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Hello guys, desire to beat my  DOTA 2 addiction got me here and as a sick person I am gonna be sharing here my feelings and emotions I have.

Day 1 : Uninstalled Steam, thinking sometimes of how many items I have in the game and what they are worth. Do no really have an urge to play, but now this free time is eating me out. Reading books for now and thinking of all the life problems I have been putting aside and avoiding while escaping to the DOTA world. Thinking of all this makes me feel a bit overwhelmed aka "JESUS I HAVE TO DO SO MUCH STUFF TO FIX MY LIFE", but I am mentally ready. Weightlifting helps..gives some sense of the confidence that you can. To everyone who is trying to quit stuff, I really advice to start hitting the gym because I have battled smoking, alcohol, weed/meth, porn addictions and I can assure you SPORT kicks all the shit out of you with sweat.  

EDIT : I was reading a Respawn book, stumbled upon a link on how to remove your steam forever with the temporary email address. I can't emphasize what I felt within the moment I thought of doing it. My mind was trying to bring up any reason for not doing so : how much $ u have on steam, how many items u have, what's gonna happen to your immortal account, you could sell it. I just said to myself : you know what fuck this shit I gotta burn all the bridges to win this. 


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2 hours ago, zwiazek said:

Game addiction can be only to gambling games where you can waste a fortune. As for gaming, it is harmless.

Are we living in the same universe? Find Cam's story (he founded this forum, you've probably heard of him) and after reading it try to tell me that you can't get addicted to gaming in itself. Also, read OP's introduction post- it clearly suggests that gaming was taking his life over against his will.

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Hello fam, I can relate to you - spent 11 years playing dota (6 years playing wc3 and 4-5 years playing dota 2). I was very focused and addicted to the game, but found that dota was eating my emotions way too much and decided to try LoL. The result got me more calm, because, from that moment, my attention and interest halved to two games instead of being extremely addicted to only one (it's not simly 1/2=0,5, it was more efficient). Later I started playing more CS, HS on regular basis. It was eating more time, but emotionally I was more stable (until I'd have a lose streak in all the games, if it was the case then you better not see me).

Now, I wish you the best! Also, if you'd ever think about dota, and how good it would be to play some games on your favorite hero - just remember all these feeders, ruiners and toxic people who constantly ruin your games, also some double mid/carry people who take a line without rolling and decide to ruin the game because their line was taken. And, ultimately, remember the time then you decided to support your team when all core roles were taken (of course without rolling). You just want to win a game, so you start supporting (or ruining jungle if you're low). What happenes in 90% of situations like these? You lose because all cores are noobs/feeders/ruiners. You just wasted so much time and emotions. Remembers all of this, I'm sure you won't ever play this game if you have even a little willpower and respect for yourself.

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