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  1. This is mirroring my experience so far. I used to read at least a book a week for a while. Even for a period of time, I was reading a book a day. Now it takes forever to get through a single book.
  2. It's sad that it took me so long to realize it. I think it was because I have a lot of talented friends and I wanted to feel special. Look! I can get my character to max level and kill a boss. That takes skill, I swear. Even strategy games aren't as challenging or mentally stimulating as they should be. I used to beat all my gaming buddies in things like Civ, but that is because I spent hours learning all the ways to exploit the game. Why spend hundred of hours trying to "perfect" a game when you can spend that time developing a more awesome skill instead? Well thank you very much. I hope I do as well. I will certainly be spending my time doing something more productive at least. Sadly I didn't draw it. It is from an old engraving/painting. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Tigerdholes.jpg Maybe I'll draw something and put it as my profile picture eventually. That is a goal to set.
  3. Thanks! I also look forwards to see everyone else's respective journeys. I hope your has/will take you somewhere very nice. Maybe to a beach house in the Caribbean.
  4. Hi there, friend. We are all with you! I look forwards to seeing where this path leads you.
  5. So this isn't quite my day one, but let's call it as such. Day One: Want an Axe to Break the Ice I really hate the word journal for some reason. When I was a pissy teenager and wanted to spew my pissy teenage angst everywhere, I used to write in what I so eloquently labeled, "My Shit Book." Fair warning, I unabashedly cuss. So, I am at a loss as to what I will call this. You don't exactly create a topic called, "Table Tiger's Shit Book." Fair warning, I also ramble. Anyhow, I figure I might as well give a bit more background on myself. Hi there, I'll go by TableTiger on here because I am too paranoid to use my own name. You can call me Table, Tiger, or you can even get creative. I am a 25 year-old student majoring in Biology. It has taken me some time to get through school (more on that later, maybe, who knows) and, unless I just shoot myself in my leg academically, I should graduate next year with my Bachelor's. I hope to get my PHD in biology eventually, but who knows. I guess I might as well outline my goals for my time without gaming: -Read through my ever expanding library of books. I have about 50 physical books to get through and about 10 or so ebooks to read. I keep buying books, but never reading them. -Practice the guitar and piano. I haven't played either in years so I am pretty much starting from the ground up again. -Eat things besides processed junk food. I don't have an excuse now. I am a pretty decent chef, but constantly gaming makes it hard for me to cook for myself. -Work out at least three times a day. -Draw or paint. I am a decent artist, but I haven't really grown in some time. I'll draw the occasional sketch every six months or so, but it isn't enough. -Finish whatever I need to get done in a timely fashion. I'll add any other goals later. What I've done so far: Started reading. My goal is to finish every book in my library, even if I am bored by it. It is taking me forever just to get through one book. My reading speed isn't what it used to be. I've run four times this week so far. I took Friday off. I hope doing so won't kill my mojo. I've eaten relatively health this week. Some days I probably didn't eat enough though. I have a tendency to do this when I am trying to lose weight. It isn't exactly healthy. I've gotten to bed at a relatively decent time every night. I cleaned my messy as fuck room. So it is my first (official) day of this whole gaming detox and I am already getting messages from friends about playing something. What bad luck on my part. I told them about what I am doing all of them are pretty understanding. A few expressed envy. I'll try to make these things more interesting in the future. Maybe I'll post a short review of each book I've read or the occasional artwork. Dunno. I figured I will put what I am reading at the moment and what album I am listening to at the bottom of each of these journals. If anyone has any suggestions for good books or albums, I would appreciate it. For music I like just about everything besides country. The artists I enjoy the most are the ones who tend to do something a bit different from the norm. When it comes to novels, I like pretty much everything besides conventional romance. Listening to Scary Monsters (and Super Freaks) by David Bowie Reading: The Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
  6. One of my earliest memories is playing Super Mario World on the SNES when I was probably around 3 years old. I've always played videogames, but they didn't really become an integral part of my life until I was about 19 years old. Prior to that, most of the games I played always had some kind of definitive ending. I'd save the kingdom, rescue the princess, kill the demon lord, and the game would be over. I would move on with my life and find something else to do. Videogames were something to do when I ran out of books to read, had an art block, and had already finished all of my homework. They were a fall back hobby. But, until two weeks ago, videogames became my ONLY hobby. I started playing endless timewasters. I stopped playing RPGs soo much and started playing MMOs, FPS, and the like. I used to only really play single player games unless I had friends over. Now I was primarily playing online against other people. I hated every minute of it (particularly grinding for hours), but I kept playing. All the while, I stopped doing the things I love. I have a book shelf full of unread novels, empty sketch books waiting to be filled, and a dusty guitar that desperately needs to be tuned waiting for me. I am tired of just staring at them and feeling sorry for myself. So I did a complete factory restore of my gaming laptop. If I want to play a game I have wait hours to reinstall it now. Before I nuked my computer, I had a harrowing realization. Most games don't require much skill to perfect. To be competent in most online games you need an expensive gaming rig, the right mouse and keyboard, an infallible internet connection, and endless free time. Blessings from the RNG gods also goes a long way. A lot of games now days seem to be specifically designed to suck you in as long as possible. I would always tell myself that I couldn't stop playing least I miss something or worse my skills in the game degrade. At times nothing seemed worse than being mediocre at a game. I'll blame some insecurities regarding my gender (I'll probably explore this later in journals). My biggest fear was that someone would tell me that I wasn't great at a game because I was "just a girl." I was never particularly good mind you. My PC wasn't good enough, my connection was never fast enough, I needed a better keyboard and mouse. What I had going for me was my capacity to sacrifice all of my time to the gaming gods. I would go to work/school and then immediately play something. I don't really know where this path will lead me. I would love to completely give up on online gaming in general. I have made some friends directly through gaming, but I hope they will be accepting of my current decision. I would hate to lose them. If I could go back to the early days of passively playing an RPG here or there when I ran out of things I could do, that would be perfect. As of now, I am going completely cold turkey. I don't know if I have the impulse control to mitigate my time in games. Anyhow, I wish you all luck on your respective paths!