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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

LilX Journal.


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Hi, i am from Canada and I do things like work, workout, and hang out with my fiance. I had big priblems with gaming. 



I am halfway through the gamesquitters challenge. I owe cam $100 if i fail the challenge or if i complete it. 


I am doing my own challenge with noporn/nonews/noyoutube/noreddit/healthyeating/less than 70mg of caffeine per day For 1 week from now. If i fail that I owe cam or the gates foundation $80. 


Thanks for reading. 


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Just done muay thai class. I opened youtube out of habit. I dont think that counts because i didnt watch any videos.  


I going to spend more times doing chores and installing things around the house because thats one of the easiest way to make my fiance happy. Shes a really organized person. 


 Im was reading about crispr gene engineering method. Looks like we may be able to reverse aging and make super babies in the future. Maybe if we arw lucky we will be able to live over a hundred years old but be kinda retarded compared with the future generation of super babies. 

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Right now i believe that the best way to motivate myself is to take action. Taking action leads to more action. This is especially crucial when you dont have pressing deadlines to motivate you. 

I think thats the thing about relationships as well. When its going well its easy to feel lazy about working on the relationship, but no i want to keep making things better. 

Same with schooling. Working hard starting from day one and trying to get things done early is important. 



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No porn, no reddit, no youtube? Damn. That's one hell of a challenge on top of the GQ challenge. Best of luck. :)

thanks. I feel bored without any form of entertainment right now but i believe that i will be more engaged and interested in things over time. 



So far things are okay. To be honest i am just writing here because i had a craving to surf the net. So far things are okay. I am using the app QualityTime to keep track of my internet usage. 


Ive been reading this book called the resilience factor. I realize that one thing that i have a deep issue with is acceptance. I need to stop thinking silly thoughts like others dont like me, and i need to stop caring about being liked. Maybe some people dont, but a lot of that is outside of my control and doesnt really make a difference in my life. 


Thats it for now, back to focusing on life.

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Wow, that's a great challenge! Please post about the differences you notice in your life once you've finished the week out. You will definitely learn much more about yourself from this experience.

thanks pierce. I am a few hours away from finishing the week. 

I noticed that i am more engaged in everything i do, whether it is housework, work, or texting people to set up plans for the weekend.  I get to spend more time being productive as well. My estimation is a 32 percent increase is productivity this week. 

The downsides are I feel bored more often, though i expect that i will get used to it after a while. If something that bothers me comes up I dont have any online distractions to soothe myself at all. Well I can still go this forum. I cant watch cams youtube videos. 

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Done the 1 week and I would like to continue this. Im starting a new 1 week challenge with the following tweaks: 

I am allowed to watch Cams videos on youtube, or videos that he recommends. 

Caffeine limit reduced to 65mg 

Like before, I owe Cam 80 dollars if I fail the challenge. 




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I didnt have much to do yesteday and fucked up by watching youtube and reddit, so now i have to pay up. 

Speaking of reddit, the subreddit wholesome memes was fun to read. I was reading the latest reddit ama with Bill Gates and he said that success to him is defined by making those close to him happy, and as a bonus do something to make the world a better place. That really resonated with me. 

Next challenge is the same thing for a week except i can listen to music on youtube, and the only caffeine i can consume is freshly brewed tea. 

If i fail i give 100 dollars to the bill and melina gates foundation this time. 

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Im doing this 3 months program for self development because i want to take my self improvement to the next level. 

 Im ordering this book off amazon called Deep Work by Cal Newport. This book basically advocates focused, undistracted work when working, and to relax when not working. 

Im going to implement this by having a maximum of 5 breaks to text/checkemail/check facebook/washroom/eat during my work hours. 

I work for my dad, so i can do overtime.  

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Deep Work is SO good. 

lol well you recommended it for the Beyond Group. Will read when Im in China. 

Hey guys, I am just 9 hours from completing my no surfing the internet no coffee challenge.

My next challenge will be just no surfing the internet, increase my discipline skills, finish all my tasks for this week, and increase my mindfulness skills for up to this saturday. If I fail, I donate 105 dollars canadian to the Gates Foundation. 

By the way, Im going to China for my wedding ceremonies with my and my fiances family this saturday. Im going to take a trip to Thailand too.

Good luck on your self development everyone!!

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