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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Most Video games are expensive and waste of money

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Many of us want to quite games to get more time in our lives. To not rush things and spend time in healthier more fullfillung activities. But how about quitting games to save money and not be scammed by the video game industry. Which today is mostly money grabbing and taking from gamers.

DLC: to start this never really existed in console games back in the Ps2 and Xbox days. However now it exists these days you pay $60 for a new triple A game and you will have dlc tjat after bought will mean you payed double your original price already with things like SEASON PASSES that cost as much as games themselves do that 60 is now in almost $200 in some cases. Don't forget Day one DLC known to be practiced by EA there is no excuse for this because the only thing stopping them from making that content a part of the game is money and nothing else. Special editions costing $300 one even almost $500 (i would post the link but I don't want to trigger anyone but believe me its happened ) . Not to mention Preorder dlc which are literally parts of games you can't have because you wanted to make sure you were given a working product unlike much of what has come out. So you, like a logical costumer, wait until the game comes out and is tried out by others. Yet the gaming industry punishes you for this, by taking out parts of games and making you pay extra for those parts if you didn't preorder them. Pc gaming has preordering and dlc so it's not safe from this either. Imagine you got a car but got a toy steering wheel and had to pay for a legit steering wheel.


this argument mostly comes from steam sales (which aren't as great as people say they are) I have played over gaming and bought over games so I know. In some cases the console version of a game is much cheaper. Steam keeps the standard prices of many games. Either way your wasting your money. Steam also has preorders and not to forget many triple A games that come to console have terrible pc ports that crash, full of glitches, and terrible controls so it's not even worth that $60 if it's on pc. 

gaming pcs themselves are also very expensive. Mine cost $1000. If you make it, it's cheaper but if your not great at building it, it comes down to about $700 minimum and that's if you want something that can play what the consoles can play. Also don't forget your computer desk and chair as well as 1080p monitor about $1000 (so much for cheap pc gaming :/)Even then you may get horrible console ports that probably require the most expensive of graphics cards as a minimum requirement.

also for those pc gamers out there does the name EARLY ACCESS ring a bell? Ya, you pay for an incomplete game that you don't know well ever come out. Some games stay in early access forever to my knowledge and never come out. Congrats you paid for an incomplete game that will probably never officially launch.

people make the argument well your not paying for x box live or something. True. 

However you can get a good deal on a PS4 or Xbox one if you looked as hard as you did to get your pc parts. And can find one for $200  with a game. Add Xbox live $60 a year over 5-6 years (the average console life), and its $500. Your not really saving money either way. Even if pc gaming was cheaper it wouldn't be by much. Also think of world of war craft and similar games that require pAid SUBSCRIPTIONS.  

Games: have you ever played FIFA 2013 and 2014? How about NBA live 2012 then 2013? What the heck is the difference between them? (They should put this question on the SAT maybe) literally at most a change of teams and rosters and a graphics bump other than that you just payed $60 dollars for a paint job over your last game. This is pretty much the case with call of duty and other games as well. I would like to say more and post links to many of these examples but that's enough. I might post links to show ridiculous game scamming examples but other than that you guys aren't really missing out. I'll end with this.

Imagine if you put all that money in a charity. Man if I donated all the money I spent on video games to a charity organization I would probably have my name on  a plaque somewhere. Imagine if all people who spent their money on video games donated to one charity instead of spending it on their games and systems. I personally believe world hunger would become a scary story and nothing more. Save your money guys. Don't buy games.


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Video games are a waste of money (I played video games more than 20 years) and there are also other bad things associated with them:

- Mental issues (Panic attacks,anxiety,anger,social phobia...)
- Problems in school and university
- Problems finding a job
- Hygiene problems in some cases
- Losing notion of time and became more detached from reality
- The deterioration of relationships with family,friends,girlfriend...
- Being unable to talk about something else other than games


And lots of other things...

I'm happy every time someone reach this kind of conclusions because video games have done a lot of damage in my life in the past.


This is spot on. 

Thank you for summarizing the overall impacts of gaming. Just like all other addiction, this addiction impacts all systems (micro and macro). 

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