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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello guys gonna introduce myself

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Hi all,

Got into this forum from reddit /stopgaming. Usually I'm just trolling (I'm sorry) on gaming reddit, but right now I stumbled on something great! Honestly thanks to gaming I've devalued myself so much, with clockhours reaching 5000++ on all kinds of systems, I've become so unsocial even when I'm being a student and lately it start affecting my health.

Many terrible experiences happened, and yeah I know the consequences for it, I've regretted it, but still hopeless on quitting gaming once and for all.

Right now I'm considering to have a fresh start again. I'm gonna sell all my goodies and try new productive hobbies, and I have faith that this community can help me in motivating myself. Yeah I'm also gonna start the journal.

So I'm welcome for any tips or plans for me (student, part time worker). Maybe some basic so I can keep up. I'm ready for it!

Wish me luck! :D

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Welcome mate!

I highly recommend exercise, whether that is just slow walk listening to an interesting podcast. That's what I have been using as a new hobby and I feel so much better for it. Plus it really makes you appreciate your surroundings, I've discovered a beach and a park near my house I never knew existed which are really nice.

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