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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

So here I am


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Hello everyone, I'm Lu from Italy, I'm 18yo and I've just subscribed to this forum, and this is the first time I've stumbled upon gamequitters.com. Right now I feel mixed emotions, I feel anxious and excited at the same time, anxious because I'm not really good at finishing what I start, excited because it is a completely new experience for me, and I know I will have to overcome this anxiety for my own sake. Besides, I'm not the type of guy who's really costant in what he does, I don't know if i'll be costant with the journal, but I'll try my best... I'll have to work on that too. I don't have any physical/psychological issues, I have a perfect family and I've never had any problem at school, but it feels like something is missing, which is the time I spent on videogames, countless  hours...

I've played games since I was a little kid, it has become more like something to fill the gaps in my days of summer holiday or when I don't have anything else to do. I don't go out so much and I'm a really shy person sometimes, it depends on the mood that I have during the day, being extremely moody doesn't help either. I'm alone in this journey, since I don't want to tell anyone about my addiction, I don't even know if it is an addiction, I'm so confused but all that I know is that it needs to stop.

Enough digressions, I hope I can quit once and for all and I hope I'll be able to surpass this insecurity, there's so much stuff to do out there, and I know I can achieve anything, I just have to try as hard as I possibly can. 

Thanks for reading this introduction, and sorry if it's long and messy, I've got so many emotions flowing in my mind.

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Hi Lu (maybe Luca?;) ). It's nice to see you here, you got to right place. Its very good you know, you feel you can achieve anything if you want. I feel same, but with games and spending lot of time with them there is problem, question. Will you have enough power, will to struggle, to proceed with these new things?that's the most important- JUST start doing sth and proceed. You must see, understand sense of these new things you will do, their importance for you, for your change. And it may be enough ;)

good luck and welcome on the board Italian friend;)

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Hi Leszek, you almost got me there (it's Gianluca :P ), thanks for replying  and for the advices, I'll try to stick to the activities that I'll start doing during this journey.

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