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11 months!

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Hi Everyone,

I just realized this today and just too damn happy not to post. What an incredible journey it has been. I going to do an in-depth post once I hit a year however I'm just so happy to be sitting here realizing that my life is going in the direction I want. I wanted to let anyone know who is struggling to keep going because life only gets better and it has the biggest return of investment. Strange and wonderful things happen to your mind; you start to think clearly, creativity skyrockets, and you even sleep better! The confidence you get overcoming VGA outweighs any game reward, especially when the world tells you otherwise. Its incredibly empowering to realize your own strength and to liberate yourself. I feel free!

Thank you Cam for starting this movement, and to everyone else to keep on persisting because your time is valuable and it only gets better!

Thank you!

PS: I have some very exciting news that i'm DYING to tell everyone about but thats' a secret until next month! :D 




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