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Being OK with lower-paying jobs if they make you feel good?


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I'm currently struggling with finding the right decision. I'm trying out new jobs and want to leave my office career behind.
Finished my education last year but I found it to be boring as hell.

Problem I see is, if I'd find that desired job, but what if it pays like much lower than I'd  get in the office?
A job coach of mine said that I'd probably get  like 5-7€ less if I'd get a job in the gastronomy.

That really hurts, but if it feels not as staggering as it felt in the office, I'm thinking that I might pay the price... Maybe.
I know that I'd probably would have barely enough money to pay the rent and get food and maybe I can get few little extras per month. Cannot expect much of course.

What if it'd just feel more comfortable in such a job? But then again I come to think, having less money sucks, knowing you could've more... 

More money makes life easier, but the job providing me with more money, makes it harder for me on the other hand. Talking about bitter irony.

I'm running in circles on this one.
From my past jobs I know, there is nothing that drives me out of a job more than boredom and repetitions. Also I found out, that I feel really bad, sitting in front of a screen doing unfullfilling work all day long. Just doing regular office stuff and counting the hours, hoping it's weekend soon.

Has anyone similiar experiences?

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Can you put a price on happiness?

I understand your frustration. I finished my university degree and promptly never entered the associated industry as the 9 to 5 office job did not appeal to me at all.

I don't think you should focus on the wage part right now, I would focus on if you're miserable in your job you should not be there. We spend far too much time working for it to be making us unhappy. If you're going to be earning so little in your new job that you would be unhappy, you might find that you've jumped out of the pan and into the fire, though.

If you're going to be doing a job you enjoy or love, you might find yourself energised at the end of the day to have a side hustle. It might give you the capacity or the compassion to start up a side project to earn some extra cash.

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That depends on your goals, right? If you want to save up money for a house, wedding, children etc., then maybe you should get the job that pays more. If you aren't planning such things but take the job then it seems your goal is to have as much money as possible when you die. Which doesn't really make sense. On the other hand if your goal is to simply live a satisfying life, then maybe you should take the job that gives you more satisfaction?

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Well, there are a few things to consider...

First things first would be your age and years of experience... Especially when you are young or a recent grad there are hardly any fields of work which are gonna pay much.

Depending on the country you are living in your paycheck will rise tied to the number of years you spent working; additionally, you're getting further boosts when getting promotions.

Regarding boredom and repetition: Almost every job has some form of repetition tied to it, otherwise it wouldn't be a steady position. Boredom is highly subjective to each individual, but I'd advice you to climb the education ladder as high as possible. More degrees/certificates may convince an employer to entrust you with more challenging tasks and it'll give you an edge when changing fields. Also: you are more likely to end up in a specialized niche position or getting into management.

When it comes to job satisfaction one should also consider working hours: night shifts, working on weekends and on official holidays is quite normal in gastronomy, whereas it is unusual at a regular 9 to 5 office job.

No matter which job you choose, try to increase your skill as much as possible and try to work on your way with people. Be patient, educate yourself and care about your physical/mental health. If you don't do these things you'll have a really hard job finding a fulfilling position which pays decent money.




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I'm 18 years old. Never went to college. Created my own company. And my target is to be payed 10.000 euro's/month next year doing something I love doing!

People will always pay you if you provide them value! 
My recommendation is to listen to people like: Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez. Those 2 changed my life and the way I thought about money.

Hope it helped!

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