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  1. I had a journal before but I can’t seem to find it no more. I went 7 months once but I relapsed and I’m back into gaming especially this one mobile game I’m obsessed with. It’s taking a lot out of my life. I’m thinking of trying respawn. But the problem is I really like this game and don’t know if I’m ready to leave it. It’s about super hero’s and collecting them and using them and I just love doing that. I put so much time and energy into it. It’s just hard to let go . I really want to continue but here I am posting this at 3 am. So maybe there’s s problem, but here’s the thing before that I was just binge watching tv shows on my phone which isn’t any better really. I just can’t seem to get out of this trap of always consuming myself with stuff. Never really doing something aside from consuming useless content. I want to get out of that and not be that way and at the same time not be bored. It’s hard but I’ll start by taking note and keeping track of myself. This might go nowhere but I should at least put some kind of effort into finding an answer.
  2. Day 0 relapsed, but I finally uninstalled steam. I also am not the admin on my computer, so luckily I cant install it back. So I can say its gone for good. I am sort of sad though. And for you guys to understand what kind of milestone this is for me, I have not uninstalled steam since I got this PC. So this is huge. This means I am closing the possibilities. However there is temptation for me to download it and play the last game that I played but that's why I went here I guess. This website reminds me of the commitment I made and how I have to improve. Also like I said I cant download it anyways as of right now, so there is no point. I guess I can exercise for improvement, Idk what to do, but I feel like this is the first step.
  3. Many of us want to quite games to get more time in our lives. To not rush things and spend time in healthier more fullfillung activities. But how about quitting games to save money and not be scammed by the video game industry. Which today is mostly money grabbing and taking from gamers. DLC: to start this never really existed in console games back in the Ps2 and Xbox days. However now it exists these days you pay $60 for a new triple A game and you will have dlc tjat after bought will mean you payed double your original price already with things like SEASON PASSES that cost as much as games themselves do that 60 is now in almost $200 in some cases. Don't forget Day one DLC known to be practiced by EA there is no excuse for this because the only thing stopping them from making that content a part of the game is money and nothing else. Special editions costing $300 one even almost $500 (i would post the link but I don't want to trigger anyone but believe me its happened ) . Not to mention Preorder dlc which are literally parts of games you can't have because you wanted to make sure you were given a working product unlike much of what has come out. So you, like a logical costumer, wait until the game comes out and is tried out by others. Yet the gaming industry punishes you for this, by taking out parts of games and making you pay extra for those parts if you didn't preorder them. Pc gaming has preordering and dlc so it's not safe from this either. Imagine you got a car but got a toy steering wheel and had to pay for a legit steering wheel. BUT PC GAMING IS CHEAPER! this argument mostly comes from steam sales (which aren't as great as people say they are) I have played over gaming and bought over games so I know. In some cases the console version of a game is much cheaper. Steam keeps the standard prices of many games. Either way your wasting your money. Steam also has preorders and not to forget many triple A games that come to console have terrible pc ports that crash, full of glitches, and terrible controls so it's not even worth that $60 if it's on pc. gaming pcs themselves are also very expensive. Mine cost $1000. If you make it, it's cheaper but if your not great at building it, it comes down to about $700 minimum and that's if you want something that can play what the consoles can play. Also don't forget your computer desk and chair as well as 1080p monitor about $1000 (so much for cheap pc gaming :/)Even then you may get horrible console ports that probably require the most expensive of graphics cards as a minimum requirement. also for those pc gamers out there does the name EARLY ACCESS ring a bell? Ya, you pay for an incomplete game that you don't know well ever come out. Some games stay in early access forever to my knowledge and never come out. Congrats you paid for an incomplete game that will probably never officially launch. people make the argument well your not paying for x box live or something. True. However you can get a good deal on a PS4 or Xbox one if you looked as hard as you did to get your pc parts. And can find one for $200 with a game. Add Xbox live $60 a year over 5-6 years (the average console life), and its $500. Your not really saving money either way. Even if pc gaming was cheaper it wouldn't be by much. Also think of world of war craft and similar games that require pAid SUBSCRIPTIONS. Games: have you ever played FIFA 2013 and 2014? How about NBA live 2012 then 2013? What the heck is the difference between them? (They should put this question on the SAT maybe) literally at most a change of teams and rosters and a graphics bump other than that you just payed $60 dollars for a paint job over your last game. This is pretty much the case with call of duty and other games as well. I would like to say more and post links to many of these examples but that's enough. I might post links to show ridiculous game scamming examples but other than that you guys aren't really missing out. I'll end with this. Imagine if you put all that money in a charity. Man if I donated all the money I spent on video games to a charity organization I would probably have my name on a plaque somewhere. Imagine if all people who spent their money on video games donated to one charity instead of spending it on their games and systems. I personally believe world hunger would become a scary story and nothing more. Save your money guys. Don't buy games.
