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Moe Smith

Life is precious

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My name is Moe, and I'm a gaming addict. I haven't allowed myself to say that with sincere meaning maybe ever. I humbly return to these forums because I am committed to being, even in this current moment, myself. A while ago I defined a term for myself called "shit layers". This referrers to the layers of guilt, pain, lying, and other gunk that I've built up around myself in order to "protect" myself from harm. But really those layers are poisonous and they destroy certain parts of my life, which truly damages me instead of protect me. One of the major shit layers is gaming and how I use it to hide from the world and numb me out. 

I refuse to accept the side effects from those layers as a part of who I am any longer! 

Today I am here declaring my clear intent to leave my old life behind and live in the wonderful life that I know surrounds me. I graduate from my University on August 31st, 2018. Until that day, I will not indulge myself in destructive media of any kind! No gaming, no t.v. without loved ones watching with me, no porn, not even detrimental music. 

This thread is titled "Life is precious" for two reasons. One, I found out one of the most influential people in my life, who happens to be one of my best friends, will be dead in a matter of months from cancer. Two, my life is precious to me, and it's about time I started treating it like that. 

I'll be back tomorrow for Day 1 no media. 

P.S. I did complete my 90 day detox previously. This time I'm going for longer in order to make it stick. Cheers!

@giblets @Cam Adair, I'm back!

1/278 Days to graduation

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Moegli! My boy! I am sad to hear the challenges you have faced in your life since we last spoke, but I am glad to see you are keeping on fighting. Wish I could say more for the Jazz :D

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Welcome back!

Shit layers, love the concept. Like, the more you add the more cohesive the shit barrier is, but at the same time it poisons the core more and more, and faster. Being vulnerable hurts, but you always come out better for it. Start working that core, man!

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