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90 Days

Blazing Man

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The reboot process is different for everyone and it depends on how well the person keeps himself from things that remind him of gaming. For me personally, it took about 60 days  'till I stopped having cravings and gaming basically disappeared from my daily thought process.  The 90 days isn't some magical number, I think it's the average of when the brain usually starts rewiring itself. But once again, it's different for everyone. Whether you'll lose attraction to video games forever or not, it  solely depends  on you ?

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As Remigjus said: 90 days isn't a magical number...

Science says it takes about 30 days to form a habit, but generally, it takes longer to unlearn a certain behavior - especially when it is designed to be addictive and one is used to do it on a regular basis for several years. I'd say 90 days are a good first hallmark for breaking through the major cravings, urges, and relapses. Your hormones and body also have to readjust to a life without gaming, but I don't how long that takes.



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