  4. thanks cam for your continued support man. Oof it was nothing to do and lack of motivation to do other things. Lack of motivation to read, exercise etc.. I saw you exercise story with the guy who transformed himself it sort of inspired me but It's just with exercise this is how I see it ok : i exercise it takes lots of time and consistency. I gain some muscle, let's say I do it for a few months then gain some muscle but then I stop, I lose it all! So it's like pointless or I get old or get injured it's like eventually no matter how hard you work your just going to lose it. See that's what the other addicting thing about video games is, isn't it cam? All the progress you make it doesn't get lost, so it doesn't feel pointless (man sounds like I hit the jackpot in my psychology and why I play games) like in rpgs or other games you level up you get stronger more powerful eventually the most powerful in the game. As long as you save it those achievements stay and never go away. Unlike here in the real world and in this case exercise. You should make a video addressing this if you haven't already or at least a response to help with this. It adds to your point of constant measureable growth, the fact that this growth appears permanent and not temporary unlike many things in life.Thanks man.
  5. Relapsed for around 3 days. but I sort of expected it to happen. I uninstalled my games again but I am thinking of uninstalling steam entirely. I might give it some time but I expect these days at most this month to be my last days with gaming. Honestly games to me these days aren't really that great anyways. They're all about killing and shooting mostly. It gets boring. Why waste your time with the same thing over and over. It's like "Oh my God this zombie game! I get too shoot, and stab zombies!" Next year "OMG this zombie game I get to shoot, kill and shoot zombies" one year later"Omg I get too.. kill.. zombies?" Man it's a scam if nothing else helps you quit, then how about the fact that in my opinion your pretty much being scammed these days with video games. Gamers these days are being scammed for money. You pay 60$ for half a game then after a month charged a load of money for a bunch of extra stuff(dlc) that should already be in the game. You know what I might post about this on a different post/topic. Anyways when I relapsed I could see how addicted I was. I didn't even want to eat because I was too addicted to playing the game I was playing (if that's not addicted Idk what is) .I would say ok I'll turn it off at 3 pm, Then 12:00 am, Okay 1 hour more. All the while thinking about other things I could have been doing. I snapped out of it eventually and uninstalled everything except steam.
  6. I was going to play video games yesterday but then I remembered this forum and the commitment I made. I decided to wait and now I don't feel the need to play as much. Most video games are about killing anyways which gets boring. I have made a YouTube channel and have been getting involved with it. It has brought a lot of passion into my life. I want to improve myself in other ways too. So I am still on my streak which at this point is 7 months. It's a good thing I uninstalled my games before setting off on this journey otherwise I would have broke this streak. My highest streak since I was a kid(maybe 7 years old) without games is 9 months. I don't think that has a healthy influence on the brain maybe. Just my opinion.
