around the same goddamn time we moved up the hill at age seven), I know what's going on throughout the movie (clownfish gets lost to the open sea, gets kidnapped by human scuba divers, its dad befriends a stranger who has short-term memory loss, and the two go off on a long sea adventure to find the son... blah blah blah... they reached Sydney... blah blah blah the son escapes from the human girl psycho... blah blah blah a school of big fish got caught up in the net and what else? They came down down down down saying "keep swimming" over and over and over again and again and again until the net breaks, thus setting themselves free. I know how the story ends... father and son reunite and they all lived happily ever after except for the humans above water. That's a BIG FUCKING SPECIESIST TO THE MOON (where the fish are good and the people bad)! I know how to write better relationships between humans and animals than this, and I don't care which alignment they belong to, okay? My story is THE BEST, and I call it ART!!!), and I want a really long break from it (getting there, but I am so glad I don't have a Disney+ account, so that saves me like less than $10 per month to go to my debit card for what I would be held responsible for the house if I have more than enough Mom says but the Christmas gift money (I'll get them once when I help the church administration more after the spread is settled down)). Haha, nuts to the pro-earth lobby and big government! To sum up the last entry I've just read, I am gonna quote from Nikita Gill: "So when you tell the story of Red Riding Hood, remember this too: Her mother told her she could grow up to be anything she wanted to be, so she grew up to become the strongest of the strong, the strangest of the strange, the wildest of the wild, the wolf leading the wolves." (Fierce Fairytales, 29) That same motivation would tell girls about the empowerment through careers. It came from the Barbie ad that "you can be anything" by my observation. However, I have a disability and I was being told the past two years to go to work (it originally applies to men), but I just can't do it due to the social security income. A day earlier, my right to work loosened up when I have an opportunity to properly start a business from home, but for right now, everything's on hold. I got my spiritual growth taken care of. Check! Now, I am focusing on staying fit (because of the 40-day sugar fast almost twice), looking nice (everyone in my household wanted me to for society, but I just hate to sell myself for a bit of vanity... girls my age put pounds of too much makeup to look attractive and it's insane), learning new skills (working on it... especially becoming MORE educated in a dumb and dumber society with the end-goal to be a homeschool teacher), and improving relationships (now that one friend died six and a half weeks ago at age 58.5, I have a remaining friend (who was now 56 years old and doesn't drive much because of her disability too)).

I am done for the day. Kudos! Zzz...

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Hey! Just to let you know I am nearly 3 months away from gaming again. Yesterday, I have seen my sisters play the Nintendo Switch on the big TV for four and a half hours from 6 to 10:30 in the evening. Now the time has come to finally take a break from the forums due to COVID19, etcetera, etcetera. Again, I'd like to say thank you for reading my journal. See you later! Bye! I am now gonna go play in moderation starting right NOW!

Edited by Natalie
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Hello! I am back! So... I'll share with you how things are doing right now:

Quick Reads Within the Past Week Include Emberley's Big Book of Spanish Words (because it's a study requirement for Spanish!Duolingo made by Mom) and Eric Carle's Mr. Seahorse (again, it's another "mommy"-book and as a household, we're not really used to elementary school-age appropriate stuff from the local library and we are also not used to our own copies of the "easy-to-read "modern" Bible versions" like I did individually (I was supposed to be an English major from a 4-year university, but Mom said the NASB is the most accurate translation. Lies! The KJV is inspired with preservation. It is inerrant and had some sort of a "regal" British influence from MY point of view despite the fact that it was translated by the top 54 scholars and it took them a few years to get the work published.).

100 Days of Thanks - 83% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 1 week left to go

Duolingo - reviewed Spanish and Norwegian, nothing newer underneath the sun folks...

Project Exodus - 7/8 complete (35 down, 5 more to go)

CBS!Isaiah - did lesson 24 days 1 and 2 "off-screen"; will do days 3-5 tomorrow for next ZOOM meeting

Fierce Fairytales - I went from the Cinderella arc to a poem saying that not all princesses are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice in like what... a few days... I want to get the book done by tomorrow.

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100 Days of Thanks - still 83% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - still 1 week left to go

Duolingo - reviewed Norwegian, did more composition notebook work (expecting to study and review more before the next checkpoint this week)

Project Exodus - still 7/8 complete (35 down, 5 more to go) - same as I said before

CBS!Isaiah - did lesson 24 days 3-5

Fierce Fairytales - Today, I read from "Hunger" all the way to the end. Man, this book by Nikita Gill was like 10 pages longer than Wild Embers. Movin' on...

April-June 2020 Reads

The Wherewithal by Philip Schultz

Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford

Across the Nightningale Floor (first Tale of the Otori)

The Few Great Illustrated Classics I Have Yet To Slay (will get into detail later)

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (ch. 2+)

5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell (section 4+)

Arms From the Sea (restarting between April 30 and July 15)

The Dragons in Our Midst Saga ('cause we'll put more Left Behind on hold for now due to COVID19)

The Dysfunction of a Team

Metaphors We Live By

The Beach Tree

the first two books of Heroes of Olympus (please do not confuse yourself with Percy Jackson I read from 8 years ago)

Forest of Shadows (it's a Frozen midquel with the wolfos)

Princess Academy (did not read it for like 13 years since I was interested to get a copy, bought it, and haven't read it quite yet but still...)

Broken For You

I guess that was about it. The list will be subject to change when time passes by.

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  • 2 weeks later...

