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Thank you!


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Hi fellow gamequitters,


I just wanted to thank you all for being awesome.

Especially now that Cam seems to have some time issues and prioritizes other things about replying to every post 2 times a day it is imporant that we support each other. This way noone gets the feling that we don't care about him/her because noone oosts on his/her Journal. This is working great so far I can tell and you seems to take the advice to focus your commenting on a few selected journals. I personally tend to over do my activity here instead of working so i am really glad to see that the dystem works and noone is feeling left out. So let's keep helping each other!

Gj guys and girls. You make the difference!

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Hell yea! I see that also our Minyan really works!

Maybe one day we will apply the rules of it into whole forum and this will work like the biggest support group on quitting video games on the entire planet! :D

If someone needs to take care of any journal - PM me, and I'll give you my recommendations for that :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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