  7. I wrote a poem here about why I want to quit everytime i gamed I wasted time in the real world everytime i gamed I would rush my life everytime i gamed I would try to do my chores and things fast never really took the time to look at my past always rushing everything like my games wouldn't last those stupid games made me lose potential which was vast my family and friends didn't see much of me i would rush all the time that could of been quality from my dear loved ones and my dear family i would quickly eat my food then play call of duty then I slowly realized this is not what I want to be i have to do better for me this stuff hurts your eyes it doesn't help you see see im wasting your time not reaching my aims i don't want to go to gamestop and buy games wasting my time and forgetting all the people's names. Wanting to play games so I'm rushing my Son James this is lame! i could be doing something else and reaching fame. investing in talent or maybe quality time with my family and friends or making this rhyme working harder at work turning my nickle into a dime maybe I'm lonely I'm a lonely lemon maybe I should find a lime but wasting all this time is a crime. it hurts my brain my whole system is affected im sitting down and my body is being neglected its no wonder I get rejected thats why I need to quit this with some time invested don't tell me it's just hobby! You just need some control no it isn't cause I want to reach my potential i have to quit and go through the struggle its hard but it's how people before me lived they didn't have video games like I did they struggled and workedand did great things thats why when I play those games my heart stings cause I'm not living the way they used to like kings reaching their goals and flying with wings this is what I always wanted Now that I know about game quitters i think I got it It helped me see I'm not alone and I can get guidance i don't have to be by myself and do pure self reliance no more not being with people and living in silence living In pure isolation and no real human connection laughing over the mic and they won't even mention that they are wasting time and not paying attention to all the other creative things they could be doing with their time and and that they can be moving helping each other reach their goals making real connections and not empty holes holes of sitting and doing nothing cause none of its real no real things being done what's the big deal? they can go out somewhere and go have a meal at least here they can talk and see each other's zeal socialize and realize and see how they feel they might say though what's the big deal? its just a few hours of our life? nobody's gonna steal the problem is you could have a wife a family and why fill it with strife wasting time like cutting it with a knife. but your right it's your life but the best for you is to live live in reality and give! there is so much you could do and help out with too find some people to serve something good to do if your lucky it will help you grow some nerve you can turn around now and make that curve thats what I'm going to do and live differently now you don't think it can be done I'll show you how! so today I change my life I rearrange I'll try this again I won't stay trapped in a cage inside is filled with rage but I'll fix that it's time to engage i want to finally be a real man I'm at that age. So I want to thank cam for inspiring this stage if it wasn't for his work I would be stuck in games being a mage In some dumb game maybe a sage but I'm not I have been inspired thanks cam don't you dare retire! there is passion in this there is fire there is a lot of potential in this and the need is dire and now Change is what I desire lets start now and make our future brighter.
  8. Thanks I decided to sell it the only issue is the issue I had at the beginning what do I do now i mean I am way passed 90 days like 140 something idk. But I'm not sure of what to do I don't have myself together I mean I have some purpose that religion gives me but still MAAN I feel like I can't even do that right or properly. I am trying to pull myself together and become a better man but i don't know. It feels like I will be the way I was before games the mayor of losersville, depressed, wanting something to do but with gaming gone nothing to do. I relapsed to YouTube couldn't go 90 days without it went like 70 something maybe less maybe more. Social media as well relapsed there. I am a mess probably the worst mess out there. I still have the urge to play games I just distract myself with internet use that's all. Wish everyone well. Hopefully I get better. I am at least happy that this time when I quit games I have GAME QUITTERS something I didn't have before. Which is awesome. I can write out how I feel if I feel like getting into games again etc.. honestly though this time I feel like quitting permanently. Like I haven't gone a year without gaming since I was I don't know maybe 5 probably a bit before that. Even when I did quit I never really had the intention I think to never play again. It was always for a short period of time the longest of which was like 9 months or a bit more. I always wanted to live in a similar fashion as I did then as a kid with my innocence and strength. Maybe this year I can go the whole year without it the 1st time in a LONG TIME. The issue is finding purpose in living again which will be kind of hard but I guess I can do that and it is definitely worth a try.
  9. Day 84 So there has been temptation to play I literally have steam installed and am journaling this on a gaming PC( wow talk about walking on a tight wire) but I don't want to go back until at least 90 days I am 6 days away. I also have been almost 2 months without youtube. YouTube watching was a big bad habit for me that was hard to brake. I'm glad though that I have gone this long without it. I don't think I want to sell my gaming PC cause This is not the first time I quit games then came back. If I come back I don't want to have to buy a whole other system I will already have one. Plus I think its a waste to just delete steam and sell my Pc that was 1000 dollars. Maybe I will change my mind on this. Anyways I want to get the stuff I have to do done and I want to be a better person and hopefully improve myself bit by bit with all of this.
