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Best time for Journaling: Morning, afternoon or evening? Why?



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Morning journal.

I'm awake and fresh. I tried night time journaling, but I find myself making too many excuses.

In the morning, I'm way less likely to make excuses. 

Also, it's just part of my morning routine - so it would actually be weird if I didn't journal, because then it's no longer routine.

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The morning is the best time to do a lot of tasks that require heavy cognitive work, such as journalling, writing, essay writing, learning a new language, etc. Your brain is fresh, there have been no distractions during the day and you're generally emotion-free (depending on how traumatic your dreams might have been). If you get up earlier than everyone else (even if it is only 30 minutes), then you'll find you have no distractions or responsibilities either and you can be hyper focused.

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It really depends on what style of journal you want to make, honestly. Since I've been trying to make journal entries every day, I've found it easier to do them just before I go to bed. That lets me reflect on what I did for the day, where I succeeded, and where I failed. I've found that sleep always kind of resets my mood, whether it's a really good or really bad. So, by doing the journal in the evening, I'm taking a better snapshot of how I felt that day. Sure, I might be more tired, and it might take me more time to gather my thoughts, but evening journals have worked well for me so far.

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