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9 years of DotA from PH

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Hi, I'm Jop 23yo, I live in the Philippines where gaming is everywhere and video game addiction is somewhat "normal" and is not a big deal. After 5 years of DotA and 4 years of DotA2 and spending thousands of ph pesos in in-game skins I decided to give it up and start with 90 day detox. (Wished i did it sooner tho) Gaming had gotten control of my life. I lost so many great job opportunities because I quit when the going gets tough and it messed up my romantic relationships before. I'm on day 3 of 90, and im on day 2 of taking my meds due to what gaming has done to me. 

Ps. Im also on nofap i think its gonna be hard but ill try my best

(English is not my first language)

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