  10. Hey guys I want to do a journal for this process I think its important to keep track of how I feel about gaming in general. A bit about myself I am the type of guy who has quit gaming then came back then quit again then came back then now quit again. I feel a little trapped(I know that sounds desperate but my situation is less desperate then it sounds trust me) As of today I am 73 days no gaming and still going by the way I am typing all of this on a gaming PC with steam installed(Ya I am literally staring into the eyes of the beast and saying IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!!) My games are still there I only uninstalled them but if I really wanted to I could download them again and play. I am afraid to sell this PC or get rid of it because like I said I have quit then come back then quit again. What if I want to come back and I got rid of my very expensive gaming PC this thing cost $1000 not a lot of people would tell me that its a smart idea to sell the thing. SO I am stuck at an impasse. What if I still want gaming later? or what if there is this new totally awesome super game? I Don't Know I am scared to be honest. But Like Cam says wait 90 days then decide if you still want gaming I am not 90 days yet so whatever I just have to wait and see. Why do I want to quit well:/ I had a big problem with gaming. I would play till almost 2 maybe even 3 a.m starting from the morning at maybe 10:00 a.m maybe earlier. I would be motivated to wake up earlier for what well not work but for more time to game. I imagine my parents were disgustingly disappointed in me and I hated to disappoint them especially since they saw me quit then come back a few times as well. I literally sold my Xbox one a few months before I bought a gaming PC before that I had other quit then come back history Its like I just cant be consistent even if I go 90 days so as you can understand I don't really want to sell this just in case that happens again. TO be fair I didn't know about GAME QUITTERS back then I don't think it was around so that's something new I have this time but I don't know if that will be it. I remember just laying down on the floor being suicidal depressed probably(I was depressed that's for sure) I had quit gaming hadn't played in a while but finally I couldn't take it and downloaded steam again after almost a year of having it deleted. 1.SO I think I want a more controlled and organized life at least. If gaming is going to be there it cant get in the way of my obligations and other things. 2. Dopamine resensitivity: Well based on some of the science I heard about gaming can jack up dopamine levels in an unnatural way for doing nothing pretty much. This is not good because if dopamine levels are raised too high and stay that high for a long amount of time then that can mess up our sensitivity to dopamine. Basically Imagine if there was this bad smell in your house that you got used to. A normal person would notice the smell cause they aren't used to it but you cant cause you have been constantly exposed to that strong small for a long amount of time Hence your sensitivity to that smell has been lost. So with dopamine because we are used too a constantly long dopamine hit through gaming our brains cant really sense other smaller versions of dopamine like looking at flowers and a nice sunset as someone who doesn't have their dopamine levels jacked up as a video game or even worse porn addict would. Having dopamine levels be at a good natural pace like past generations did would be a lot healthier and would also make living a normal life a lot more enjoyable. http://yourbrainonporn.com/list-internet-video-game-brain-studies the above link a source to some scientific studies on gaming's affects on the brain. Those are my two reasons I may expand more soon but this is good enough for me as of right now.
  11. it should have a controller on it in the last picture with a video game console not a computer but kind of makes sense especially with internet addiction.
  12. First of all bro you went 4 months and relapsed one The glass isn't have full the glass is 90% full you did a great a job dude, amazing progress just get right back up. Cam how can someone delete their steam account I spent a ton of money on it and there is also the fear that I could always go back this isn't the first time I have quit gaming then went right back I quit for months at a time then went right back and binged so can you give me advise I'm afraid and I don't think I want to delete it.
  13. You can do it man good job in choosing to live real life as much as possible as best as you can.
  14. Really post them I would like to see more on this. The more reason for people to quit this the better.
  15. http://yourbrainonporn.com/list-internet-video-game-brain-studies For anyone who needs scientific sources to back up video game addiction the above link contains scientific research behind video game and internet addiction. This is good to look at if you want to understand the science behind video game addiction. I haven't really read much yet but I plan too to look in to the science behind this stuff. Hope you enjoy guys especially you CAM. Scroll down to the second section that's where all the scientific studies on this stuff will be located.
  16. Cam can I upload your videos to Vimeo. What I do is I download the video and then upload them through my various Vimeo accounts. Let me know if that's ok if not can you do so I block YouTube cause of sexual content I seek to block although vimeo has a bit of that my filter allows me to access vimeo videos outside the website. SO I was thinking upload the videos there then post them for viewing on this site. I would be more than happy to do that or link them to yourbrainrebalanced.com or nofap.com and on there I would upload your videos. Those websites allow vimeo or youtube videos to be uploaded there.If you allow me?
  17. Hi Guys I'm new to the forum I have quit gaming then gone back then quit a little went back again quit for almost 6 months went back again during the summer of sophomore year and whent on to junior year in high school. Finally quit again Senior year. Then went back during my summer break of senior year and started freshman college with an insane gaming addiction I would play the entire day up to 1, 2 at times almost 3 maybe A.M in the middle of night. I knew this was bad. Later on while I was trying to fix my problems I found CAM and he has given awesome advice I have been off gaming since October 3rd or 4th (not sure its one of those for sure I'm assuming the bigger number) so that's 54 days no gaming. I want to be free from gaming for the rest of my life. The issue I have guys is the black Friday sales and all the video game marketing its like there is always something better which is kind of tempting I remember going to target and passing by the video game isle Its just I miss the feeling of getting a good deal on games and buying video game stuff How do you guys deal with the whole issue of there is always something new and better.
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