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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Freaking out...


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I'm back again.  This time it feels serious and I think I've come to terms with the fact that I have a problem.  I finally bought Respawn today and I'm stuck on page 19 "Action Step" 

I've sold my console before and bought another in order to relapse.  Now I'm having a hard time making cancel my subscription to xbox live.  I assume I also have to wipe my hard drive with the games installed on it too.  Do I go as far as going into my favorite game and deleting my character profile?  I identify greatly with the pages that speak of the "Sunk Cost Fallacy" I recently preordered a $100 game that comes out tomorrow.  I'm definitely at an important crossroads today.  Any advice or support would be welcomed.   

Thanks Guys

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Cancel preorder, save some cash. Buy a hammer for 100$ use it on the HDD.




I'm joking!

You can get a decent hammer for 10-15$ and using a hammer is dangerous, use a drill. Or cook it. That could be dangerous though, I don't know. Maybe the vacuum exploodes.




Wiping is the first step, you don't really lose anything, only the magnetic orientation of little metal particles change – or if you are using a flash drive... uh... I would have to look that up – but it's probably some stupid electron load on an atom.

If you want to relapse, Call of Duty 10 is around the corner and everyone has to start over anyways. Canceling a subscription is undoable, they won't delete your account. Besides, it probably takes the rest of a month for it to "run out".

What are you afraid of? I stashed all my crap in a little box. I think I will sell it soon, but the video game market is actually a pretty good way to invest money, the value rarely drops after the initial couple of years. Might take some kids money for that, haha.

Hahahaha. Hahahahahahaha.

Good luck!

Love and Peace,


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Cancel preorder, save some cash. Buy a hammer for 100$ use it on the HDD.


OMG! I didn't even think of that.  You rock!  They canceled it with no problems because it hasn't been released yet.  Boom! 

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Ok. Xbox One S erased.  5 TB HD Erased.  Per-orderd Game cancelled.  Console on Facebook Marketplace.  B|  

On to page 20.  

Good Job, Craig!

This is a big step. One of the biggest. You should be really proud of yourself! Keep on reading, the advice in there is solid.

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