100 Days of Thanks - 94% completed

(Added) Sugar Detox 2.0 - 100% completed

Duolingo - passed checkpoint 2 and started unit 3 of Norwegian; reviewed Spanish (with very little to learn new terms like "pero" for "but)

Project Exodus - 100% completed

CBS!Isaiah - haven't done it since April 1

Wherewithal - slow start; did first 2 chapters

Neverwhere - did chapter 2

Coming Soon: Sequel Project Leviticus (1 chapter per day starting on Easter Sunday (that's tomorrow)) and OT/NT reading calendar from datemarks August 7 to 31 (this should last 13 weeks to be honest)

Bonus Extra Credit: I worked hard on most of the section for the chapter where it talks about the rags-to-riches mother and her only daughter the once and future queen of "more than a thousand years".

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100 Days of Thanks - DNF (which is a close one to finishing it for the second time due to the quarantine period after Easter and spending time with family - it has been a month since being forced to stay home and trying to catch up as best as I certainly can...)

Duolingo - did more Spanish, but it is near completion of learning new words in unit 2

CBS!Isaiah - did lesson 25 as of last Wednesday

Wherewithal - made it to more than 2/3 complete if I remember it correctly (Did you know the poet compares the experience of Nazi!Germany as a kid to the experience of the countercult US as an adult and other things he reflected like his identity for example? It's like love vs. hate. I first heard of the book in poetry intro class and I added it to my "For Later" shelf up until recently when I finally checked out the book. It's like a poetry-novel hybrid where the stanzas are like sentences, sections like paragraphs, and the parts chapters. Between the parts, you could see black and white sketches of structures and people. It has a bit of the "diverse" philosophy in it. If that is your thing, go for it!)

Sequel Project Leviticus (5/27 complete)

OT/NT reading calendar from datemarks August 7 to 31 (got 2 datemarks done for the week; the new start datemark is August 9 until this upcoming Wednesday)

What to Read Next? Songs of Willow Frost, Neverwhere (ch. 3+), 5 Levels of Leadership (section 4+), Arms From the Sea (restarting on next Friday April 24th hopefully)

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Duolingo - finally moved on to the Diamond League after weeks of trying to get to the top within the same ol' Obsidian League because of quarantine shenenigans...

CBS!Isaiah - working hard on it as promised...

Wherewithal - all finished

Sequel Project Leviticus - 7/27 complete

OT/NT reading calendar from datemarks August 9 to 31 - will do soon this week

I started Songs of Willow Frost today because it's perfect timing for Mothers' Day. Not only that, but spring already had its peak by now.

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Duolingo - did Spanish and a bit of Norwegian

CBS!Isaiah - FINALLY DONE WITH LESSON 18 AND CATCHING UP... UGH! MY FEARS OF COVID19 JUST TOOK OVER NOW!!! I HAD BEEN TO THE HOSPITAL LAST WEDNESDAY AND SOMEONE IN FRONT OF ME IN LINE TO THE X-RAY HALLWAY¬†DOESN'T HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS, WHICH MADE ME WANT TO TAKE OFF THE MASK. FOR NOW, IT'S DANGEROUS IN THE ER AND THERE WAS LESS RISK INVOLVED IN OTHER AREAS OF THE HOSPITAL, BUT THE GIFT SHOP IS CLOSED AND SO DOES¬†THE¬†CAF√Č! I DON'T WANT TO GET SICK AGAIN! ARGH!!! I HATE HAVING BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS!!! THAT'S NO FUN! I AM A PREDIABETIC, USED TO HAVE PCOS, CURRENTLY LOSING WEIGHT, AND LONESOME!!! I'M DOOMED! WAH! It's a good thing to not concentrate and instead focus on other easier priorities I have to get it done during the quarantine time... I just finished Project Exodus, Armageddon, Fierce Fairytales, and Wherewithal. I feel happy finding a journal titled "Make Today Lovely" at last. This is gonna be a new season of the gap year where I am such a paranoid and still trying to make it to the end, but this isn't what I wanted... I am trying to understand "the new normal". It is tough for me... you know?

Sequel Project Leviticus - I totally forgot all about it this past week. For now, I am setting reminders telling me to do the notebook work over my phone, so I don't have to be completely lazy and idle picking up bugs, fish, and fossils virtually.

Two Reading Calendars from 2014-15 - we are in the late July and early August phase (around one month into the list) and I am trying to find it AGAIN, so I can slay them all datemark by datemark!

Songs of Willow Frost - more than 45 pages read and counting...

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I am planning ahead of schedule to go to the ENT doctor first thing in the morning once when all of the "stay home" order is lifted up. I wanna join the organ transplanters and cancer patients in the elective surgeries so badly. I want to get the throat cleaned up soon to get the bass-sounding vocal cords back or else I die too early of choking. I am sorry everybody! I can't stand this journal anymore! I am done with it already! Goodbye, Nat!

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My next appointment would happen on May 15. This time, it was an endoscopy. I was just wondering if my trachea is okay as far as my throat goes. They claimed that my throat is in normal condition despite the fact that I still have particles of food stuck in a vocal cord and yet I breathe fine and sound mostly fine. When I swallow saliva and mucus, I hear the cracking and crunching on the inside of my neck. It was ear-deafening. I'd rather be deaf ahead of schedule and know ASL fluently. I can't believe it has been a year on my journal and I only produced just a few pages. It was hard typing stuff out when things are just escalated and all. I hope I need to just stay alive after mid-May for as long as the airways don't get all clogged up or something. I hope doctors don't make any life-threatening risks on me.

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